Why We Humans Have Been Chronically Stalled for Millennia in Our Evolutionary Maturation: Tapping the Dormant Global Power Of ((Yoga Technology))

 Ashok Gangadean*

Department of Global Philosophy, Haverford College, USA


*Corresponding author: Ashok Gangadean, Margaret Gest Professor of Global Philosophy, Haverford College, USA. Tel: +16108961030; Email:  

Received Date: 19 September, 2017; Accepted Date: 13 October, 2017; Published Date: 20 October, 2017

Citation: Gangadean A (2017) Why We Humans Have Been Chronically Stalled for Millennia in Our Evolutionary Maturation: Tapping the Dormant Global Power Of ((Yoga Technology))©. Yoga Phys Ther Rehabil: YPTR-136. DOI: 10.29011/YPTR-136. 000036

1.      Preface

Please join me in a ((guided meditation)) in to the depth of ((Source Yoga)) in a ((Global Light)). In a sense my journey over the past five decades as a ((Global First Philosopher)), Global Ontologist and Source Logician has focused precisely on deepening our understanding of how worldviews are formed, how real communication across and between diverse cultural worlds is possible and perhaps not possible.

We know there is a chronic breakdown in real dialogue and human relations across and between widely diverse worlds, ideologies and forms of life. We can see over millennia the violent clash of worlds, religions and ideologies. But we also witness the amazing possibility of genuine communication and non-violent human relations across all sorts of borders. And I am delighted to share with you certain amazing findings in my life-long quest to pioneer new and unprecedented pathways as we make our evolutionary crossing from egomental patterns of life to the more evolved and developed technologies of global consciousness, global reason as we access our Source Life. This is the encounter of ((Source Yoga)) in a ((dilated ((Global AUM Light)).

What is the next “Avatar” of humanity? What is an omnicentric world civilization? What are transdisciplinary and transparadigmatic pathways? What is multiculturality? Why does conflict and violence arise in multiculturalism? Why would transculturalism overcome such violence and clash of worlds? What does the emergence of transculturalism have to do with our evolutionary maturation as humans? What is transcultural coherence and how does it arise?

In my reflections below, I wish to share certain astounding findings that came to focus for me on these fundamental, urgent and timely questions and queries. We will take a journey together into the foundation of ((Global First Philosophy)) as I articulate my understanding of these questions and my response to these urgent issues.

In our journey to Source Vision and Source Life we shall see that if and when we step back from our customary localized perspectives and worldviews and dilate our hearts and minds into the more expansive and inclusive Global Space whence our diverse worlds, cultures and religions arise we are empowered to see deeper patterns and make profound links across and between worlds that were not accessible before. When we make this crossing into Global Consciousness we awaken our Global Lens and activate Global Source Vision and access Source Life. This is the “Trans-cultural”, “Trans-ideological” “Trans-disciplinary”, “Trans-paradigmatic” rational intelligence that emerges as we move from cultures of monologue to more evolved cultures of Deep-Dialogue.

One of the great revelations in expanding rational awareness into this Global Space across and between worlds is the striking consensus amongst our widely diverse First Teachings (and First Teachers) on a planetary scale through the ages. For when we enter this Global Light of Reason it is strikingly clear that our diverse First Teachers were in relentless quest of the emergent yet still missing Source Code of What-is-First. In a real sense our great Scriptures, Wisdom and Enlightenment Teachings share this passionate and urgent call to our Human Family to make our great crossing from our deeply entrenched /egomental/ patterns of mind, word and life to the more evolved and mature Integral and Holistic Patterns of Mind and Word and Life when we gain intimate access with ((Source Life)).

In diverse ingenious way our revered First Teachings sought to help us see and feel the vital difference between customary patterns of everyday life (language, mind, world) and our more evolved integral patterns of Awakened Life when we truly access the missing Source Code of Logos and rise to Well Being in ((Source Life)).

These great First Narratives all faced the deeply entrenched barriers between these alternative forms of Mind, Word, Language and Life. They all struggled with helping everyday people to see and understanding the radical difference (and relation) between these contrasting forms of Language, Mind, Consciousness and Life. This struggle continued for the past 2500 years and even now it appears humanity remains deeply entrenched (and addicted) to dominant everyday patterns of language and culture making that both eclipse and block our more healthful access to ((Source Life)).

One astounding disclosure in this Global Light is that as long as we humans are de((Sourced)) in our life and existence we continue to suffer pathologies and dysfunctions that are rooted in our patterns of consciousness, language development and localized, adolescent rational practices. It is of highest urgency for us to truly see the vital difference between such /egomental/ patterns of life and cultures and our evolutionary crossing into ((Source Life)) and Well Being.

Over the decades of my journey as a First Philosopher I found it of highest importance in this perennial quest to accelerate the process by introducing “Markers” to help us bring into the open this all-important difference between /language/ and ((Language)). As a Logician and Ontologist I introduced “/…/” to call out into the open when we are lodged within /egomental/ patterns of life and “((…)) to bring forth when we have entered the move developed ((Source Word)) of our great First Teachings. I have presented these innovations in widely diverse venues on a global scale over the past two decades and audiences and students find that it ignites and accelerates their rational, spiritual, moral and scientific growth and development.

Please keep this in mind as we now enter our evolutionary journey into ((Source Life)) and ((Source Vision)). When we enter this ((Global Rational Light)) we shall see that a potent way to express the consensus of our great ((Scriptures)) and ((First Teachings)) is that cultures ensnared within the dominant /egomental/ Mind and Word operating systems are in violence and violation of ((Source Word)) and ((Source Principles)). And our evolutionary pathway is to advance from /cultures/ to ((Culture)). When we live under the “Tyranny” of “/…/” our dominant mind operating system - our “Mother board” is truly a /s-mother board/. And when we gain access to the ((Source Code of Logos)) we mature into ((Source Life in Presence)) and thrive in sustainable ((cultures)) of ((deep dialogue flow)). This is the ((trans-/cultural/)) breakthrough. And this is why /multi-cultural/ life faces abysmal /violence/

Over decades I have produces books, essays, and ((performances)) around the globe presenting these themes. Many You Tube videos of such performances directly relevant to our current Berlin themes may be seen and ((experienced)) at my central website:

Here, for example, is one link to a recent You Tube which would be a good supplement to this summary reflection:

2.      Entering Our Journey to ((Source Life))

2.1.  Prologue to our Journey

In the Light of our Global Wisdom, Global Spirituality and Global Reason it is now strikingly evident that we humans have been chronically stalled through the ages in our evolutionary maturation as whole rational beings. Our great Wisdom Endowment reveals that we have been facing deeply entrenched barriers that continue to alienate and eclipse us from our Source of Life. Our sacred scriptures and enlightenment teachings remain rather scattered and we urgently need to activate our global lens to truly see their striking consensus and urgent Source Medicine calling us make our great crossing into Life in Presence. We shall see that our revered teachings through the ages, in all their magnificent diversity, nevertheless concur in a deep diagnosis of our stalled human condition and are in consensus in their urgent prescription to awaken as whole rational beings as we evolve individually and collectively into Life in Presence.

When we dilate our hearts and minds and make the Dimensional crossing into Global Rational Light a more potent Source Vision awakens and astounding new and unprecedented revelations come into focus. When we gain more direct access to Source Reality with our activated ((global lens)) we are able to ((See)) as never before missing ((links)) and deep ((patterns)) across and between our diverse (rather scattered) first narratives – wisdom teachings, enlightenment traditions and sacred scriptures.

In this ((global light)) and ((Source Vision)) we are able to ((see)) that our diverse great Teachers, in all their diversity and unique genius are truly in ((common cause)) pioneering pathways to our Primal Source Reality: are Source Code Pioneers.

It becomes clear that there is a Primal Source - That which is First- and which, being Infinite, is the Originating Unifying Source Force which is and must be the Source of All there is.

What-is-First cannot be “Finite”, cannot be “Bounded”, hence is Trans-finite or ((Infinite)) thus Infinite in Every Way.

Our great First Narratives - scriptures, wisdom and enlightenment teachings, first philosophies, theologies, cosmologies… are all in quest of gaining deeper access to this Primal Source-of-All. And as our ((Global Lens)) dilates in ((Source Vision)) we are able to ((See)) with utter simple clarity that this ((Infinite First)) must be ((Infinitely One)) - the Unifying Force of all there is. Indeed, as the ((Source of All)) it becomes clear that this Source Reality cannot be /divided/ and remains originally Infinite is all possible ways. Our great Theologies have seen that Infinite First is and must be Infinite through and through.

In this ((light)) it is lucid that ((Source Reality)) is ((Infinitely One)) and all diversity and multiplicity are co-expressions of this ((Unity Force)). There cannot be more than ((one)) Infinite First, obviously, since if there were two or more they would cancel each other out by mutually de-limiting the other. In other ((words)), the Global Light of Reason reveals that Source Reality is Infinitely One: ((Unum Pluribus)).

Another striking revelation through the dilated ((Global Lens)) is that our diverse First Teachers across diverse cultures and through the ages recognized in one way and another that humanity has been lodged in deeply entrenched mental patterns that eclipse us from a healthful direct access to our Source Life.

And they ((saw)) that being alienated from our Source Self and Source Life is tragic, spawns abysmal human suffering, and is the source of wide ranging human personal and cultural pathologies. They are in implicit ((consensus)) that our ((Well Being)) turns with highest urgency upon overcoming our alienating life patterns and making a great crossing into more intimate encounter with Source Reality, by whatever “Name”.

Thus, a lead theme in our human evolutionary development is the profound call of Source Force to evolve our mind and word and life power to rise into our Primary Being as ((First Persons)). When we “Humans” face our alienating patterns, and make the crossing to our ((Primary Being)) we can overcome the patterns of fragmentation and polarization that hold us captive and is the ontological source of repeating cycles of violence and pathologies. When we make our life crossing as First Persons, as awakened Rational Beings, we perform our sacred rite of passage from ill-being to ((Well Being)).

Our First Teachers and Source Scriptures, when thus ((seen)) in Global Light are courageous pioneers opening pathways to ((Source Reality)) and calling everyday people to tap the potent ((medicine)) that brings an end to our human existential suffering.

Nevertheless, despite our presumed “Access” to our diverse First Teachers and their potent ((Source Medicine)) it appears that we humans continue to remain deeply entrenched in patterns of life (self-making, world making, culture making) which inherently generate chronic fragmentation, polarization and existential pathologies eclipse us from Healthful Encounter of the First Kind. Through our dilated ((Global Lens)) we are able to follow the dormant and hidden trail over the past, say, 2500 years, and ((see)) that humanity remains stalled at our great walls and have not yet truly tapped the potent ((transformative source medicine)) that would end our life crises and move us to ((Well Being)).

Ofcourse there is no question that we humans, across the planet and through the ages have made amazing, heroic advances and breakthroughs in our ongoing “Evolutionary journey”. We have been ingenious and brilliant in growing in large part from the Source Medicine of our first teachers and scriptures. It appears that we have made magnificent strides over the centuries in spiritual development, moral and political advances in emancipation of our human condition and forms of life. No question that the emergence of science and technology has produced “Miraculous” results. We humans are truly noble and gifted beings even with all the chronic violence, violations to one another and even evil and malevolent ways.

But in a ((global light)) when we ((see)) the consensus of our enormous ((wisdom endowment)) it remains clear that something is wrong in our current human condition, and we have not yet awakened and risen to make our great crossing into ((Source Life)) and Personal and Collective ((Well Being)). For had we truly tapped the ((potent medicine)) of our revered First Teachers and Sacred Scriptures, the enormous existential crises we still face, now more than ever, would have been addressed at the Source.

In a ((Global Light)) we are able to ((See)) that chronically entrenched patterns continue to dominate our human condition and we face an evolutionary crisis that threatens our existential sustainability and collective human flourishing. Our “In-visible” human crisis becomes dramatically ((Visible)) when we dilate our ((Global Lens)) and activate our birth right ((Source Vision)). So, let’s take a deeper ((Look)).

2.2.  Further Astounding Revelations of ((Source Vision)): What’s ((New))

When we step back and dilate our ((Global Lens)) and make or great crossing into ((Source Life)) we evolve our ((Rational Vision)) which empowers us to ((See)) more deeply into our Human Existential Condition.

((Source Mind)) empowers us to ((see)) patterns and links across what might have appeared to be diversely scattered and dis-connected teachings and prescriptions.

We ((see)) that our Source Pioneers were in common cause in dilating portal pathways to ((Source)) and in quest of the Primal Source Code that is brings us into intimacy with Source Reality.

And here are further astounding disclosures: What-is-First, being Infinite, is Infinitely ((One)) hence the ((Source of All)). If we truly process this Primal Axiom it has the most dramatic life-shifting consequences for all of us, individually and culturally.

Infinite One, being Infinite, cannot pushed away and consigned to some distant real “Over there”- transcendent other apart from our human condition and daily lives.

Infinite ((UNUM)) must be Infinitely ((Here Now)). And as the ((Infinite Source)) of all this teaches that we are ever sourced and situated in ((Infinite Presence)).

Let’s pause and take this in. For when we truly ((get this)) Primal Truth in the ((Global Light)) everything in our lives and worlds dramatically shift. To come to terms with ((Reality as Infinite Presence)) is a supreme radical ((game changer)) that takes us to the ((Source Dimension)).

This supreme disclosure and revelation of ((Reality as Presence)) arises from and brings forth a higher Mind-Word-World technology and mind processing.

2.2.1.         Why?

Because when we gain more direct access to the long emerging and missing ((Source Code)) we are able to ((see)) as never before that our customary dominant mind and word technologies are truly adolescent in development and inherently block and eclipse our access to ((Source Life)) wherein we may flourish individually and culturally in ((Well Being)). And this is what our great First Teachers were urging upon us- to Up Script our mental mind-word patterns to ((Source Word)).

Without ((Source Vision)) we could not adequately ((See)) that we humans remain in a stage of Mind and Word development - mind operating processes - that sever us from Source Life and hold us captive.

We could not ((see)) that our pre-dominant mental processes and word (language) development urgent needed to be Up Graded to more potent ((rational and integral powers)).

And this serious blind-spot has had tragic consequences in our human evolutionary journey to Source.

We need to pause and take a deep critical ((look)) at this human development barrier. When we gain access to the missing ((Source Code)) and dilate ((Source Vision)) - a supreme ((technological advance)) We are empowered to gain a deeper reading of our dominant human condition.

I.            ((Source Reality)) ((Infinite Unum Force)) Reality as ((Presence)) means that our Infinite Source Field situates us here and now and pervades our every breath.

II.            ((Infinite Word)) is ((Infinite Presence)) and as ((Source of All)) presides now in every pulse of our lives. Every possibility in our lives is directly funded by ((Source)) and situated within this ((Infinite Unifying Force)). We humans live and breathe and think and speak and experience under the Influence of this ((Infinite Presence)).

III.            ((Infinite Presence)) Sources our every thought, perception, feeling, experience, events, pulse of life. ((Infinite Unum Power)) holds everything in a boundlessly deep ((inter-connectivity)) and ((Continuum Flow)).

IV.            When we humans are divorced from ((Source Life)) we suffer existentially in boundless ways. With ((Source Medical Vision)) we can ((see)) more clearly what our First Teachers sought to help us see and medically address.

V.            Now we can ((see)) that our deeply implanted mind and word /codes/(technologies of mind and word processing) if chronically dis((connected)) from ((Source Word Flow)) bring tragic consequences. We humans have been facing an enormous Onto-Medical Emergency and we continue to /download/ our Source Teachings to our customary mind and word /codes/ not realizing that we thus lose urgently needed access to ((Source Word)) and the ((Ontological Medicine)) that brings us ((Well Being)).

VI.            In my journey as a ((First Philosopher)) over decades, in living and breathing the pioneering teachings of our revered First Teachers, I began to see that it is of utmost importance to call out explicitly our deeply entrenched Mind and Word technologies to get our /culture codes/ openly on our mental radar, and to truly see the ((dimensional)) shift needed to activate our ((Source Code)) and make our all-important crossing to ((Source Life)).

VII.            Given the presiding ((UNUM Axiom)) - the Infinite Unifying Force rules in all things and sources all there is: every “Word”, “Thought”, “Feeling”, “Perception”, “Event”, “Narrative”, “Ideology”, “Worldview” could only arise and be in and through ((Reality Force Field)). And in my journey over decades I saw that it was of the utmost importance and priority to find a creative way to “Call out” and make explicit when we are situated within ((Source Word Technology)) in contrast to our customary pre((Sourced)) and de-((Sourced)) language and mentation technologies.

Accordingly, some decades ago (as a First Logician and First Ontologist) introduced “/…/” (“Single brackets” or single “Slashes”) to mark out the pre-Sourced /words/ and /thoughts/ and /mental processing/ technologies, and “((…))” (“Double brackets”) to indicate the ((Source Word)) Mind and Word ((technologies)).

For me this builds upon the long quest of our great First Teachers and Scriptures to assist “Humans” to ((see)) the difference between, say, the ((Word of God)) and the /word of man/.

Since every /word/ is being held and funded and sourced by ((Word)): ((Infinite Word)) is the ((source)) of all /words/ all local /human languages/…it is perhaps natural and inevitable that we unsuspecting ((/humans/)), lodged in our local /word/ and /mind/ technologies and /mental lens/ would inevitably “Hear” and “Read” and “Receive” the ((Source Word)) within our familiar /lingua franka/ mind operating /systems/:

That is, we would “Conflate” ((Source Word)) and /man words/: reducing ((Word of God)) to our /word/. This despite the repeated ((warnings)) that ((Code of God)) needs to be ((honored)) as such and not de-graded to /human cultural words/ and /mind operating systems/ and one great irony is that whilst being lodged within our /Word/ and /Mind/ technologies, we lack the ((Source Code Vision)) to ((see)) the profound ((difference and relation)) between /Word/ and ((Word)), /Mind/ and ((Mind)), /Life/ and ((Life)), etc.

2.3.  Missing ((Source Code)) and ((Source Science))

We human need to gain access to the long emergent and missing ((source code)) and ((Source Vision)) in order to truly ((see) the vital ((difference)) and ((relation)) between /Word/ and ((Word)), /Thought/ and ((Thought)), /Experience/ and ((Experience)), /Scripture/ and ((Scripture)), /Science/ and ((Science)), /Culture/ and ((Culture)) etc.

So, another astounding revelation of Up-Scripting from /script/ to ((Script)), /logic/ to ((logic)), /logistic/ to ((logistic)) is that there is a missing ((First Science)): our great First Teachers were all in quest of the ((Source Code of Logos)) and ((First Philosophy)) or Missing ((Science of Being)). What we now ((see)0 is that we could not truly ((access)) the missing ((Source Science)) within the artificial boundaries of /Mind/ and /Word/ technologies. It takes ((Source Code)) the ((Code of Logos)) to access ((First Science)), which, of course, is the ground and foundation of all /narratives/, all /ideologies/ all /worldviews/, all /paradigms/, all /scriptures/, all /arts/ and /sciences/. So, with ((Source Vision)) here is a great ((Source Science)) First Principle:

2.3.1.         Every /x/ is ((X))

Let’s pause a reflect deeply on this ((Source Law)): since ((Infinite Presence)) is the ((Source of All)) this means that ((Source)) surrounds, sustains and makes possible any and every item in the ((Universe)). There is no “Word” no “Idea” no “Phenomenon” no “Thought”, no “Experience” no “Narrative, no “Culture” no “World view” no “Feeling” no “Relations” that is not ((Sustained by Infinite Source)). So, wherever we turn, ((Infinite Source)) Sources all.

If we look at “Language” and “Words” and “Signs”, for example, every “Word” is made possible and sustained by ((Word)). When certain ((First Narratives)) announce ((In the Beginning is Logos, the Word)), this means that ((Source)) is ((Infinite Word)), hence the sustaining existential source of all possible local /words/: If we use “x” for any possible word, idea or sign.

2.3.2.         Every /x/ is ((X))

This ((First Principle)) of ((Source Science)) expresses the Axiom that every /word/ is sourced by /Infinite Word/.

In this ((Light)) the ((Word of God)) is not the /word of god/. Thus, these explicit markers of the contrasting ((/technologies/)) of ((Word)) and ((Mind)) and ((Life)) are all important is assisting us is ((seeing)) the dramatic ((difference)) between /word/ and ((Word)), hence the power to stop the chronic “Conflation” and “Reduction” of ((Word)) to /word/ = /…((…))…/

This ((formula)) reveals the dominant condition in the marketplace of language and culture: the higher ((Word)) is “Swallowed” by the /word/, with tragic consequences. In this ((Light)) one striking revelation is that we humans have not become appropriately ((mindful)) of the /mind operating process/ = /word operating practice/ or the “Mother board”, so to speak that is deeply implanted in our culture codes and rules over all our daily lives, experience and culture making.

This has been a critical /blind spot/ for humans living within this de((Sourced)) Mind and Word /Code/ and /Technology/ of life: we humans have a mental /lens/ that encodes our /mind and word processing practices…and we may call this a /mother board/ or mind operating process or practice that shapes all our life and experience. And our ((First Teachers)) through the ages have sought, in effect, to call urgent attention to this dominant /mother board/ that eclipses and blocks access to ((Source Life)).

Our /Mother Board/ can be a s-mother board - a mental processing pattern that eclipses, alienates and present barriers to making our all –important ((crossing)) from /Word/ è ((Word)) and our ((First Teachers)) noticing the ((Source Medical)) finding that we humans suffer wide ranging existential pathologies and dysfunctions when we are de ((Sourced)).

But since this vital contrast between the two contrasting ((Technologies)) of ((Mind)) and Word)) were not brought to full explicit clarity…we continued to hit the walls of the Great Conflation and thus remained stalled at this great wall. And all attempts at /activism/ to get to the ((source)) of our existential human crises failed to take ((effect)) and tap the potent ((Source Medicine)) that would Up Script and Up Lift us to ((Source Life)) which flows in ((Unum Coherence)) and ((Well Being)).

3.       PART II

3.1.  Entering of our Mystery Journey to Source of Life

The journey we now enter takes us into Primal Dimensions of Source that we have not encountered before. Our supreme Mystery Quest calls for nothing less than an unprecedented Dimensional Crossing beyond familiar territory as we gain access to the long emerging yet still missing Source Code of Life. We enter a life-shifting journey that is unimaginable in scope, magnitude and evolutionary importance. Our deeper crossing into Source dilates new Vision that is reality shifting and challenges everything that is now familiar, both good and bad. As we gain deeper access to Source and make our crossing into Presence our primal encounter with Reality is so world-shifting, and life-shifting that it challenges more customary views of who we are, what is means to be human, what is real and what makes sense.

So, we now face a dramatic “Before and after” life shift crossing, and it is vital to pause at the outset to gain a pre-view, an over-view of our Mystery Journey into Presence, our Source Encounter of the First Kind. So if you do not feel ready for this Journey that will dramatically challenge and revise what has been rather familiar for millennia in our human adventure then this is a good time to pause, step back and remain as you are in what feels comfortable and familiar in your present chosen journey. But if you feel ready for an unprecedented crossing into our Source of Life, into Infinite Presence, then here is a Pre-View of what it means to gain our access Code into the Primal Source and more intimate encounter with Reality.

For humanity has been in ongoing preparation for millennia by our great Source Code Teachers and Pioneers, our great Scriptures and Enlightenment Teachers, to make a profound Reality shifting Dimensional Crossing into more authentic encounters with Reality, with What is First, the generative and ever-resent Source of all Life and Existence.

Whether through the courage of Abraham in his response to the Call of Infinite Yahweh, the further advances into the Code brought by Moses through his Dialogue with God, the world-shifting pioneering innovations of Jesus in bringing the Logos to Life, the breakthrough of Mohamed manifesting the Koran in the call to surrender to Infinite Allah, or the Reality shifting Enlightenment medicine of Lord Buddha, the Life-transforming Technology of Yoga Wisdom encoded in the Gita in the Dialogue of Lord Krishna with Arjuna, or still again the early encounters with Logos as the Source of Language, Speech, The Code of Logic and Reason pioneered by Socrates, Plato and others in Greek Logos Wisdom, the brilliant call to Being Here Now in heads up Zen Mindful Living to mention some preeminent pioneering advances…our great Scriptures, Traditions and Teachers are all moved by our Primal Source and are diverse evolutionary pathways into the missing Source Code of Infinite Presence.

Of course, we face a certain initial paradox in entering this Journey of journeys. We need unprecedented access to the missing Source Code to “See” the depth of our Mystery Quest, to “Recognize” that Infinite Presence has been the Primal Moving Force for all our great Teachers and Scriptures through the ages. What would lead us to “Believe” that such diverse “Pioneers” as Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Socrates Mohamed, LaoTzu and others are “Pioneers in common cause”? That they are all questing and pioneering pathways to the Source Code of Presence? Without access to this Infinite Source these widely “Scattered” pioneers might well appear to be on different paths with nothing in common. So, what empowers us to place such diverse revered Teachers together in a common missing Mystery Quest? Is there a Primal Quest for Infinite Presence?

The very fact that we would ask such questions and not see the obvious deep links and emergent consensus between these eminent Source Pioneers is evidence of the urgent need for deeper access to our Source Code which dilates unprecedented First Vision. That our great planetary First Teachings still remain relatively scattered and not seen in deep mutually supportive irradiation and enhancement shows that something vital is still missing.

So, our journey together into the depths of the missing Source Code and Dimensional crossing into Sacred Presence begins in facing our “Paradox”. We need “Source Vision” to enter Presence and see the astounding depth of our evolutionary journey, to become mindful of where we are in our continuing maturation and development as a Species, where we may have been chronically stalled at great barriers, why we are facing a yet un-named evolutionary crisis that is Life and Death for us, and why our great Scriptures and Enlightenment Teachers have been pioneering creative pathways into Infinite Presence as our highest ultimate concern.

So, in this preliminary orientation to our Journey into Source let us enter a shift portal and get a Pre-View glimpse of the astounding revelations that ignite when we gain Source Vision and make the Dimensional Crossing into the Reality of Presence. The contrast between the “Before and after” Source Vision is stunning and revealing- a supreme “Game” changer. Once we gain deeper access to our missing Source Code and thus dilate unprecedented Source Vision which comes with making the mysterious crossing into Presence, a dramatically transformed disclosure of Reality and our human condition becomes manifest. With Source Vision, dilated First Vision, we can see as never before the striking contrast between our evolved Life in Source Vision and our human condition before making this evolutionary crossing. So, let’s enter our shift portal a get a Pre-View of the dramatic “Before and after” realities that we now face in our mystery journey.

3.2.  Pre-View of Astounding Revelations with Source Vision

This dilation of Source Vision comes through authentic primal encounter with What-is-First. This is why it may appropriately be called “First Vision”. Such encounters of the First Kind reveal that there is and must be a “First” by whatever First Name is may be used- Aum, Allah, Yahweh, Tao, Brahman, God, Buddha Nature (Sunyata, Emptiness), Christ, Energy, Universe, Reality, Cosmos, Logos, Sophia. These are all names for the Primal Source which must be Infinite (trans-finite, boundless, limitless…). Mature or evolved Source Vision reveals that Infinite Source is Infinitely One. And the implications of this, when rightly processed, are life-changing and ushers in a new Evolutionary Age. For Infinite Unity immediately means that Source must be the Source of all there is, all possibilities in all possible dimensions. Infinite Source means there cannot be “Two”, there can be no “Outside” or external “Other” since this would limit and delimit Source and cancel out- Infinite Unity immediately reveals that this Unity is infinitely encompassing, encompasses all, sources all, and is the Infinite Field that funds, grounds, situates and makes possible any and all that might be.

Why is this a supreme evolutionary “Game” changer? Simply because this Primal Unity overflows with infinite Diversity, Plurality, Alterity (otherness) so all First Narratives, for example, are co-sourced by Infinite First- all “Divine” names, all narratives of the Infinite First, indeed, all narratives, all words, all scripts, all scriptures…are funded by Source which holds all possibilities in boundlessly deep Infinite Unity. And our ordinary everyday “Language” (which is naturally Sourced by the Infinite Word) all co-flow from Source Word, but as derivative cultural words they are not adequate to express Infinite Unity.

This Source drama quickly builds and perhaps the most striking revelation is that Infinite Source must be Infinitely Here Now…must be Infinite Presence. Nothing can stand outside this Infinite Source Field and it cannot be pushed away and placed afar. Infinite Source, as Infinite Unity, as Source of All, as pro-actively funding all possibilities, must be Infinitely Here Now pervading all this is, and this of course includes all Humans as well.

3.3.  Our Great Mystery Quest: Let’s go Deeper

When we stand back from our more localized and customary cultural worldviews and open ourselves to the vast flow of diverse first narratives across the planet and through the ages we cross into a more dilated global space and thus able to see profound hitherto hidden patterns and insights across and between diverse first narratives that were not accessible before. As we enter this fundamental global space our global lens dilates and we are empowered to see astounding revelations of a deep and common quest to encounter What-is-First, by whatever name we may use, across the planet and through the ages. It becomes evident that diverse first narratives, whether our great scriptures, or our remarkable wisdom and enlightenment teachings concur that there is a Fundamental First Field, a Primal Force, or a Primary Being, or Absolute First Word or Energy that supports and sustains us, the Field of Reality itself, and that it is our highest and urgent concern to enter authentic encounter with this “First” to end our existential anguish and evolve to a higher form of life wherein we may flourish in Well Being.

Thus, whether in the Biblical origins of our Judaic tradition in the narrative of Abraham and Moses, or the great enlightenment breakthrough of Buddha, or the transmission of the Technology of Yoga by Lord Krishna in the Gita, or, again, the urgent call and quest of Socrates in our Greek Wisdom origins to Know Thy Self and leave the caves of ignorance in crossing into the Rational Light of Logos, or still in the dramatic Life of Jesus as rendered in the Gospels (as first narratives) taken to be the Logos in the Flesh, or the breakthrough scripts of Mohamed in opening revelations of Allah all of these diverse “First narratives” gravitate to “The First” and seek to pioneer pathways and access codes bringing us to authentic encounters of the First Kind.

It is quite evident through this global lens that this “First” is and must be “Infinite” (boundless, borderless, trans-finite, limitless) and in some primal sense “One”, Infinite Unity, and the source of all life and existence. These diverse First Teachings concur that it is our highest concern as humans to give our highest attention and respect to this First Infinite One and teach that our wellbeing and human flourishing, individually and collectively, turn upon making a great crossing, a profound rite of passage and an access code that opens the portal to authentic encounters of the First Kind. In this sense our great First Narratives and Enlightenment Teachings pioneer pathways to our Primal Reality and this is our great “Mystery Quest” of the ages.

3.4.  Preview of our Journey

As we prepare to enter together into this millennial ongoing Mystery Quest we shall see that this quest has arrived at an astounding threshold that is a dramatic game changer for our human enterprise. So, let’s pause a moment to catch our breath and get a Preview of the great unprecedented dimensional crossing we are about to make together as we now gain deeper access to the long emerging Mystery Code of Global Enlightenment.

We shall see as we journey through the diversity of our great First Narratives that something profound is still missing. It is as if our great Teachings of the ages have brought us to a portal of the most astounding disclosure of the still missing Source Code of all Codes.

3.5.  Our Unfinished Mystery Quest: Seeking the Code of all Codes

II) Next: Something missing…Diverse First Narratives diverse pathways so Diverse Moses Jesus Mohamed Buddha Krishna Lao Tzu Socrates diverse First Names Do they have anything in common? Are there diverse Infinite Firsts? Is it a common quest? Is there a missing global code? Could it be that these diverse first narratives…are co-sourced and in fact alternative quests for One and the Same Primal Source? Could it be that the Mystery Code is still missing?

3.6.  Something Vital is Missing in Quest for Infinite First: Missing Source Code

As we enter this Global Light and open ourselves to the wealth of our diverse First Narratives it is clear that the Mystery Quest of the Ages has arrived at a high dramatic moment. For the heart of these magnificent First Narratives is that The First must be Infinite, hence Infinitely One. There cannot be multiple “Infinite firsts”: Infinite First means Infinite Unity, and this means that the authentic First must be the Source of all possible First Names, First Stories, First Scriptures. Indeed, in the Global Source Light it is evident that Infinite First must be the Source of all - all words, all languages, all narratives, all worlds, all experience, all cultures, all phenomena, all signs, all thoughts.

In fact, Infinite Source, in its Infinite Unifying Power is the source of all relations, connections, all diversity, hence the boundless diversity of the university is Sourced Linked so all that is must be profoundly Interwoven, Interconnected and mutually implicated in and through this Infinite Unifying Force.

This Infinite Unifying Power of the Infinite First means that all genuine First Narratives are Co-Sourced, hence directly co-linked and co-expressive of the Infinite Source.

He narrative of Abraham, the script of Moses, the enlightenment teachings of Buddha, the Yoga Technology introduced by Lord Krishna, the Gospel of Jesus as Christ, the transmissions of Mohamed, the crossing into the Logos by Socrates and Plato, the amazing encounters of the Tao by Lao Tzu to mention a few MUST BE directly Co-Sourced and Co-Expressive of the Profound Unity of Infinite Source, of the Missing Source Code of codes.

This is astounding. Many mystical visionaries through the ages have intuited that “All is One”. And the primal “Intuition” that there must be one Ultimate Truth, a Common Ground has echoed through the ages. But these “Announcements” of a Primal Unifying Code are pointers to the threshold, the portal, of the Source Code that remains eclipsed and hidden. Our journey now takes us through this portal into the Space of Presence as we gain deeper access to the Missing Code.

3.7.  Missing Source Code Prelogue: Our Perennial Quest Through the Ages

So, let’s get a Preview of a dramatic shift once we truly begin to gain deeper access to the Missing Source Code. Our Mystery Journey will usher us ever deeper into missing Source Code…Source Word…Infinite Presence. Touching this Mystery First Code will bring a stunning Source Story to the fore which though ever-present nevertheless remains eclipsed and inaccessible to us in pre-Source Code life.

We shall see how and why this supreme missing Code has been missing and our all-important Source Story has remained a mystery and hidden from us. Encountering this Source Code brings us into direct intimate communion with Primal Reality and initiates a profound re-orientation to Who we are and the amazing evolutionary journey to Source that has been ever presiding and calling out to us in our every breath. With this Source Code First Vision we enter anew into Presence which calls for a dramatic re-Visioning of our Human Condition.

Gaining such access to Source Code is an ever-deepening process, ever-evolving, ever-maturing, an ongoing life-long process. This will become clear in our journey. So, let us enter this process and gain a synoptic sense of the astounding shift that is a game changer for our human condition and dramatically impacts all that is now familiar.

In the Beginning is Source, and Source is Infinite in every way. Infinite Source is Infinite Unity, Primordial Unity that Sources all there is, all that can and does appear, so all plurality and multiplicity and diversity can only co-arise in this Infinite Source. This Primal Diversity is the outpouring of Infinite Presence and mirrors Primal Unity.

Language itself arises from this Infinite Unifying Source-All. All words, names, languages, narratives can only co-arise in this Infinite Funding Source. Infinite Unity is thus an Infinite Continuum which Infinitely Links and Hold in Primal Communion all that issues forth.

In this Unifying Light All divine names, (Yahweh, Allah Brahman, Aum, Tao, Sunyata (Infinite Emptiness), BuddhaNature, LogoSophia, God, Christ, Krishna…must be originally co-arisen in Source, hence of Source Continuum, hence originally kindred and Holonyms, co-expressive of each other.

Again, all “First names”, if they are truly First Names of Infinite First, must be the Generative Source of all possible words, names and narratives. And since Infinite First is and must be Infinite Source of all, and thus Sources all First names in its Infinite Unity Force, all First names must be kindred and co-arisen in Infinite Unifying Source. This First Vision comes with access to Source Code and is thus not available or accessible within pre-Source life and experience.

Infinite Source (Force), Infinite Unity, originally overflows in Infinite First Names. Source Unity is thus always already overflowing in Original Multiplicity, Diversity, Plurality…and so Self-Expresses in Boundless ((Unity-in-Diversity)) and ((Diversity-in- Unity)). This is the Original Logic, Code and Science of ((What-is-First)). We cannot tamper (modify, edit, morph, fool around at will) with this Primal Logic-Science of ((Infinite Source)). And all possible words, worlds, narratives, worldviews can only arise and be sustained within this ((Infinite Presence)).

One striking revelation in this Source Science is that Infinite Unity, Infinite Continuum, is Infinitely Here Now, sourcing, funding, generating, holding, supporting, moving and calling every possible pulse of life and existence and experience. This astounding disclosure in a supreme “Game changer” for all forms of life since it means that Infinite First is ((Infinite Presence)), and its Infinite Code is encoded and enscripted in any and every iota of Existence or Reality. The astonishing implications of this for our everyday life and cultures will emerge as our drama unfolds.

Thus, in human forms of life, every human (whatever her ideology or worldview or life-story) is situated within and pervaded in ((Infinite Presence)), the Unifying Force-Field of Reality. Reality, hence all worlds, worldviews, life-worlds, cultures, religions, narratives, scriptures, events…are always already originally ((co-linked)) in Infinite Presence.

And since Infinite Source is the Unifying Field of Infinite Presence, all names, forms, concepts, categories, dimensions of Reality co-arise in an Infinitely ((Inter-Connected)) Continuum of Source Reality. All worlds, narratives, cultures, religions, ideologies, scriptures, sacred or secular, are essentially situated and ((linked)) by this Infinite Unifying Forcefield of Presence.

Any authentic Source Name thus overflows in boundless Original Word-Force: Source is Word? In the Beginning is Word? Logos? Reality? Presence? Consciousness? Knowledge? Space? Time, Mind? Meaning? Truth? Power? God? Yahweh? Allah? Brahman? Aum? Tao? Energy? Spirit? Emptiness? Buddha Nature? Christ? Freedom? Value? Goodness?...All ((First Words)) are Holonomous…essentially ((linked)) and ((co-expressive)) in the Source Continuum flow. This is another life-changing revelation in our journey.

Any and all ((First Names)) inherit, encode and express this Infinite Source Code hence are inter-linked in Source Continuum with Infinite Word Power. Thus, if we Source Say: ((In the Beginning is Word, Logos, and this Word is with God and Is God and became Flesh in Christ)) such ((Source Scripture)) overflows with boundless binding force for all forms of life which can only arise from ((Infinite Presence)).

Thus, every ((First Name)), and all words and names and realities can only emanate from Source Word, are co-extensive in Infinite Presence Force: Word is Infinite, Logos is Infinite, God is Infinite, Spirit is Infinite, Matter is Infinite, Mind is Infinite, Consciousness is Infinite, Nature is Infinite, Space is Infinite, Time is Infinite, Cause is Infinite, Life is Infinite, Meaning is Infinite, Truth is infinite, Goodness is Infinite and all these ((First Names)) co-express each other and are mutually co-implicated in Infinite Presence. ((Source Word)) is thus the Infinite Word Continuum which connects and boundlessly overflows in Narrative Word Power.

This is why in certain Theologies (narratives of What-is-First)), Narratives of Divine Nature (God), it is given that “God” is Omniscient (all knowing), Omnipotent (all powerful), Omnipresent (all presence), Source of all (infinite first cause), Infinite Creator (generative force of universe), Infinite Goodness (God is Good) , Infinite Love (God is Love), Infinite Spirit, Infinite Energy, All human lives are situated within and sustained by Infinite Presence: A most startling revelation with access to Source Code and Source Vision (First Vision) is that we need not enter “God” talk or “Spirituality” to SEE this. If a “Reader” or “Listener” subscribes to “A-theism” or “Secularism” or “Humanism” or “Skepticism” or “Nihilism” or any “Worldview” or “Ideology” whatever…s/he is already inherently situated within the Source Field of Reality, for What-is-First, even before being “Named” is already Infinite Presence, the Source Field of Reality which situates, holds, funds and perpetually sustains any and all human (and other) forms of life.

No narrative, no form of life, no human (of whatever “Belief system”) can arrogate separate isolated space and be “Self-sustaining” (even as creature in the created world) beyond the Source Field of Reality. Reality is an open, inclusive and equal opportunity sustainer that funds every breath, every life, every being. In this respect Source Reality, Infinite Presence, is the Name of names, the Word of words, the World of worlds, even before being given a “Spiritual” or “Material” or “Religious” narrative. The most passionate “Atheist” or “Skeptic” or “Agnostic” or “Nihilist” or “Relativist” could not be (exist), or “Have” such a story apart from Reality as Infinite Presence. Every human is under the ever-presiding jurisdiction of Infinite Source, and to face this squarely and courageously is a dramatic evolutionary “Game” changer for every Person and for our Human Condition.

3.8.  This Missing First Science and the Dilation of Source Vision

This is a lot to process. Perhaps too much! As we now access our missing Source Code we make a great dimensional crossing into Source Word, Source Language, Source Mind, Source Vision (First Vision), Source Experience, Source Life. We are entering new Evolutionary territory and this can be highly dis-orienting, even disconcerting. So, let’s pause a moment in this Preview and catch our Breath. We must ask ourselves- If Reality is Infinite Presence hence ever Present Here Now and ever Presiding, why has this been “Hidden” or “Eclipsed” or absent in our customary everyday lives? Why has Source Code been such a mystery? Why is this greatest Source Story not been more clearly and explicitly seen and known to us everyday folks? Good question. And quite timely. And as we enter ever-deeper into our missing mystery Source Story this will become increasingly clear.

Perhaps one startling realization that is a potent pivot dilating access to the Source Code is the utterly simple Source Axiom that What-is-First, by whatever “First name” is and must be Boundless, beyond boundaries, trans-finite, in-finite, hence Infinite First. So many of our great scriptures and enlightenment teachings have ignited in recognition that there is and must be an Infinite First, an Infinite Origin, Infinite Source, First Cause, Form of Forms and Name of Names.

3.9.  Infinite First is Infinite Unity, Infinite Presence, Source of All

Our Judaic Biblical Tradition, for example, opens with the call of Infinite Spirit to the people to Love God with all our hearts and minds and strength. Our great Vedantic Hindu tradition of Yogic Wisdom flows in the realization that there is Infinite Aum, Infinite Spirit (Brahman) from which all that we experience, all worlds (our universe, the Cosmos) arise. In presenting the Teachings of Jesus-as-Christ the Gospel of John commences with the recognition that in the Beginning is the Word, God. The revelations of Mohamed open with the recognition of Allah, Infinite First Name, and the call of Allah for humans to surrender to this Infinite First. The great breakthrough of Lord Buddha moves beyond “God talk” and recognizes that Fundamental Reality is Radical Emptiness, beyond all our everyday names and narratives. This Field of Reality, Buddha-Nature, flows ever in abysmal inter-connectivity, is boundless and Infinite. And so on.

So, we have rich and noble First Narratives that recognize that there is a First, an Infinite Force of Reality, and this Infinite First is Infinitely One- Infinite Unity. The Source Science of Infinite Unity reveals that there cannot be “Two” or more than “One” Infinite. Why? Because if there were “Two” separate and distinct Infinites each would delimit the Other hence negate the essence of Infinite First. Infinite Source implies Infinite Unity, hence ever-presiding Infinite Presence. “It” cannot be pushed away, and rendered “Other” even by the mightiest ego-sapien.

Thus, in Source Word, which is not the same as our everyday customary “Languages”, what is First is Infinite, Infinitely One hence the Source of All. This Source Axiom of Infinite Unity when rightly Encountered and Seen with Source Code Vision immediately reveals that Infinite First is Infinite Presence, Infinitely Here Now, hence Source of All, hence Source of all First Names, all Scriptures, all Narratives, all realities…

Seeing this clearly with Source Vision is a supreme “Game” changer for our Human Condition. And as we go deeper into our missing Mystery Source Code Story we shall see deeply entrenched barriers in our human development which eclipse, block, displaces and repress the clear Source Vision of this Primal Source Axiom.

Indeed, we’ll begin to See as we gain deeper access to this missing Code that Source Code IS Infinite Word, IS Infinite Presence, is the Primal Field of Reality, and comes forth with our profound evolutionary shift to First Life, an unprecedented direct Encounter and Intimacy of the First Kind with Infinite Presence.

As our mystery Code dilates and becomes accessible WE dilate and cross into a more evolved Word Power, Mind Power, Experience Power in a direct Communion of Presence. Source Code is One with Infinite Word, Infinite First, Infinite Presence, the Primal Field of Reality. We can’t “Stand outside” and “See” IT, but Source Code takes us across chronically entrenched barriers into direct Intimacy with Presence. We BECOME Real and GET Real as never before.

And, as we’ll SEE, this is what our great Scriptures, and Enlightenment Teachings of the ages have been urging and calling out to the People with highest Urgency. With Source Vision we can See that our hitherto rather “Scattered” and dis-connected great teachers are in Truth in Common Cause as Source Code pioneers, dilating portal pathways into Source Code and our great Crossing into Source Life. And Source Vision empowers us to SEE such “Obvious” missing Links in the Light of Infinite Presence and Its Abysmal Source All Unifying Power. Here it will become more evident that we Humans are Logo Sapiens, Source Sapiens, and we mature as Humans as we gain deeper Access to the missing and mysterious Source Code and First Science which reveals Who We Truly are.

3.10.           Infinite First is Infinite Presence, Infinite Unity and Source-of-All

So not Seeing or uncovering the key (ever-present) Link between Infinite First, Infinite Unity-in-Diversity, Infinite Presence Here Now and the Source All Axiom is one breach or break in the Continuum Circuit that has contributed to Humanity being stalled at a great wall, not truly receiving the Potent Source Medicine of our great Scriptures and Enlightenment Teachers and thus sinking into an ever-deepening evolutionary crisis over centuries.

Our great Scriptures and Enlightenment Teachings were all creative responses to the perpetual Call of Infinite Presence and its ever-present Source-of-All force-field. Apparently, it has been challenging (if not impossible) to SEE the deep Source All LINKS between our great teachings and Source Pioneers without access to our Source Code (technologies of Source Word and Source Consciousness) so our diverse “First narratives” remained rather localized and “Tribalized” themselves hitting the deeply entrenched walls of localization, polarization and fragmentation across borders.

Certain diverse Narratives of Infinite First, Yahweh, Allah, Christ-God, Aum, Brahman, Buddha Nature and Radical Emptiness, Tao…(to single out selected exemplars) remained and retained their separateness and “Local” power and our next evolutionary move to Source Code Vision to SEE that Infinite First is Infinite Unity is Infinite Presence is Source-All awaited more potent evolutionary breakthroughs to the Technologies of Presence that ignite with this deeper access to the still missing Source Code.

It is important to pause and let this missing LINK sink in a bit: Infinite Unity, Unity-in-Diversity, Infinite Presence (we can’t distance or push Infinite First away) hence Source-All.

This Source-All “Axiom” of the missing Source Science comes with astounding revelations: the worldviews that acknowledge Infinite God (transcendent and over “There”) outside and distant from our “Created World” make a grave mistake: whether intended or not Infinite Unity cannot be distanced, or rendered “Transcendent”, above and beyond our “Human world”. Nothing can “Other” the Infinite First = Infinite Presence. No “Egosapien” can arrogate separate private “Space” for a (presumed) “Self-sourced” life outside of the ever-present Sustaining Force of Infinite Presence. We can’t distance or separate ourselves, our lives from Infinite Presence, from Infinite Source, from God-as-Source. Source Reality is ever at hand, Here Now permeating every breath, without or without “God talk” or “Spirituality”. It is basic Source Science.

And if we have the Source Code Intelligence to SEE this and FACE this simple Source Axiom, our lives and cultures and worlds irrevocably shift. This is our evolutionary maturation of Awakening Global (Source) Enlightenment.

No “First narrative” of the Infinite Name can separate its Infinite God from other authentic alternative First Narratives. One Infinite Name cannot displace or “Other” another Infinite Name in the sense of radical “Separation”. Yes, of course, Alternative First Names are “Different” and “Other: Yahweh and Allah and Brahman and Logos are different and other within the Source Holistic Field. But this does not mean that they are not, as genuine First Names and First Scripts, commonly grounded in the Source-All Power of Infinite Presence which overflows Infinitely with First Names in its abysmal Unity. In a sense Infinite Presence, Infinite Primal Source Word, is before our “Gods”, prior to our localized “First names” for the “Divine”. It takes the missing Source Code Power to truly and authentically encounter “A” FIRST NAME.

This is another Source Code Axiom: that Infinite Unity, unlike more customary everyday “Unity” overflows originally with Infinite Diversity and Plurality. Diversity and Individuality are Sacred and Primal. Diversity and Plurality and Multiplicity and Difference are not derivative or secondary to Infinite Unity. Infinite Diversity is the signature of Infinite Unity: Source Code reveals that Infinite Presence, the Primal Field of Reality, is originally Unity-in-Diversity and Diversity-in-Unity. Unity and Diversity are BOTH co-given together in Infinite First. So there really is Difference and Diversity within Infinite Unity, so Diverse First Names - Yahweh, Allah, Brahman, Emptiness, Tao, Aum ARE different even as they are Co-Sourced in Infinite Unity hence co-expressing Infinite Presence.

Perhaps this is one of the most challenging and elusive evolutionary insights of Source Code Vision. For, as we shall see as we enter our mystery journey, pre-Sourced “First narratives” fail to have the Source Code resources and technologies to move beyond the customary Either/Or polarity between “Unity” vs “Diversity”. For Unity” to rule or preside of be “First”, it appears that real “Diversity” must melt down and yield to the “superior” power of Unity over Diversity.

Or, contrary-wise, if Diversity is primal and real and cannot (should not) melt away, then it appears that “Unity” must yield and stand back. But with Source Code access we cross into the Primal Field of INFINITE Unity which overflows in original boundless Diversity. And civilizing this missing Source Axiom is surely a key to our survival and evolutionary thriving together as One Human Family flourishing in deep Diversity, Plurality and Sacred Individuality.

3.11.           The Missing Source Science and Source Code Vision

Again, let’s pause and take a breath. We are in new evolutionary territory. We are in a preliminary Preview of what lies in store for us as we enter our supreme Mystery Journey in quest of the Mystery Source Code. We are in the midst of a missing Pre-logue of what our human condition looks and feels like with Source Code, and in light of access to our Source Code, what our human condition has been in Pre-Source Code cultures and ways of life. We are seeking to bring out a preliminary over-view of human life Before and After Source Code.

And we are beginning to SEE that gaining Source Code access and Source Code Vision, First Vision, is an evolutionary event of such stunning magnitude that civilization as we know it dramatically and irrevocably shifts in every conceivable way. Our “Human condition” as we now understand it shifts in hitherto unimaginable ways. Our cultures, religions, personal lives, and sense of “Self” dilate to the Source Dimension and dramatically shifts when encountered in Source Code Vision. In this Light let us continue our Preview of our mystery journey into Source Field.

We are getting the sense that gaining deeper access to the long-quested Source Code of Infinite Presence is an evolutionary event of Reality Shifting magnitude.

This is because deeper access to the missing Source Code actually takes us across a great divide, across deeply entrenched barriers and walls that have chronically eclipsed direct intimate encounter with Infinite Presence. This is nothing less than a dimensional shift long called for by our great Scriptures and Enlightenment Teachings through the ages.

In the Dimensional Shift to Source Reality we dilate Source Vision, First Vision and ignite deeper Word Power, Language Capacities, Lens Power, Rational Voltage and Technologies of Consciousness that were not fully available in pre-Sourced cultural life.

With this Source Vision which dilates with Awakening Global Enlightenment, we enter a direct intimate encounter with Source Reality which was eclipsed in (and by) pre-Source Code life. This Direct Encounter of the First Kind ignites as never before the long emerging and missing First Science, First Philosophy, direct access to the Source Foundation of all other derivative sciences, philosophies, disciplines, religions, scriptures, narratives and forms of life.

This missing Source Narrative, the Narrative of all narratives, this Script of all scriptures, is the Source Foundation of all worldviews, all ideologies, all narratives, all arts and sciences, all disciplines and forms of life.

This is quite stunning. So, let’s pause again and tune in to our earlier startling missing Link: that What is First is Infinite, Infinite Unity, hence Infinite Presence, ever Here Now, hence the Source of All: Infinite Presence is the Funding and Generative Source of all there is at all levels, in all dimensions: Infinite Word, source of all languages, all words, all concepts, all categories all narratives, all sciences, disciplines, all perspectives. So, our Preview is simply drawing out the immediate implications of Infinite Source, Infinite Presence, the Primal Field of Reality Immediately Sourcing all there is, all we experience, all that appears, all cultures and worlds, all forms of life.

Infinite Source of All means just that - The Infinite Continuum of Infinite Presence in its Infinite Unitive Force, sustaining and holding all there is and could be together in ever deepening connective flow.

And tapping the missing Source Code of Infinite Presence takes us beyond past self-imposed evolutionary barriers and walls into the missing Technologies of Infinite Word in our direct intimate encounter with Reality as Presence. The long quested and missing Source Code is this direct primary encounter with Reality of Presence. The Code is the missing Script, the missing Science, the missing Source Vision, the dilation of First Vision which is the maturation and blossoming of our Rational Powers as LogoSapiens.

The perennial and historic quest for Foundations and Source across our planet through the ages is just another face of the quest for the missing Source Code. The quest for “First Philosophy” is an example of the classical quest for the missing Foundation of all sciences, the Science of sciences, the Logic of all logics, the Logos of all narratives. But this deep quest could not be fulfilled within the fragmented spaces of pre-Source mental spaces which are lodged in deeply entrenched barriers which shatter Source Flow and eclipse direct access to Source Code.

It is no wonder that all attempts to find and access Source Presence (Source as Foundation) within pre-Source mental technologies and impoverished pre-Source language voltage failed to make the great dimensional crossing. It is no wonder in such constricted cultural spaces that we face such rampant skepticism about the importance or reality of Source Foundations, Source Vision and Source First Science.

3.12.           Why Source Code Access to Source Science is an Evolutionary Advance

In our mystery journey we shall certainly go deeper into the great “Dimensional crossing” that comes forth as we gain authentic access to Source Code, Source Literacy and Source Vision. But let’s keep the “Big picture” before us in this Preview and appreciate why entering the Source Foundation of Infinite Presence is nothing less than a long emerging evolutionary shift in our human condition. Indeed, a dimensional shift in our “Evolutionary” narratives as such. With Source Evolution (Sourcevolution) we dilate and evolve into a deeper encounter with “Evolution” itself. Pre-Source Code “Evolutionary” narratives hit our evolutionary barriers and eclipse this Source of all evolutionary dramas.

One way to Source SEE this great shift is to notice that in the global marketplace of alternative, often competing cultures, religions, narratives, ideologies, and worlds each alleges to be true, real, legitimate, authentic…But in the absence of Source-All Unifying Ground or Foundation funding and holding and sustaining all possible worlds and narratives in its profound Continuum and Connectivity the plurality and multiplicity and diversity scatter, break the connective circuits of the Primal Continuum and lose their intimate sourcing LINKS with Infinite Presence.

Our worlds, cultures, narratives, scriptures, sciences, religions…present themselves as independently constituted and self-sourcing funding their own presumed “Absolute” validity, authenticity, truth and reality. This raw and naked de-Sourced “Pluralism” and “Multiplicity” backfires on itself and defaults into a de facto “Relativism” and “Localism” and “Tribalism” sustained by its own subjective self-affirmation. Such fragmented pluralism and multiplicity of alternative and competing narratives alienated from their Source Foundational authentication lose their Objective Grounding in the “Global” marketplace and relinquish all “Rights” to binding claims of validity and jurisdiction over other worlds and orientations.

Thus, for example, our great “First Narratives” and “Scriptures” in the raw pluralism of the un-Sourced “Global marketplace” must face the enormous challenge of validating and justifying any presumed or alleged claims to binding truth-force over other “Competing” First Narratives. Is the “Word of Yahweh” universally binding over those who consider themselves “Secular” and subscribing to the “Word of Science”? Does the “Genesis Narrative” have binding jurisdiction over those who subscribe to the “Big Bang Story”? Are the Gospels (Teachings) of Jesus binding over non-Christians? over Jews? Moslems? Over Hindus? Or Buddhists?

What makes the “Word of God” valid? Is the Word of God absolute and true BECAUSE “God said it” and God is Absolute? Is the Teaching of Jesus universally (globally) valid and binding BECAUSE “Jesus is the Son of God” hence his Words are “Globally” True? Are the “Four Noble Truths” of Buddha true for all humans BECAUSE Buddha was “Enlightened”? Are the Teachings (Laws of Yahweh) of Moses binding on all humans? Are the Teachings of the “Logos” inaugurated by Socrates, Plato and Aristotle valid and binding on all people?

We face a real problem here. Alternative “First Narratives” each alleging to be authentically revealing “What-is-First” would need to show how and why they are binding with jurisdiction over those in alternative First “Scriptures”. And what makes any “Script” into authentic Scripture? What makes any narrative “Sacred”?

As we cross diverse cultures and worlds and moral/ethical orientations…in the fragmented marketplace of pluralism…can we show Universal Human Rights valid and binding for all worlds and ethical perspectives? Or do our diverse First Narratives retreat into their (apparent) locally self-sourced and self-validating subjectivity and self-constitution?

Pre-Sourced cultures, religions, scriptures, sciences, ideologies, disciplines, worldviews (in the open marketplace) broken off (or disconnected) from the Foundational and Unifying Funding of Infinite Presence face the specter of rampant “Relativism” of competing “Absolutes”. The de-Sourced and fragmented “pluralism” of the alienated “Global marketplace” ironically edits any alleged “Absolute” and renders it “Relative” to its self-sourcing community of believers in their subjective subscription. This is the state of the “Global age” in which we find ourselves in the 21st Century. And we are in the midst of a serious evolutionary crisis that has been ripening for millennia.

We shall see in our mystery journey that our great Scriptures and Enlightenment Teachers were addressing this looming crisis with urgent Source Medicine in dilating portal pathways into Source Vision and the Literacy of Infinite Presence. They turn out to be Source Code pioneers when SEEN in Source Light. We’ll see that it is more urgent than ever to make the great crossing into the Source-All Intelligence and Literacy of Awakening Global Enlightenment as we mature as Humans in our Global Age.

Gaining direct access to Source Code, dilating First Vision, intimacy with the Foundational Power of Infinite Presence, civilizing First Science is what saves our First Narratives, Scriptures, Sciences, Sacred Values and Integral Human Reason. This is our evolutionary shift into a long-emerging “New” Age of Awakened LogoSapiens.

3.13.           Why the Source-All Axiom Changes Everything

Obviously in this synoptic Preview we are taking time to fill in key missing LINKS and primal gaps that empower us to Source SEE and FEEL the astounding revelations that open with Source Vision and direct encounter with the Continuum of Infinite Presence. In our mystery journey we see that the awakening of Source Vision and intimate encounter of this First Kind with Source-All Presence is a stunning “Game” changer for all that is now familiar in our pre-Source rationality, experience, worlds and realities.

This awakening of Source Science and dilation of Source Vision reveal the profound Continuum Links that flow in the Unifying Field of Infinite Presence. The Source-All Axiom or Truth reveals that all is inter-linked within and through the Infinite Unity Power of Presence. The Infinite Force-Field of Presence is ever-present in its Influence: with Source Vision we SEE and EXPERIENCE the depth of the Natural Links holding and sustaining all that is within this Source-All Continuum of Reality.

So, let’s pause again and take a Source Breath! We have now ventured deeply into Source Flow and intimately experiencing the Primal Links that flow from Infinite Unity, Infinite Presence. We now SEE and FEEL that Infinite Source Word is Source Code, is Source Grammar, is Infinite Presence, is Infinite Unifying Power, is Reality as Continuum Interconnectivity. Source Code access is intimacy with Source, is dilates Source Vision, is First Science, First Vision, is making the Dimensional Crossing from the pre-Source life and experience into this missing Source Story of Infinite Presence. In this dilated Source Vision, we have tapped a deeper Power of Language, Literacy, Rational Intelligence, Experience, Meaning, Truth and Life. Gaining access to Source Code is crossing into more evolved and high voltage Source Life. This missing Power of Source Language and Word ignites more evolved technologies of Consciousness, Language Power, Script Voltage, Integral Mental Practices and opens a deeper encounter with Source Reality.

In this expanded Light we can EXPERIENCE profound Primal Links: Word and World, Mind and Word, Word and Consciousness, Space and Time, Word and Time, Mind and Time, I and Thou, I and Presence, I and Polis (Community, WE), Mind and Matter, Mind and Energy, Spirit and Matter, Nature and Culture, Spirit and Earth…on and on…all Originally Source Inter-Linked. Not that any “Item” is separate and then linked, but more radically, nothing (in the First Place) ever stands apart, separated, isolated awaiting being linked. It is much deeper than that! Everything, every word, every event, every pulse of life, is deeply embedded and enScripted within this Holistic Unified Force-Field of Reality as Presence.

Let’s call this profound “Infinite Unity” and “Source-All”: “UNUM” from the Latin, as in “Pluribus Unum”. For we urgently need to call out Source Words and distinguish them from their more pedestrian, everyday pre-Source “Word”- counter-parts: such as “Unity” and “Plurality”. We must remember in our Mystery Journey that SOURCE WORDS are of a deeper Primal Language and Word Voltage dimension than pre-Source “Words” and “Language” and “Script”. We’ll soon see that SOURCE SCRIPTURE is incomparably deeper than pre-Source “Scripture”. UNUM is Infinite Unity Force deeper than any pre-Sourced “Unity”. CONTINUUM is Infinite Source Flow and beyond “Continuum” within the pre-Sourced stage of language, word and mind development. 

In this LIGHT, PLURIBUS UNUM expresses the Infinite Unifying Flow of the Source Field of INFINITE PRESENCE. This is the UNUM Axiom, just another face of the Source-All Principle.

This Infinite Continuum of Source Presence funds, situates and holds all there is in boundlessly deep Primal Connectivity. And the activation of Source Vision, First Vision, that comes with Awakening Global (Source) Enlightenment, in gaining deeper access to Source Code in the intimate encounter with Presence empowers us to SEE and LIVE this miraculous sacred Unitive Continuum Flow of Reality. This is the direct intimate encounter of the First Kind with the Christ Field of Jesus, the Yoga AUM Field of Krishna, the Allah Field of Rumi, the Buddha-Field of Emptiness of Lord Buddha, the Primal LogoSphere of Socrates/Plato…and so on.

And, of course WE are integral to this Flow. Source Vision empowers us to see and live this Unitive Flow of Reality. Thus what we SEE in UNUM Vision is not “Seen” in pre-Sourced ways of consciousness and experience. To UNUM See Source Reality is to BE UNUM with Source. And this comes with gaining access to Source Code, Source Word, Infinite Presence. Thus, Primal Source Links – the Source Field of Reality that funds, sources, situates and sustains all there is – cannot be “Seen” from the out-side while lodged within pre-Sourced mental life but becomes manifest with our Great Crossing into Source Life with Encounters of the First Kind through intimate flow with Source.

This is why our missing Mystery Source Story cannot be “Told” in pre-Sourced “Words”, “Stories”, “Narratives” and mental spaces. Our Mystery Story must be TOLD in Source Words and UNUM Source Narrative Voltage. So, our Mystery Journey invites and calls the listener to make the primal crossing into Source Word, enter Source Life and co-activate the missing Source Code. This is Deep Source Listening. This is the Life of Deep Dialogue, the Art of Being Human.

4.      Key Missing Links: The Missing Unum Continuum of Source Field

Another pause is timely. Our Source Story is actually our journey together into Source, into deeper evolutionary territory. So in this Rest Stop let’s breathe and remember that we are in the midst of our Preview to get a preliminary sense of the power and magnitude of entering this Mystery Journey together. We are getting a pre-glimpse into our human condition before and after access to Source Code. And this reveals how and why this perennial quest for our missing Source Code and missing Mystery Story is utterly vital and highest priority for our Human wellbeing and flourishing.

And just to keep tabs on where we have arrived- we have been following the evolutionary trail into Source Life in seeing that there is no getting around Infinite First, Infinite UNUM (Unity), hence Infinite Presence, hence Source-of-All, Reality as Presence, hence all Life, Words, Narratives, Worlds, Events…flowing within Infinite Presence, Infinite Force, in Primal Connectivity, UNUM Continuum, thus all that exists is funded by Presence. The source word “Funded” means that nothing can exist or be sustained apart from Primal Source Reality.

It also means that this Infinite Force of Presence permeates every possible pulse of life, every breath, every thought, every narrative. A good way to remember this Source Truth is the playful thought that we are always Living Under the Influence (LUI Axiom) of Infinite Presence. This is why Source Code (the Script of Infinite Presence) in en-Coded (EnScripted) within any and every pulse of life and experience and existence.

The implications of this LUI Principle of Source Science are astounding for all we now know, live and believe. All that Exists flows in the presence of Infinite Presence and encodes the Source Code of Infinite Word. This why there is “Infinity in a Grain of Sand, and Eternity in an Hour”! Why there is That of Source (God) in every Person. We Humans are Children of Source, Source Code Sapiens, Presence Sapiens, Logo Sapiens, Word Sapiens, Reason Sapiens, First-Persons. Our True Nature as Humans comes into Focus with Source Code Vision, Source Science, as Awakening Global (Source) Enlightenment Beings.

As our Source Drama unfolds, taking us ever deeper into Source Life, the stark contrast between pre-Source cultural life and our evolutionary crossing into Source Life is revealed. We will Source SEE that the Source-All (LUI) Infinite Force of Presence, of Reality, is the moving force of all events, of our human evolutionary journey. We will SEE pre-Source life is deeply fragmented, scattered, polarized, dis-Connected and alienated from the UNUM Continuum of Reality. We will SEE that our dis-Connection from Source is a human disaster, the source of deeply entrenched and chronic human pathologies and dysfunctions. It will become Evident (with Source Vision and Source First Science) that our greatest Medicine for deep-healing our shattered and broken lives, personally and culturally, is our evolutionary crossing into mindful intimacy with Source Flow.

We will SEE that pre-Source technologies of life, language, literacy, reason, culture making and self-making are in an adolescent stage and the ever-persistent LUI call of Source Reality to mature as Human and make our great dimensional crossing into Source Technologies of Consciousness, Language Power, Rational Literacy, Cognitive Maturation, Moral Development as Source Sapiens is the missing main event in our evolutionary journey. 

We will SEE in this Light that our hitherto rather scattered and dis-Connected great Scriptures, Wisdom and Enlightenment teachings are essentially creative and innovative responses to our LUI Call to Source in our Human journey. Our Mystery Drama will help us SEE as never before that such revered Teachers as Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohamed. Buddha, Krishna, Socrates, LaoTzu and many others…are in Common LUI Source Cause in bringing urgent care Source medicine to the people, that these Teachers are Source Pioneers in dilating portal pathways for folks in making our great crossing into our Home Base as Source Sapiens. 

We shall SEE that these great teachers and scriptures are Co-Sourced by Infinite Presence (Source All) and are in ConSensus that the essence of our human journey, the essence of Wisdom and Enlightenment, is to become aware of the gross dysfunctions inherent in pre-Source living, and to make the courageous dimensional crossing into awakened Source Life.

We shall soon SEE in our Mystery Quest that our diverse Scriptures and Enlightenment Teachings are LUI Moved by Source Code and en-Coded and enScripted with the missing Source Story. It becomes Evident that we humans have been stalled at a great wall, deeply entrenched consciousness barriers and mind and word patterns that inherently eclipse, displace, deFace, self-alienate and separate from our ever-present Funding Source. Our great Source Pioneers have SEEN the depth of our Millennial Human Crisis and faced the Urgency of Source Medicine for our Maturation as a Species.

We shall SEE that over the past “2500 years” (pre-Source “Years”, to take a significant evolutionary time-span), despite the breakthrough innovations of our great Scriptures and Enlightenment Teachings, humanity, by and large, has remained stalled at a great “Wall” and not tapped the full Potency of the Source Medicine brought forth. Yes, of course, our great Scriptures and Wisdom Source Teachings have made remarkable differences to the life of folks. We have “Developed” individually and collectively. And this is all to the Good. 

But we shall SEE that the Bottom Line is that Humanity has continually “Downloaded” the Source Teachings to OUR Pre-Source ways of life and consciousness and have not adequately made our Great Dimensional Crossing (UpScripting) into Source Life and the advances Source Code Technologies of Language, Literacy, Intelligence, Word Power, Mind Power, Cognitive Development and Rational Life as mature LogoSapiens. The LUI Call of our great Source Teachers is to UpScript into Source Code Script and to cease and desist from the chronic vice of “Down-loading” Source Script Teachings and Scriptures into our less evolved level of pre-Source script, word, literacy and consciousness patterns. 

We shall soon SEE that this chronic vice of “Downloading” or “Reducing” or “Mistranslating” or “Conflating” Source Word, Words of Source, Scriptures, Enlightenment Teachings…into our familiar Pre-Source stage of word and language and consciousness development is at the heart of wide-ranging human pathologies and dysfunctions. This is the great “Evolutionary wall” that blocks, preempts, marginalizes and under-minds the potency of the Source Medicine of our great Teachers. Our Millennial Crisis in effect is that we have been stalled for millennia in an Age of “Conflation”.

It becomes Evident in our Journey that with deeper Source Code Access Humanity is poised at the cusp of making our Crossing into Source Life and truly facing the depth of our current Life-threatening Evolutionary Crisis. Source Science empowers us to get a deeper and more Realistic Medical Diagnosis of our current Human Mal-Practice, Pathologies and Dysfunctions that arise from being de-Sourced and alienated from our Funding Life Source, from Source Reality. This reveals that the Primary Activism now is for us to truly SEE and FACE the depth of our Life-threatening alienation from Source Life as our First Urgent Care order of business.

Any “Activism” that does not SEE and FACE this Source Medical Crisis, long seen in a pioneering spirit by our Great Source Teachers, our Evolutionary Elders, is bound to Fail. And in our Journey as all this comes to Light, and we truly Get It that a primary Medical source of our continued Human Suffering traces directly to our breach and alienation from our Source, from Infinite Presence, from our Foundational Reality that sources our every breath, we shall continue to remain stalled at the Walls and fail to make our Urgent Call to Maturation, Survival and Thrival as Humans. 

So, we Must Ask: are our current “Enlightenment Teachers”, our Wisdom Keepers, our “Self-Help Coaches and Guides, our Activists and “Change Agents” truly tapping the Source Medicine of our Great Wisdom and Enlightenment Teachers and Scriptures? Are we truly making our great Crossing into Source Life and Source Code Technologies? If we had truly gotten the full potency of our great Scriptures and Enlightenment Teachings would we, as a Human Family, be where we apparently are now? Lodged in deep and chronic dysfunctions, human personal and cultural Pathologies, living lives in Monologue rather than the advanced technologies of Deep Dialogue where we flow in the Zone of UNUM Continuum of Connectivity and Compassion? Are we holding Sacred Space for raising our Sacred LogoSapien Children? Are we continuing to “Objectify” one another across borders despite our best “Intentions”? Are we thriving in Non-Violent Cultures of Source Care as a Human Family? 

In this Light it appears that we Humans are yet to make our great Dimensional Crossing into Source Life, failed to tap the medical power of our Enlightenment Teachings and received the potent Source Medicine of our great Scriptures. We have been chronically Stalled at developmental barriers, and it appears that our current best efforts at “Activism” and “Human Transformation” are not truly facing the depth of our chronic evolutionary condition. And if our best efforts at “Activism” are not being Medically Effective, what must we now do in light of our Mystery Journey to tap the Source Medicine and make our long-emergent journey into Source Life?

4.1.Key Missing Links: The Missing Source Continuum 

As we venture ever deeper into our Mystery Source Drama we SEE an FEEL the urgency of facing our Human Condition with Source Science. We begin to SEE why gaining authentic access to our long missing and eclipsed Source Code is now our ultimate concern for our Survival, Thrival and Well Being. And we begin to FEEL the crunch of our predicament: How can it be that we are always already Situated in our Source Funding Energy Field, always already LUI (Living Under the Influence of Infinite Presence) and yet chronically alienated from Presence, from Primal Reality, and lodged within and participating in mental and cultural patterns that distance and eclipse our Vital Funding Source? 

This feels like a strange paradox with an ironic twist. For we begin to LEARN in our Journey to Source, Source-All, that nothing, no one can step outside the Infinite Force Field of Reality as Presence. And the Infinite Unity - UNUM Axiom - reveals that All Existence, anything and everything whatever, could not exist or persist without the Funding Energy of Source All. We SEE that without this Infinite Unity holding it all together nothing would Cohere, there could be no local Identity or Unity, all would Scatter, we could not think, feel, experience, have or use language, have a psyche or ego self without Source Unity.

 Without the Unifying Force of Reality nothing would be, no words, no language, no human, no event, no world, no life. No relations, no connection, no coherence…all is lost. It is not just human practice that dissolves and dissipates without the coherence of Logos Code, even mal-practice, negativity, violence and hatred, ignorance and ill-will would dissolve. Source Force is what makes it possible for anything to be in the First Place. It is not that there are boundless “Diverse things” throughout the “Universe” and the Unifying Force glues “Them” together…but more radically, nothing could or would appear or show up or exist apart from Source Force. This is the Primal Power of Source All: The Universe is the manifested co-expression of Infinite Unity. This why any and all ideologies, perspectives, worldviews could arise in the First Place. The most radical sceptic or nihilist or one who denies What-is-First could do so and be thus only by the Funding energy of Source Force. To “Deny” IT is to “affirm” IT, to confirm and “Prove” IT. There is no getting around IT. No “units” without UNUM-all.

 This is a Primal Missing Source Link. Folks are apparently NOT in (conscious) Touch with this simple yet all-pervasive Truth. Nothing could exist or be apart from the Unifying and Funding Presence of Source Field which is the connecting and connective Energy of all “Identities”, all “Units” all “Events” all “Beings” all worlds and realities. No Story or Narrative or World View or Perspective could exist or self-sustain apart from Source Flow. 

In this Light it is Clear that Source All and its LUI Power enforces Jurisdiction over all existence and all lives. This Source Force is deeper than any “Ideology” or “World view” and any and all worldviews or perspectives could only arise through its Funding Presence. This is the Field of Reality. 

4.2.  Missing Continuum: Why Pre-Source Life Suffers Missing Source Links 

Perhaps one of the most dramatic revelations in this Preview is that our eclipse or alienation from Source Continuum and Source Life (Source Vision, Source Science, Source Technologies) keeps Folks in the dark concerning key Primal Continuum Links that are vital for our healthful maturation to Flourishing Sustainable Life and Cultures. 

Our primal severance from Source Continuum of Reality is the Medical Source of wide ranging human personal and cultural pathologies and dysfunctions. So, in this Preview let’s focus for a moment on the dramatic contrast between Pre-Source Life and the maturation of our Human Condition when we make the great dimensional crossing into Source Life with the evolved Source Code technologies of Word, Language, Reason, Script, Literacy, Culture Making and Integral Intelligence. 

We have just SEEN that in Source Flow that Primal Word is the Continuum of Reality: 

The Primal Encounter of Source Flow Continuum of Reality dilates when we gain access to Source Code- this initiates our Great Dimensional Crossing into Life in Presence. We have SEEN in this Preview that Word is Code is Communion in Presence is Source Vision is Source Science is Communion with Continuum: Word Mind World co-flow in Source all, in UNUM Force, in LUI Presence. 

This is an astounding revelation or realization that comes with our Dimensional Crossing into Presence beyond the barriers of pre-Source life and culture. Pre-Source consciousness and mental processing, mentation technologies, are not able to SEE the depth and life shift power of Source Continuum: Source Code activates a more evolved technology of Mind Word World that uplifts us into direct Experiential Encounter of Continuum. 

While Pre-Source mental processing, language voltage and rational technologies are lodged in a dis-Continuum of deep dis-connectivity, atomic separations, fragmentation, polarizations, dual divisions, raw pluralism and scattered multiplicity…our more evolved Source Technologies of Life, Consciousness, Culture Making, Experience, Word Power, Mental Lens Voltage bring us into Source Life and direct Continuum Flow. 

This Direct Source Encounter with Reality Continuum reveals that Word pervades Life, pervades World, pervades Consciousness, Experience, Source Cognition, flows through Cultures and Worldviews, issues in Source Science, connects all Narratives and Language Arts. Source Mental Processing is in communion with Source Word Flow and inseparable from World Mental Processing WordCode, Language Voltage, Rational Literacy, Human Perception Power, Culture Making, Experience Making, Life Arts all mutually pervade each other in this Source Continuum UNUM Flow. 

We must pause to Process this Source Continuum Encounter. We do not have such access in pre-Source (pre-Evolved) mental and language technologies. In our current dominant forms of mental processing “Reality” presents itself to us everyday Folks as inherently divided: our subjective consciousness and mind-space are separated from Word, Language, Signs which picture an external “Independent” World out there. In everyday life we encounter a dis-Continuum of my subjective consciousness, of language and words, and the world out there in public objective space. Mind space, Word space, World space, Rational space…independently self-sourced and presented to us. Experience presents us with a boundless divided, diversified, fragmented, separated, pluralized field of “Reality”. 

We experience all that appears in experience as having its name and identity and separate existence. And all the basic building blocks of experience and world- space, time, things, properties like color, sounds, odors, sensations, feelings, concepts, numbers standalone (independently) in their rather well-defined identities. Space and Time, Word and World, Mind and Body, Matter and Energy, Nature and Culture, Subjective and Objective, Mind and World…stand in their differentiated spaces and well-defined identities, as if independently constituted and “Given” to us. 

Nevertheless, we do experience “Relations” and “Connectedness” and “Unity” between and amongst this vast independently presented “Items” or “Units” of reality. But with Source Vision and First Science Lens in relation to the Source UNUM Continuum of Reality as Presence this “Unity” and these “Connecting relations” appear ad hoc, artificial, “Synthetic”, conventional, after-the-fact and culture made. True RELATIONS are Primal Source Links in the UNUM Continuum Flow of Source Reality. 

Of course, our present Preview is highly compressed and when we enter into our Mystery Journey soon (and in a sense, we already have) we will naturally go into ever greater depth to SEE the origin and source of our inherently fragmented and divided everyday cultural worlds. What is important for us now in this Synoptic OverView is the stark contrast between Continuum Reality as Presented to us via Source Vision (on the one hand) and the diversified, scattered, fragmented, dis-Connected realities as presented and experienced in pre-Source mind, word, experience and life (on the other). 

We have SEEN that Source-Life (Source Mind Word World Space Time) reveals and directly encounters the Infinite Continuum held and funded perpetually in Source all UNUM Force Field. Source Life is always already originally inter-linked in every conceivable way. There is no World without the pervasive Flow of Word Power, Logos Code Unifying Force, no Word Flow that is not saturated originally with Mind Force, No Space Time apart from Word Concept Mind Reason Language Flow, no “External” World that is not already permeated with Mind Force, Word Force, Code Force. 

Of course this does not mean that our Source Continuum of Reality is an un-differentiated mass (chaos) where all diversity and differentiation are melted away. On the contrary, we shall soon SEE that Source Field is the source of deep diversity and order and multiplicity and differentiation. Why? Because Infinite UNUM is Infinite Plurality and Diversity. PluribusUnum. Source Unity flows in boundless Primal Diversity. This is the Source of Sacred Individuality and Diversity. Diversity is Sacred and Primary because it reflects, honors and celebrates Source Reality. Primal UNUM and Pluribus co-arise together in mutual mirroring. Access to Source Code makes this evident.

Mind Body originally inter-penetrate, Reason Energy flows through the Continuum Universe. All Life is held and funded by Source All Presence, all cultures, worldviews, ideologies, narratives, scriptures, disciplines…co-arise (co-constitute) together in Source All UNUM flow. All Life is inter-woven in Continuum: we Humans are profoundly, originally Source Linked. We are I-Thou Deep Dialogue Beings. We never were severed and separated across our mind-made borders. All First Teachings, All Scriptures, All Enlightenment Teachings, All Religions, all Arts and Sciences are originally co-constituted in this Continuum Reality Field. 

Source Code access is an evolutionary “Up-script” (“Up-grade”) shift into Communion with UNUM Continuum: Source Vision ignites with this Intimate Encounter of the First Kind – we can SEE and EXPERIENCE these Primal LINKS of Reality since we are Of this Continuum and now (with Source Vision) Flow intimately with IT. Thus, Source Cognition, Source Perception, Source Life… flow intimately with Source Code Script and Literacy. We are LogoSapiens. 

This is why Pre-Source life and mind and experience have no Conscious (Mindful) “Access” to Continuum and thus remains in a life of inherent fragmentation which spawns deep dysfunctions. Pre-Source mind and word and lens technologies of life inherently eclipse, self-alienate and sever from Source Reality. And we’ll soon see in this Preview that this, perhaps, is THE Primary source of human personal and cultural pathologies, dysfunction and existential suffering. And this is why Awakening Source = Global Enlightenment is of Supreme Importance and Evolutionary Urgency for the Flourishing of our Human Family. We cannot Access Source UNUM Continuum from the “Outside” but must make our Great Crossing individually and collectively through Source Code Portal into Sustainable Source Reality. 

Thus, one stunning disclosure in our Journey is to become Aware as never before of the astounding difference between Source Code Life and Pre-Source personal and cultural “Life”. If we are severed or eclipsed from Source Reality we remain in the dark regarding the most vital and important factor in our evolutionary journey: we are alienated from the Continuum Flow of Reality and THIS “Missing link” eclipses the Source Continuum LINKS that empower us to SEE, EXPERIENCE and LIVE in the UNUM Flow of Source Reality. We cannot access Source Links from the “Outside” but through the Intimate Encounter which ignites with Source Code whence our Awakened (Evolved) Self uncovers and discovers our own integral UNUM Source Flow. Our Source Self is inseparable from Continuum Source Flow. 

5.      Some Urgent Missing Links 

Perhaps an example will help. We’ll soon SEE that one key missing LINK is the Source Insight that We ARE as we Mind: Our great Wisdom and Enlightenment Teachings as we’ll soon SEE recognize this Source Law as a Key to gaining Source Code Access. The full Medical potency of this Insight is lost if we seek to “process” this Source Formula in pre-Source “Mind-processing” habits. 

In pre-Source “Life” and “Cultures” we tend not to Notice our “Mental processing”- how we are “Mind-ing”- using or conducting our minds. We tend to take what is presented to us in our experience and our lives as “Given to us” independently of our “Mental processing” of our world. We tend to take our subjective experience of our living realities are given to us independently of our conscious processing. As if the “World out there” and our “Living realities” are pre-packaged and we are passively receiving what is “Given” or presented to us. 

However, in Source Vision, and in Light of our eclipsed UNUM Continuum, it is immediately Clear that how we are conducting our mind, our consciousness, makes all the difference to our living realities, to what appears to us in our experience. We humans play an active role in co-shaping and co-constituting our life, our experience, our worlds, our living realities. We ARE as we Mind. Our living realities are Directly shaped by our mind Operating Practices. 

But this LINK tends to be eclipsed or broken in Pre-Source life and we do NOT experience the direct Primal LINK between Mind Word World. We do not Realize that the technologies of mind and word and experience-making we habitually employ are all-important in our living realities and our cultural lives. We do not SEE that if we are using (and thus being used by) a fragmented (and fragmenting) mental technology our lives and experience are thereby fragmented. We suffer and live broken and dysfunctional lives. Whereas if we evolve and mature into wholesome and holistic mental technologies that lift us into Connectivity, Integration and Continuum Flow we Flourish and Thrive. 

We do not See or Recover this key LINK between pre-Source mental processing and our pre-Source personal and cultural dysfunctions and pathologies. Source Code Access empowers us to recover the UNUM Continuum of Reality wherein all Vital LINKS Flow. In a moment we’ll SEE that our great Wisdom and Enlightenment Teachings are keen on helping us get in touch with this vital Missing Link. For the greatest Activism and Source Medicine in getting to the Source of our wide-ranging human pathologies and dysfunctions turn precisely on healing the breach between how we are conducting our minds and our human suffering. 

To truly “Get” any LINK we must get Linked-In to the missing and eclipsed Source Continuum that nevertheless surrounds, holds and sustains us in every breath. It takes Source Code Crossing to directly Link-In to Source Reality. Thus, to truly “Get” any (missing) LINK we directly Touch the UNUM Continuum of Reality where the vast and ever-present Inter-Connectivity of Reality as Presence is self-revealed. 

5.1.  Timely Interlude: Facing our Evolutionary Crisis

It is timely to pause once more in this Preview and have a “Reality-check”. Let’s step back for a moment and remember the trail we have followed in this Portal Over-View into our Mystery Journey. 

We Saw that What-is-First, by whatever name, cannot be “Finite”, must be “Trans-finite”. Boundless, Infinite. This Infinite First is Infinitely UNUM, Infinite Unity-in-Diversity, UnumPluribus. This Infinite Unity cannot be displaced and pervades any and every possible locus, hence is Infinite Presence. This UNUM Presence is Source All and thus situates, surrounds, funds, fills and over-flows any and every item in its Universe. So any and all realities all cultures, worlds narratives, lives, events… are made possible and funded by Presence that is ever Infinitely Here Now. This Infinite Presence is Source Reality for all lives and is the moving Source Cause of all evolutionary events: Reality is Source Flow. This is why any and every “Item” exists Under the Influence of Infinite Presence, and all our lives proceed thus Living Under the Influence of this Infinite Force Field- LUI -(Living Under the Influence). 

We Humans in our evolutionary journey are (and always have been) LUI – Living Under the Influence of Infinite Presence, which is Reality Itself. No one can step outside of Reality as Presence. And in our Preview thus far we have suggested that to the degree that we Humans are eclipsed or alienated or separated from Mindful Presence we are thus lodged in deep existential crisis and suffer endemic existential disorders and pathologies. And our evolutionary journey within this ever-present LUI call of Presence turns upon gaining Access to the ever emergent yet still missing Source Code that ushers us into the higher life technologies of Source Life as we mature as Source Sapiens. 

We shall now accelerate in this Preview and SEE that we Humans have been stalled for millennia at a great “Wall”, at the frontier and threshold of a Great Crossing from Pre-Source life which faces deep existential crises into Source Life that brings sustainability and thriving in our personal, inter-personal and cultural Lives. We shall see that we face deeply entrenched self-imposed barriers that produce abysmal suffering, pathologies and dysfunctions personally and culturally. We shall see that our great Spiritual and Enlightenment teachers and scriptures have been making an urgent call to us to SEE and FACE our evolutionary crisis and to pioneer and provide pathways to the People to make the great crossing into Source Life as our ultimate concern. We shall see that none the less, despite the potentially powerful Source Medicine brought by these Teachings we Humans have remained “Stalled at the great wall” and have not yet truly tapped, activated and received the potent transformative Source Medicine of our Awakening Teachings. 

Over the centuries (amidst the Source All UNUM Force of Presence) our crises, our pathologies and dysfunctions have ripened and we have arrived at a critical evolutionary shift point. But we’ll see that our best efforts at “Activism” by our finest popular “Wisdom keepers” and “Change agents” and “Life coaches” and “Spiritual activists” are still not going deep enough to the Medical Source of our pervasive existential crises that endanger our Human Species. All such “Activism” within the pre-Source cultural spaces and behind the great barriers have proven ineffective for centuries. 

It is increasingly clear that our best current efforts at “Activism” remain stalled at the “Great wall”, a not truly calling out the deeply entrenched barriers into the open, hence are falling short of SEEING and CALLING OUT the underlying Source Medical Diagnosis that our Spiritual and Enlightenment Elders have pioneered. Why has it been so hard to truly SEE and FACE our Source Medical Crisis and to bring forth truly effective Source Activism that Works? What does it take to SEE the depth and power of our great Scriptures and Enlightenment Teachings of the Ages and make our Crossing into Source Life at the Personal and Cultural dimensions? 

But before we engage our revered Source Pioneers let us get a FEEL for a predominant Pre-Source sentiment and existential attitude that feeds and perpetuates our evolutionary crisis and holds us in millennial captivity. 

5.2.  But Why Must We Awaken to Presence to Survive and Thrive? 

Thus far in our preparatory Preview we have focused considerable energy on bringing forth through Source Code Vision the world shifting revelation that Reality is Infinite Presence. Source Reality is Infinite PluribusUnum Force or Energy Field that situates, holds and sustains any and every possible item of Existence. Without this UNUM Force nothing could be, and, of course, this implies that any and all worldviews, perspectives, narratives, cultures, stories of whatever orientation could not be or be sustained apart from this Infinite UNUM Force of Infinite Presence. Hence any and every pulse of life is situated within the LUI Force and Call of Source Reality. 

In our Mystery Journey we shall SEE, especially through our great Wisdom and Enlightenment Teachings that nothing in our everyday life, personal or cultural, could exist or appear to function or work apart from Reality as Presence and this Primal Continuum. It takes Source Code access to truly SEE and GET this Reality Principle. 

No narrative, worldview, ideology or perspective could be or be sustained apart from this UNUMPuribus Force of Presence. Whether positive or negative, good or bad, any and every lifeworld, every human is funded and sustained by Source Reality. But this simple Source Axiom is not “Seen”, and cannot be SEEN within pre- Source mental or cultural spaces. 

In the absence and disconnect with Source Code, and deeply entrenched within pre-Source mind and life spaces, it is thus natural and inevitable for pre-source sapiens to presume or assume that we are self-sustained and self-sustaining within an “Objective” world that is existentially given (whether created by some “Higher force” or naturally “Evolved” by forces of Nature). In such pre-Source life and cultural spaces, it is easy to fall into the distortion that we humans, in and through our creative gifts and powers, over millennia, have made magnificent strides in all areas of cultural life in the emergence of civilization through our “Self-sourced” human ingenuity of arts, sciences and technologies. We lose (perhaps never enjoyed it in the First Place) Source Touch with the Source-All UNUM Force that holds us in the Reality of Presence and funds our every breath. Reality IS this Infinite Unity Force than cannot be broken, fragmented, divided, shattered or pushed away.

Living within the eclipse of Infinite Presence (Source All) we may easily presume that it is primarily through our independent human “Agency” that all our great “Creative advances” through the centuries have evolved and manifested. Whereas, in fact, when we make the great crossing into Source Vision and Source Life it is immediately evident that Infinite Source sustains and funds our every breath and pulse of life. We could have no “Agency” apart from the UNUM Causal Continuum of Infinite Presence (Source Reality). 

This is another astounding disclosure of Source Vision: to realize that every breath, every pulse of life, every moment of experience, every event, every narrative…presumes and could only be in and through the UNUM Force of Presence. And THIS is the direct funding of Source Code which is thus enCoded in any and every iota of live and world. To be funded or grounded or sourced by Presence (Reality) means to be rendered possible and actual. If Source Code is removed then nothing could or would be. This is the living reality of Source All. 

If we have the Vision and Courage to face this Source Principle we would immediately realize the life-transforming insight that Source Code in enScripted in any and every pulse of life. This is why there is Infinity in a grain of sand, in a grain of man, and Eternity in an hour. This is the Enscription Axiom - The Code of Presence is Enscripted in all existence. And it is the LUI Call of Source Code Force that holds, generates and attracts every pulse of Evolution. Reality is thus the Evolutionary Flow Process of Infinite Presence moving every pulse of life. We Humans, for example, are situated in an Evolutionary Drama perpetually moved by the Generative Call of Presence. This Infinite Force of Source Code Reality, Source Word Power, is the Moving Force of all possible forces, the Primal Cause of all causes and the Source Agency that empowers all local forms of agency and creativity.

We shall soon SEE as we turn to the Source Code Enscription in our diverse Scriptures and Wisdom and Enlightenment Teachings across the planet and through the ages…that our missing Source Code both moves and is encoded, EnScripted in our hitherto apparently scattered and dis-connected Scriptures and Spiritual Teachings. 

Source Code Vision and Science thus reveal the hitherto Missing Mystery Story, the Source Code Drama of the ages, and the missing Primal Evolutionary Drama of the maturation of our Human Species as LogoSapiens. We shall SEE that the UNUM Force of Infinite Presence funds, moves and sustains all worlds, all worldviews, all narratives, all scriptures, all disciplines, all histories All the great “Advances” through the ages in our individual and collective evolutionary drama traces to the LUI UNUM Call of Infinite Source and could not manifest apart from Reality as Presence. All the creativity of human agency manifested in our cultural, spiritual, moral, religious, scientific, artistic, political and technological breakthrough through the ages are made possible and actual through this Infinite Force. 

Human creativity, freedom, agency, ingenuity are gifts of the Grace of Presence and could only manifest as they do in and through Source Code funding and flow. Thus, our highest moments, our greatest “Achievements”, our most ingenious advances are our peak moments of alignment with and responsivity to the ever-present LUI UNUM Call of Source. No human action, good or bad, creative or destructive could exist apart from Source. And we’ll see that when we are in our Highest and Best Moments we are more in sync with the Call of Presence, and when we move in the opposite way we are alienated, severed, self-eclipsed and cut off from alignment with Reality. 

We Humans (as LogoSapiens) Thrive in Well Being when we mindfully tap and move in sync with the Presiding Evolutionary Force and we experience abysmal suffering and Ill Being through pathologies of life at the personal and cultural levels when we are severed from Source. This is why gaining deeper mindful access to Source Code is a matter of evolutionary Life and Death for us.

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Journal of Yoga, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

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