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1 2024-04-22 Research Article Composition of Flatbreads Prepared from Blue, Red, Yellow, and White Corn Flours Supplemented with Edible Ecklonia cava Algae: Relationship to Health Benefits Full Text PDF
2 2024-03-28 Review Article The Microbiome and the Entropy Paradox: An Evolutionary Perspective Full Text PDF
3 2024-03-19 Research Article Estimation of Roasted and Raw Faba Bean and Lentil Flour Functional Properties Full Text PDF
4 2024-03-16 Review Article Doses and Schemes for Correcting Vitamin D Deficiency: An Update Full Text PDF
5 2024-02-05 Research Article Nutritional Risk Screening in Newborns in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Full Text PDF
6 2024-02-01 Review Article Aquaculture and Fisheries as a Food Source in the Amazon Region - A Review Full Text PDF
7 2023-12-29 Research Article A Mushroom-Derived Compound That Could Change Your Life: Ergothioneine Full Text PDF
8 2023-11-23 Research Article Political Ideology Affects College Student Eating Habits Full Text PDF
9 2023-11-22 Review Article Forecasting the Added Value Generated by the Agricultural Sector in Algeria (1999-2021) Box-Jenkins Methodology Full Text PDF
10 2023-09-28 Review Article Measuring Patient Satisfaction at the Antenatal Department with the Food Services Provided In King Fahd Hospital in Al Baha City Full Text PDF
11 2023-09-05 Review Article Vitamin D: The Challenge of Bridging the Gap and the Rationale for Supplementation Full Text PDF
12 2023-08-09 Research Article Effect of the Pandemic on College Student Eating Habits Full Text PDF
13 2023-06-26 Research Article Sensory Evaluation of Iron Fortified Tea Full Text PDF
14 2023-05-29 Research Article Can the High Performance Liquid Chromatographic (HPLC) Tracing of Biophenols Guide the Choice of Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOO) To Be Con-sumed “Raw”? Full Text PDF
15 2023-02-16 research article Gut function restoration by indigenous cow milk in gut inflammation by peptidoglycan from Staphylococcus aureus via regulating NF-kB Full Text PDF
16 2023-01-27 research article Beta-Hydroxybutyrate Ketone Salt Supplement Alters Energy Metabolism, Blood Glucose and Ketone Levels But Not Appetite or Energy Intake Full Text PDF
17 2023-01-23 research article Correlation Analysis and Research on Sampling Inspection Data of China's Grain-processed Products Based on CARMA Algorithm Full Text PDF
18 2023-01-23 review article Research on the Interaction of Lipid and Main Components in Noodles: A Review Full Text PDF
19 2022-12-26 research article Effect of Dietary Supplementation and Intranasal Administration of Soybean Extract on Resistance to Influenza Virus Infection in Mice Full Text PDF
20 2022-12-23 research article Functional Gelato: “How to Reduce the Excessive Amount of Added Sugars, While Still Maintaining the Perfect Taste” Full Text PDF
21 2022-07-14 research article Quality Aspects of Pre-Treated Potato Tubers (Solanum tuberosum L.) After Boiling and Warm-Holding Full Text PDF
22 2022-06-07 research article The Incidence of Staphylococcus aureus in Fresh Meat sold at Evening Markets within Yenagoa Metropolis, Bayelsa State, Nigeria Full Text PDF
23 2022-05-31 review article The Role of Prebiotics and Probiotics in Human Health: A Systematic Review with a Focus on Gut and Immune Health Full Text PDF
24 2022-05-09 review article Healthy Nutrition and Immunity: The Correlation Between them for Covid-19 Patients Full Text PDF
25 2022-03-18 research article Detection of Pollutants in Organic and Non-Organic Food: Are PAHs Coming from Pesticides? Full Text PDF
26 2022-02-17 research article Biochemical and Morphometric Parameters Support Nutritional Benefits in Laboratory Rats Fed With an Orthopteran-Based (Sphenarium purpurascens) Diet Full Text PDF
27 2021-11-29 review article A Study on Functional and Nutritional Characteristics of Barnyard Millet and Foxtail Millet Full Text PDF
28 2021-03-19 mini review Sulfur in Wines and Vineyards: Taste and Comparative Toxicity to Pesticides Full Text PDF
29 2021-02-15 review article COVID 19 and Food Security Full Text PDF
30 2020-11-27 research article Reliability and Validity Study of PACER Smartphone Application to Count Steps in Overweight and Obese Young Adults Full Text PDF
31 2020-11-23 research article Screening of Ready-to-Eat Canned Fish from Malaysian Supermarkets to Observe the Occurrence of Staphylococcus aureus using MPN-Duplex PCR Full Text PDF
32 2020-11-21 research article Enumeration and Survivability Assessment of Three Major Vibrios in Frozen Sushi using Multiplex MPN-PCR Assay Full Text PDF
33 2020-10-03 research article Correlations between Measurements of Body Adiposity and Metabolic Variables in Patients with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: A Case-Control Study Full Text PDF
34 2020-10-02 review article Ozone (O3 ): An Emerging Technology in the Food Industry Full Text PDF
35 2020-08-24 research article Nutritional Enrichment and Health Benefits of Broccoli Flour in Making Dhokla Full Text PDF
36 2020-06-10 review article Omega-3 Consumption Assessment in Vegetarian Diets Full Text PDF
37 2020-05-22 research article Alleviation of Cancer Therapy-Induced Gastrointestinal Toxicity using an Amino Acid Medical Food Full Text PDF
38 2020-04-20 research article Effect of Saccharin Sodium and the Sodium Cyclamate on Human Cells Treated with Lactobacillus Plantarum Lp62 Full Text PDF
39 2020-01-22 research article Effect of Spices and Salt on the Overall Acceptability and Preservation of Tomato Cubes Full Text PDF
40 2020-01-22 research article Reproductive Performance and Milk Yield of West African Dwarf Goat Fed Diet Containing Fluted Pumpkin Vine Waste Full Text PDF
41 2020-01-22 Review Article Review on C-4 Sugar Content of Honey and Adulteration Impact on Commercial Honey Full Text PDF
42 2020-01-22 Research Article Molecular Studies of Prevalent Bacteria Isolated from Unpasteurized Traditional Fermented Dairy Products Sold in Parts of Imo State, Nigeria Full Text PDF
43 2020-01-22 Short Commentary Antibiotic Resistance in Foodborne Pathogenic Bacteria: Public Health and Economic Implications Full Text PDF
44 2019-12-11 Research Article Comaprative Study for Three Mangoes (Mangifera Indica) Varieties (Hindia, Bizra and Gulbator) in South Kordofan and Blue Nile State of Sudan Full Text PDF
45 2019-11-27 research article Study of the Physicochemical and Bacteriological Quality of the Groundwater of Martil Full Text PDF
46 2019-11-11 research article Antibiofilm Activity of the Antimicrobial Peptide P34 against Multispecies Biofilms Full Text PDF
47 2019-11-07 research article Nutritional Evaluation on Stevia Rebaudiana Leaves by Chemical, Biological and Microbiological Studies Full Text PDF
48 2019-10-04 research article No Detectable Toxicity of Marine-Based Nutraceuticals for Human Cells Full Text PDF
49 2019-09-24 review article Animal Based Bioactives for Health and Wellness Full Text PDF
50 2019-09-09 research article Proximate, Mineral and Heavy Metal Compositions of some Seafood in Oil Producing Communities of Bayelsa State, Nigeria Full Text PDF
51 2019-08-24 research article Comparison of Two Kinds of Red Meat Regarding Atherogenic Profile After Ingestion: A Crossover Study in Healthy Subjects Full Text PDF
52 2019-07-15 research article The Simultaneous Recovery from Stock Raising Drainage of Phosphorus and Potassium Full Text PDF
53 2019-06-15 research article Phytochemical Analysis, Antibacterial and Anticancer Activities of the Physalis Peruviana Calyces Growing in Egypt Full Text PDF
54 2019-05-06 mini review Copper in Wines and Vineyards: Taste and Comparative Toxicity to Pesticides Full Text PDF
55 2019-03-20 research article Development of a Roasted Groundnut Skin Peeling Machine Full Text PDF
56 2019-03-15 research article Quality Assessment of Biscuits Made from Blend of Wheat and Baobab Leaf Powder Full Text PDF
57 2019-02-06 research article Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Punica granatum L. Seed Extract in Raw 264.7 Macrophages Full Text PDF
58 2019-02-06 research article Basil Seed Gum Enhances the Rheological and Physical Properties of Egg Albumin Foams Full Text PDF
59 2018-12-26 short commentary Microbiome with Synbiotics Can Extend Lifespan Full Text PDF
60 2018-12-24 review article Advances in Processing of Heat Desiccated Traditional Dairy Foods of Indian Sub-Continent and Their Marketing Potential Full Text PDF
61 2018-12-22 research article Antiaging Potential of Consciousness Energy Healing-Based Novel Proprietary Formulation Full Text PDF
62 2018-12-21 mini review New Insights on the Relation Between Human Microbiota and Food Allergy Full Text PDF
63 2018-12-21 research article The Effect of Consciousness Energy Healing Treatment on the Physicochemical and Thermal Properties of L-Cysteine Full Text PDF
64 2018-12-21 mini review Let’s Keep an Eye on Food-Drug Interaction Full Text PDF
65 2018-12-21 research article Factors Affecting to have Postnatal Care Service on Reproductive Age Group Women Who had Live Birth in the Recent Last Two Years, Womberma, Woreda, West Gojjam Zone, North, West Ethiopia Full Text PDF
66 2018-12-21 research article Ducetia japonica and Phyllozelus Sp.: Two Tettigoniid Species of Orthopteran Insects Appreciated by Tribal People of Arunachal Pradesh (North-East India) May Serve as Future Alternative Food Source Full Text PDF
67 2018-11-16 research article Assessment of Knowledge, Perception and Practice of Maternal Nutrition Among Pregnant Mother Attending Antenatal Care in Selected Health Centerof Horo Guduru Wollega Zone, Oromia Region, Ethiopia Full Text PDF
68 2018-10-17 mini review The Cost and Impact of Type 2 Diabetes: Policy Recommendations for a Growing Public Health Epidemic Full Text PDF
69 2018-09-29 research article Sampling and Analysis of Histamine in Fish Products from Local Northern California Markets Full Text PDF
70 2018-06-14 review article Biotechnological Applications to Produce Animal-free Meat and Milk: Ethical Considerations Full Text PDF
71 2018-06-08 research article Physiological Responses of Japanese Black Calves to Supplementation with Sodium Butyrate in Milk Replacer Full Text PDF
72 2018-05-21 review article Household Food Insecurity Status and Associated Factors in Sekela Woreda, North West Ethiopia, 2015 Full Text PDF
73 2018-05-21 research article Chemical and Microbiological Quality Evaluation of Yoghurt Produced and Marketed in Chimoio, Mozambique Full Text PDF
74 2018-05-21 mini review Mineral Oils in Food: Major Sources and Analytical Determination Full Text PDF
75 2018-05-21 abstract Water and Our Metabolism Full Text PDF
76 2018-05-21 research article Effect of Amaranth Grain Consumption on Lipid Profile of Hypercholesterolemic Subjects Full Text PDF
77 2018-05-21 research article Comparative Quality Study On Pneumatic Charcoal Kiln and Traditional Fish Smoke Kiln Full Text PDF
78 2018-05-21 review article Cultivation with Solar Ground Radiation in Greenhouses Full Text PDF
79 2018-05-21 review article Application of Natural Antioxidants in Meat and Meat Products-A Review Full Text PDF
80 2018-05-21 review article Farm Size and Productivity Nexus Farmers’ Welfare in Burundi Full Text PDF
81 2018-05-21 review article Use of Artificial Sweeteners in Indian Traditional Dairy Products Full Text PDF
82 2018-05-19 review article Milk Lipids Profiling of Minor Species for Assessing Quality of Nutritional Input: A Review Full Text PDF
83 2018-05-19 review article Functional Foods for Health Status and Social Well Being Full Text PDF
84 2018-05-19 research article Magnitude of Food Insecurity and Associated Factors among Adult Individuals on Anti-Retroviral Drug at Debre Markos Referral Hospital, Northwest Ethiopia, 2017: Cross-Sectional Study Design Full Text PDF
85 2018-05-19 review article Economic Analysis of Food Consumption of Farm Families in Ratnagiri District (MS) Full Text PDF
86 2018-05-19 commentary The Global Problem of Malnutrition Full Text PDF
87 2018-05-19 review articles Climate Change Is Threat toward Agronomy (Base of Food, Fiber System), and Food Security Full Text PDF
88 2018-05-15 research article How to Visualize Depth of Interface Between Risky and Safety in the Food-Driven Intoxication? Full Text PDF
89 2018-05-09 research article Nutritional Intervention and Its Impact on the Inflammatory Process in Women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Full Text PDF
90 2018-04-10 mini review How Trillions of Microbes Residing on Gastrointestinal Tract Maintain Homeostasis with Host Cells? Full Text PDF
91 2018-02-26 research article Short-Term Consumption of Honey-Sweetened Açai (Euterpe oleracea) Beverage Modulates Cytokine Expression and Oxidative Stress in the Visceral White Adipose Tissue of Rats Differently from the Commercially Available Glucose-Sweetened Açai Beverage Full Text PDF
92 2018-01-04 research article The Taste of Pesticides in Wines Full Text PDF
93 2018-01-02 research article Filamentous Fungi in Selected Processed Indigenous Flours Sold in, Kumasi, Ghana Full Text PDF
94 2017-12-06 research article Assessment ofJuiciness Intensity of Cooked Chicken Pectoralis Major Full Text PDF
95 2017-11-11 research article Assessment of Juiciness Intensity of Cooked Chicken Pectoralis Major Full Text PDF
96 2017-11-11 research article Microbiological and Proximate Analysis of Okpehe, a Locally Fermented Condiment Full Text PDF
97 2017-11-11 research article Effect of Different Conservation Periods with Different Sucrose Concentrations on Conserving Somatic Embryos Clusters of Date Palm (Phoenix dactyliferaL.) Under Minimal Growth Conditions Full Text PDF
98 2017-11-11 research article Discordance between Body Mass Index (BMI) and a Novel Body Composition Change Index (BCCI) As Outcome Measures in Weight Change Interventions Full Text PDF
99 2017-11-11 short communication Protein Calorie Malnutrition Full Text PDF
100 2017-11-11 research article Impact of Spirulina on Exercise Induced Oxidative Stress and Post Exercise Recovery Heart Rate of Athletes in Comparison to a Commercial Antioxidant Full Text PDF
101 2017-11-11 research article Screening of Mango Germplasm against Malformation in West Bengal Full Text PDF
102 2017-11-11 research article Phenolic Content and Antioxidant Activities of Commercial Apple and Pear Juices Representing Major World Producing Regions Full Text PDF
103 2017-11-11 editorial Can We Achieve Micronutrient Adequacy and Cognition in Children Through Millets? Full Text PDF
104 2017-11-11 research article Analysis of Bisphenol A in Beverages and Food Packaging by High- Performance Liquid Chromatography Full Text PDF
105 2017-11-11 research article When Non-Significant Results Can Mask Significant Results-A Procedure for Using Dose-Related Analyses Full Text PDF
106 2017-11-11 review article Milk Lipids Profiling of Minor Speciesfor Assessing Quality of Nutritional Input:A Review Full Text PDF
107 2017-11-11 research article Moisture Dependent Physical Properties of Litchi Seeds (Litchi chinensis) Full Text PDF
108 2017-11-11 research article Information System for Grain Storage in Brazil Full Text PDF
109 2017-11-11 research article Effects of Indole Butyric Acid on Rooting In Cuttings of Burmese Grape, Baccaurea Sapida Full Text PDF
110 0000-00-00 case report Reversing Mets (Metabolic Syndrome) with MSRP (Metabolic Syndrome Reversal Program) Through Integrative Whole Food Dietary Outlines and Sprint Interval Training Full Text PDF
111 0000-00-00 research article Utilization of Improved Indigenous Tannins of “Garad” In Semi Chrome Tannage Full Text PDF
112 0000-00-00 research article Looking at a Happier Tomorrow: A Psychological Study Comparing Adults Following Bariatric Surgery Full Text PDF
113 0000-00-00 research article Factors Influencing Parental Purchase of Fruits and Vegetables Full Text PDF
114 0000-00-00 research article Influence of High vs. Low Carbohydrate Ingestion on Substrate Oxidation Patterns of Males and Females During Running Bouts at the Individual Anaerobic Threshold Full Text PDF
115 0000-00-00 research article Pharmacokinetics of Daidzein 4-Phenylsulfonyl Ester and Its Active Metabolite Daidzein Assayed by HPLC Method in Rats After Intravenous Administration and Oral Administration Full Text PDF
116 0000-00-00 research article Do Consumers and Food Service Providers Share the Same Understanding of Traditional Food Full Text PDF
117 0000-00-00 research article Kinetic Study of the Osmotic Pretreatment and Quality Evaluation of Traditional Greek Candied Pumpkin Full Text PDF
118 0000-00-00 research article Cytogenetic Studies on Allium Cepa L in Response to Green Synthesis Silver Nanoparticales Full Text PDF
119 0000-00-00 review article Fructooligosaccharide: Metabolism through Gut Microbiota and Prebiotic Effect Full Text PDF
120 0000-00-00 research article Bioconversion of Agro-Waste Using Phytase Producing Endophytic Fungi and Evaluation of Its Feasibility as a Feed Supplement in Poultry Diet Full Text PDF
121 0000-00-00 review article New Electrodes Based On Garlic for the Inhibition of the Free Radicals Effects Full Text PDF
122 0000-00-00 research article Use of Spirulina to Enhance the Nutritional Value of Durum Wheat Spaghetti Full Text PDF
123 0000-00-00 research article Modeling Moisture Diffusivity in Deboned Chicken Breast during Deep-Fat Frying Full Text PDF
124 0000-00-00 research article Analysis and Evaluation of Cassava Starch-Based Biodegradable Trays as an Alternative Packaging to Fresh Strawberry (Fragaria Ananassa Cv San Andreas) Full Text PDF
125 0000-00-00 research article Effect of Pulp Blending On Standardization and Acceptability of Seabuckthorn: Apricot Nectar Full Text PDF
126 0000-00-00 research article Pistachio Consumption at 20% of Energy Does Not Significantly Change Body Composition, Blood Pressure or Blood Lipids but Improves Diet Quality in Free-Living, Healthy College-Aged Women Full Text PDF
127 0000-00-00 review article Customer Relationship Management and Retention in Street Food Sector Full Text PDF
128 0000-00-00 short commentary In Vitro Modeling of the Gastrointestinal Tract: Significance in Food and Nutritional Research and Health Implications Full Text PDF
129 0000-00-00 research article Farmer's Markets Versus Retail Grocery Stores: How the Market Source Contributes to Differences in Bioactive Content of Selected Citrus Grown in California Full Text PDF
130 0000-00-00 research article The Influence of Plant- and Animal-Based Diets on Circulating Testosterone and Body Composition of Young Male Rats Full Text PDF
131 0000-00-00 editorial Some Less Unknown Application of Perennial Plants From Romania Full Text PDF
132 0000-00-00 research article Sensorial Assessment of Beef Sausage Processed by Wheat Germ Flour Full Text PDF
133 0000-00-00 editorial Article A Comment on the Nutritional State of America Full Text PDF
134 0000-00-00 review article Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction of Bioactive Compounds Full Text PDF
135 0000-00-00 research article Higher Absorption and Lower Urinary Elimination of a New Magnesium Rice Complex Compared to Two Other Organic Forms of Magnesium: A Pilot Study in Rats Full Text PDF
136 0000-00-00 editorial article Vitamin D and Skeletal Muscle Loss Full Text PDF
137 0000-00-00 research article Frequency of Dining at Residence Halls and Intake of Fat-Soluble Vitamins among College Students Full Text PDF
138 0000-00-00 short communication INNOBIORT: Product and Process Innovation for the Exploitation of the Puglia’s Vegetable Biodiversity Full Text PDF
139 0000-00-00 research article The Sweetness Technology of Sugar Substituted Low-Calorie Beverages Full Text PDF
140 0000-00-00 research article Finite Element Modeling of Potato Frying for Prediction of Temperature and Moisture Changes Full Text PDF