Journal of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development
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1 2019-04-22 review article Effects of Yeast Antimicrobial Peptide in Aquaculture Full Text PDF
2 2019-04-02 research article Predator Avoidance of Rainbow Trout Reared with Environmental Enrichment Full Text PDF
3 2019-02-15 review article Chemical and Structural Changes in the Movement of Water, Necessary for Life of Nature Full Text PDF
4 2018-09-28 research article DNA Fingerprinting of Local Dried Seahorses Collected from Hong Kong Markets Full Text PDF
5 2018-08-26 research article Direct Substitution of Fishmeal with Bioprocessed Soybean Meal in Brown Trout Diets Full Text PDF
6 2018-07-19 review article Fishery Management in Lake Kinneret: A Review Full Text PDF
7 2018-04-13 research article Aquaculture Development and Uganda’s Agricultural Extension System: The Case of Fish Farmers in Central and Northern Regions Full Text PDF
8 2018-04-05 research article Co-Selection of Mercury- and Antibiotic-Resistance in Hatchery-Reared Salmonids Full Text PDF
9 2017-11-15 research article Formation of Siamese Catfish, Pangasianodonhypophthalmus, Sauvage, 1878 (Pangasiidae; Siluriformes) F2 Based on Selection of Character Growth Full Text PDF
10 2017-11-13 research article Financial Viability of Hatchery Rearing of Oreochromis niloticus at Dera District, Amhara Region, Ethiopia Full Text PDF
11 2017-11-13 research article Evaluation of Protein Levels in Diets of Salema porgy (Sarpa salpa) Juveniles Full Text PDF
12 2017-11-13 research article Comparative Screening of Phytochemical Compounds in Scent Leaf (Ocimum gratissimum) and Bitter Leaf (Vernonia amygdalina) Extracts Full Text PDF
13 2017-11-13 research article Crisis in Modern Aquaculture in Southern Côte d'ivoire: Case of HYDROFISH, A Super-Industrial Farm in Binger Ville Full Text PDF
14 2017-11-13 research article Captive-Reared Dusky Grouper (Mycteroperca marginata) As an Alternative to Repopulation of Degraded Reef Habitats Full Text PDF
15 2017-11-13 research article Toxicity of Small Leaf Piptadeniastrum africanum (Saw-Dust Powder) To African Catfish Clarias gariepinus, Adult Full Text PDF
16 2017-11-13 research paper Mobility and Spatial Connectivity Between Nursery and Adult Populations of the Queen Conch (Lobatus gigas) In A Natural Protected Area of the Mexican Caribbean Full Text PDF
17 2017-11-13 research article Effects of Different Dietary Levels of Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) On Growth Performance of Tilapia Fry (Oreochromis niloticus) Full Text PDF
18 2017-11-13 research article Pathological Changes in Gut and Liver Due to Dietary Inclusion of Betaine and Chromium Pico Linate in Nile Tilapia Fish Full Text PDF
19 2017-11-13 research article Prevalence of Contra Caecum Parasite Infestation of Nile Tilapia and African Catfish in Lake Ziway, Ethiopia Full Text PDF
20 2017-11-13 research article Growth and Survival of Larva/Patih Jambal Fish Seed (Pangasius djambal) Maintained Solidly Different Distribution Full Text PDF
21 2017-11-13 research article Biology of Length-Weight Relationship and Condition Factor of Some Cichlids in Eleyele Lake, Oyo State, Nigeria Full Text PDF
22 2017-11-13 research article Effect of Feeding Rate and Diet Oil Source on Growth Performance and Feed Utilization of Rabbitfish (Siganus rivulatus) Fry Full Text PDF
23 2017-11-13 review article Footprints of Climate Change on Fish Community of Mangrove Dominated Lower Gangetic Delta Full Text PDF
24 2017-11-13 review article NOx Elimination and Drainage NP Elimination Should Be Stopped for The Production of Fish and for The Protection of Global Warming Full Text PDF
25 2017-11-13 research article Aquaculture Sustainability: Multidisciplinary Perspectives and Adaptable Models for Seafood Security Full Text PDF
26 2017-11-13 research article Multicriteria Fishing Vessel Design Methodology Full Text PDF
27 2017-11-13 research article Determination of Parasite Fauna on Freshwater Crayfish “Astacus leptodactylus” (Eschscholtz, 1823) In the Arass Dam Reservoir, Northwest of Iran Full Text PDF
28 2017-11-13 research article Prevalence of Fish and Shrimp Diseases and Use of Various Drugs and Chemicals in Indian Aquaculture for Disease Management Full Text PDF
29 0000-00-00 research article A Study of Immune Response in Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) Fed Levamisole Incorporated Diet Full Text PDF
30 0000-00-00 review article Split Beam Echo Sounder (Acoustic Systems) to Determine Abundance of Fish in Marine Fisheries Full Text PDF
31 0000-00-00 editorial article Bio security in Aquaculture Production to Bring Sustainability in Blue Revolution Full Text PDF
32 0000-00-00 case report Livelihood on Mud Crab Catchment: A Case Study of Sundarban Coast, West Bengal, India Full Text PDF
33 0000-00-00 case report Effect of the Temporary Parasite of Praniza Larvae of Gnathiidae Isopod, A Gill Chamber Parasite of the Coral Reef Fishes, Gulf of Mannar Full Text PDF
34 0000-00-00 research article Socioeconomic and Institutional Factors Determining the Utilization of Fish Resource in Lake Ziway Full Text PDF
35 0000-00-00 research article Hematological and Biochemical Responses of Endangered Caspian Brown Trout, Salmo Trutta Caspius during Acclimation to Seawater Salinity Full Text PDF