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Gavin Publishers is an international peer reviewed open access journals publishers, committed to disseminating top-notch academic research and academic journals throughout the world covering various disciplines of science, technology and medicine. We are currently handling more than 150+ journals in Medical, Pharma, Clinical, Engineering, and Life Sciences subjects.

Medical: Medical journals are publications that report medical information to physicians and other health professionals. Research articles report the results.

Clinical: Clinical Science is a peer-reviewed medical journal that covers all areas of clinical investigation, with a focus on Clinical trials, translational science and medicine.

Pharmaceutical: Dynamic and multi-interdisciplinary field concerned with the integration of biological, chemical and physical sciences for discovery and development.

Engineering: Facilitated a common podium uniting, Industrialists, Engineers, Technicians, Academicians to present their research and discuss current challenges.

Basic-Sciences: Science can be defined as systematic body of knowledge that is well researched and documented with enough evidence.

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