The Cordyceps sinensis is Medicine of Longevity, a Mushroom

Costantino Mazzanobile*


Department of Mental Health of Cagliari and Medical Writer, New York University, USA

 *Corresponding author:CostantinoMazzanobile,NewYorkUniversity,USA.Email:costantinomazzanobile@gmail.com

Received Date: 28 December, 2017; Accepted Date: 30 August, 2018; Published Date: 07 September, 2018

Citation: Mazzanobile C (2018) The Cordyceps sinensis is Medicine of Longevity, a Mushroom. Jour Yoga Phys Ther Rehabil:  YPTR-108. DOI: 10.29011/ 2577-0756. 000008

1. Opinion 

The medicinal properties of Cordyceps are considerable. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the aim use of Cordyceps covered the treatment of asthma and other bronchial diseases. Now modern research supports the effectiveness of these ancient usages. Much of what is known in the West about the Cordyceps sinesis is about the work of Dr. Georges Halpern, a physician and professor emeritus at the University of Hong Kong, and author of several books concerning the Cordyceps. One of the highlights of modern research has been the discovery of new antibiotics in the fungus, one of which, cordycepin, is very effective against all types of bacteria that have developed, or are developing resistance to other more common antibiotics (such as penicillin, a fungal product). Cordyceps is particularly effective against tuberculosis, leprosy and human leukemia, as well as noted in numerous tests conducted in China, Japan and elsewhere. 

The following outlines some of the additional benefits of Cordyceps to health: 

·                     Increase physical endurance.

·                     Improves respiratory function.

·                     It increases the absorption of oxygen.

·                     It improves heart function.

·                     Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

·                     Improves liver functions.

·                     Improves renal disorders.

·                     Reduces the size of tumors.

·                     Increase immunity and the production of T-cells.

·                     Assists the symptoms of aging.

·                     Protects against damage caused by free radicals

·                     It helps to relieve fatigue of the lower limbs.

·                     Improves Sexual Function

·                     Reverses HIV.

·                     Immune function, anti-cancer response and DNA repair 

2.       Conclusion 

The best-known action of Cordyceps sine sis in medicine is the increase in physical endurance. There cordycepin is very effective against all types of bacteria which have developed resistance to other antibiotics. Cordyceps has been shown to improve the internal balance mechanism, thus making thereby more efficiently using oxygen. Numerous studies have highlighted the benefits of Cordyceps sine sis in the context of Heart rhythm disturbances such as cardiac arrhythmias and chronic heart failure. Four excellent studies have demonstrated the benefits of Cordyceps sine sis in helping to lower total cholesterol and triglycerides and to increase HDL cholesterol (“Good"). Clinical studies of patients of both sexes suffering from impaired libido showed significant improvement of symptoms. The most dramatic physical proof came from a fertility male 

Study, who has indicated that after eight weeks of use, the integration of Cordyceps It has significantly increased sperm count. These properties and others may account for the overall physical enhancement, the increased resistance, the characteristics of increase libido and anti-fatigue effects encountered in humans in conjunction with the use of Cordyceps sinesis. Studies conducted worldwide have shown that this humble fungus pantry benefits potentially even more life-giving than stated. It is a super-food that is just beginning to become known in the Western medical literature. Even the reduction of this fungal material in activated Nano particle size promises much well, if you are conducting further research that could lead to more drugs patented. More importantly, the entire spectrum of compounds presents in the fruit of the body, mycelium and broth of unprocessed substance continues to demonstrate, once again, that the ancient knowledge satisfies the verification of modern science.

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