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1 2023-02-01 research article Improving “Quality Of Life” Through Exercise and Proper Nutrition Full Text PDF
2 2022-07-29 mini review Epilepsy: Yoga as Possible Treatment Full Text PDF
3 2022-06-20 research article Effects of Neurosculpting® Meditation on Stress, Anxiety and Sleep in a group of undergraduate college students Full Text PDF
4 2022-05-27 review article Integrative Yoga Therapy for Mental Health Full Text PDF
5 2022-04-16 review article A Descriptive Study on the Effect of Antenatal Yoga on Maternal Stress: Blessings to Garbhini Full Text PDF
6 2021-12-30 research article Exploration of Gene Expression Characters of Mouse M-1 Cells Treated by Qigong Full Text PDF
7 2021-08-10 review article COVID 19 and Values of Life Full Text PDF
8 2021-03-15 research article Ten-Year Follow-Up of Preliminary Quadriceps Muscle Contraction in Rehabilitation and Prophylaxis of Recurrent Knee Pain Due to Osteoarthritis Full Text PDF
9 2021-02-22 research article Biophysical Parameters Mediate the Relationship between Anxiety and Gait Characteristics: A Sub-Analysis Full Text PDF
10 2020-10-30 research article Prone Asanas and Pal’s Pranayama could Facilitate Recovery and Prevent Psychosomatic Stress and Complications of COVID-19 Full Text PDF
11 2020-06-09 review article Using Pranayama or Yoga Breathing to Mitigate Stress and Anxiety during the COVID-19 Pandemic Full Text PDF
12 2020-06-05 case report Supraspinatus Repair Using Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy – A Case Report Full Text PDF
13 2020-05-13 research article Stress Vulnerability and Quality of Life in Alcohol use Disorders (AUD) Full Text PDF
14 2020-04-07 research article Quantifying Joint Mobilizations with The Mobil-AiderTM Full Text PDF
15 2020-02-13 research article Do Exercises have a Complementary Effect Over Pharmacotherapy in Children with Allergic Asthma? Full Text PDF
16 2020-01-28 editorial Exosomes: Potential Target for Treatment and Diagnosis of Depression? Full Text PDF
17 2020-01-28 editorial Exosomes: Potential Target for Treatment and Diagnosis of Depression? Full Text PDF
18 2019-04-16 research article Mindfulness Meditation: Effectiveness on Physical Therapy Students Full Text PDF
19 2018-11-27 case report Clinical Examination Considerations for an Adolescent Distance Runner with a Fibular Stress Fracture Full Text PDF
20 2018-11-27 review article Psychiatric Thoughts in Ancient India Full Text PDF
21 2018-11-27 review article Postural Control in Developmental Coordination Disorder and Typical Children: A Systematic Review Full Text PDF
22 2018-11-16 research article The Effects of a Healthy Breakfast/Yoga Program on Social Competence and Antisocial Behavior in School-age Children with ADHD Full Text PDF
23 2018-11-06 research article Comparison Between Interval and Continuous Method of Amateur Women's Futsal Team Training Full Text PDF
24 2018-11-06 research article Motivation That Leads Older People To Practice Bodybuilding Full Text PDF
25 2018-09-24 review article The Globalization of Yoga: An Argumentative Approach Full Text PDF
26 2018-09-20 short commentary Soursop, Graviola Full Text PDF
27 2018-09-20 opinion The Cordyceps sinensis is Medicine of Longevity, a Mushroom Full Text PDF
28 2018-09-20 short commentary Graviola Full Text PDF
29 2018-09-20 short commentary Psychology: Children Must First Know How to Read or Walk? Full Text PDF
30 2018-09-19 mini review On the Nature and Value of Compassion Full Text PDF
31 2018-09-19 opinion A Possible Innovative Treatment for Compartment Syndrome Full Text PDF
32 2018-07-20 research article Effect of Hill Training and Fartlek Training for development of Aerobic Fitness among Middle and Long-Distance Runners of Hyderabad District in India Full Text PDF
33 2018-07-20 research article Injuries in Female 7-a-side Football Players in Cantabria, Spain: An Epidemiological Study Full Text PDF
34 2018-07-19 research article Light Emitting Diode 630nm Improves Wound Healing in Induced Diabetic Rats Full Text PDF
35 2018-07-18 research article Traumatic Versus Non Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury: Characteristics and Functional Outcome in a Tunisian Rehabilitation Center Full Text PDF
36 2018-05-25 research article Postural Control in Preschool Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder, in Sitting Position During a Functional Task Full Text PDF
37 2018-05-15 research article Effect of Slow Abdominal Breathing Technique on Heart Rate Variability in Male Smokers Full Text PDF
38 2018-04-04 research article Effect of Yogic Practices with and Without Diet Modification on Weight and Triglycerides Among Menopausal Women Full Text PDF
39 2018-04-04 short communication Efficacy of Yoga in Dorsal Pain Full Text PDF
40 2018-04-04 research article Bone Mineral Density Difference Among Reproductive Women Versus Post-Menopausal Women of Lahore, Pakistan Full Text PDF
41 2018-03-21 short communication Socially Interactive Exercise Improves Longevity: The Power of Playing with Friends Full Text PDF
42 2018-02-12 review article Yoga for Pain: A Research Review Full Text PDF
43 2018-02-06 research article The Potential Effect of Cervical Taping on Pain, Disability and Kinematics in Patients with Chronic Neck Pain - A Quasi-Experimental Study Full Text PDF
44 2018-01-23 research article Effect of Brisk Walking with Yoga Nidra on Selected Psychological Variables among Obese College Boys Full Text PDF
45 2017-12-28 research article Effect of Yogic Practices on Attitude and Job Satisfaction Among Women at Menopause Stage Full Text PDF
46 2017-12-28 research article Effect of Yogic Practices on Selected Adjustment and Life Satisfaction Variables Among Hypertensive Middle Aged Women Full Text PDF
47 2017-12-28 research article Effect of Yoga Practices with Varma Therapy on Total Cholesterol and Blood Urea among Aged Type II Diabetic Men Full Text PDF
48 2017-12-12 Review Article Karate, Taekwondo, Aikido, Kung Fu, Yoga and Other Far Easter Forms of Activities - are not only Sport but also the Best Method of Treatment of Locomotor’s System Deformities Full Text PDF
49 2017-12-12 Communication Why We Humans Have Been Chronically Stalled for Millennia in Our Evolutionary Maturation: Tapping the Dormant Global Power Of ((Yoga Technology)) Full Text PDF
50 2017-12-12 research article Soft is Hard: Building Resilience with Loving Kindness Meditation at Work Full Text PDF
51 2017-12-12 short communication Yoga and Physiotherapy for Children: ACommon Ethical Approach Full Text PDF
52 2017-12-12 review article The Elusive Eternal Youth: Feasible or Just Fantasy? Full Text PDF
53 2017-12-11 short communication Therapeutic Writing“Words Evolved, Experiences and Therapeutic Writing Techniques” Full Text PDF
54 2017-12-11 short communication Yoga of the Origins: A Path of Awareness and Tradition to Reach Happiness Full Text PDF
55 2017-12-11 short commentary Can Yoga Prevent Fall? Full Text PDF
56 2017-12-11 research article The Effectiveness of A 4-Week Yoga Intervention on Core Muscle Activation, Pain and Functional Disability Among Healthy and Low Back Pain Participants Full Text PDF
57 2017-12-11 research article The Effect of Phases of the Menstrual Cycle on Frontal PlaneKnee Kinematics During Landing Full Text PDF
58 2017-10-31 review article Fostering Spiritual Development: The Guru and the Yogic Path to the Soul Full Text PDF
59 0000-00-00 research article The Knowledge of Physiotherapists about Therapeutic Effects of Yoga in Neurological Diseases Full Text PDF
60 0000-00-00 image article Yoga: Iyengar Certified Full Text PDF
61 0000-00-00 commentary article Yoga, Dharma, Yugas and Our Planet in the Universe Full Text PDF
62 0000-00-00 research article Research Protocol Full Text PDF
63 0000-00-00 research article Journal Article: Scrutiny Points Guidelines Full Text PDF
64 0000-00-00 research article Yogic and Aerobic exercises: Influence on selected physiological and psychological variables among middle aged men Full Text PDF
65 0000-00-00 short commentary Water, a Gift for Life Full Text PDF
66 0000-00-00 short communication The Colloidal Silver: Antifungal Antibiotic and the Most Powerful Antibiotic in the World of the Nature Full Text PDF
67 0000-00-00 short commentary Goji Berries: Natural Elixir of Eternal Youth Full Text PDF
68 0000-00-00 review article Potential Benefits of Yoga Interventions for Breast Cancer Survivors Full Text PDF
69 0000-00-00 research article An Assessment of Body Mass Index among State Level Male Volleyball Players Full Text PDF
70 0000-00-00 case report Post-Operative Shoulder Stiffness and MWM (A case Study) Full Text PDF
71 0000-00-00 abstract Acro Yoga: Benefits and Limitations of this New, Popular Physicalactivity Full Text PDF
72 0000-00-00 review article Spiritual Consciousness and the Integrative Brain in Health and Conflict Full Text PDF
73 0000-00-00 research article Role of Yoga in Empowerment and Strengthening of Elderly Full Text PDF
74 0000-00-00 review article The Mystery of the Absolute, its Function before Manifestation as Universe and the Truth of the Universe Full Text PDF
75 0000-00-00 review article Yoga on Mental and Physical Health Full Text PDF
76 0000-00-00 research article Adolescent Mindfulness, Self-Compassion, Executive Functioning and Stress: Preliminary Findings for a Process Model across a Yoga Class Full Text PDF