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The Mystery of the Absolute, its Function before Manifestation as Universe and the Truth of the Universe

AN Pandey*

Department of Atomic Energy, Spiritual Awareness program (SAP), Hyderabad

*Corresponding author: AN Pandey, Spiritual Awareness program (SAP), Hyderabad, Tel: +91-08885564606, E-mail:

Received date: 
20 March, 2017; Accepted date: 07 April, 2017; Published date: 14 April, 2017

Citation: Pandey AN (2017) The Mystery of the Absolute, its Function before Manifestation as Universe and the Truth of the Universe. Yoga Practice Phys Ther 2017: J123. DOI: 10.29011/YPTR-123. 000023

Indian seers have experienced that the Absolute manifest as Universe through a domain known as Nature (Prakriti). This means there are three terms namely the Absolute, the Nature and the Universe. The function of these terms has been experienced by the Indian seers in the scientific manner. The vision and experience of the seers can further be explored by providing the explanation for the following questions. They are i) what is the mystery in Absolute space? ii) What is the function of the Absolute before manifest has universe? And iii) what is the truth of the universe? The explanation of these three questions will reveal the scientific approach of the seer to find the mystery of Absolute, its (Absolute) function in between the domain of Absolute space and universe and the truth of universe.

1. The explanation of the model

Indian seers have observed that supreme reality manifests (though, He is God beyond creation) Nature (Shakti) and its (Nature’s) regulation (Shiva) for creation. Both Shakti (Nature) and Shiva (Mind) are responsible for creation. Supreme reality made nature as responsible manager to proceed further. The image describes in brief “How Absolute reality manifests through Nature?” It also describes the mystery of the Absolute and also the emergence of existence in the universe. It briefly provides the explanation of above questions.

1.1 The mystery of the Absolute

Seer observed that Supreme reality is the controller but nature is the manager of whole creation. Nature does the two jobs as manager. They are i) Nature Permeates into all matter (source of energy) and ii) Nature administers rules of how things should be emerging from controller into space (dynamics of all creation, motion, changes, destruction of the universe). Up to this, the mystery of the universe can be explained.

1.2 The function of the Absolute before emergence of universe

The function of the Absolute before manifestation as universe has been indicated by the term “existence emerges”. In this domain, further creative aspects of the Absolute happen before manifestation of the same (the Absolute) as universe. This is the brief explanation of the second question.

1.3 The truth of the universe

Because of two functions of nature, the existence emerges which will have two main polarity as Shakti & Shiva and one resultant pole as spirit. In science these three poles which form the holism can be represented as energy (Shakti), space (Shiva) and consciousness (Spirit) respectively. When existence emerges, two functions of nature are represented by energy and space. When energy and space are balanced, the consciousness (auto function of the two makes holistic approach of the existence) emerges. This explains the happenings of universal phenomena.

2. The mystery of the Absolute

2.1 What happens when nature permeates into matter?

Absolute space is self compressible from outside (impressible from inside). The same is also known as Almighty. Almighty is singular having property of kinematic, penetrative, permeable and transparent. The image describes in brief “Quantized Formative Dust”.

Because of self compressive force on absolute space, space becomes quantized known as Parmanu (Atom) also known as formative dust. Formative dust (self compressed space) spins and they come closer to form energy particle is also known as anu (molecules).

2.2 Energy particle

Formative dust or Parmanu while spinning forms energy particles. Further spinning of energy particles provides the exertive force of space and get magnetized. Some dusts get more magnetized and thrown out with repulsive force.

Constant emission of magnetized dust (having repulsive force) makes gradual distribution of energy particle. These ejective magnetic dusts (with repulsive force) form the repulsive magnetic wave and they are the link for everything and everywhere.

The diagram describes that Anu is self compressive force having spinning motion and are closed together by self compression. They form the Energy particle. By spinning of the constituent and surrounding self compressive force this fundamental particle is made to be spinning constantly. This gives constantly exertive pressure of the Space. The spinning of the fundamental particles in the space get more and more magnetized. Constant emission of magnetized dust results in gradual distribution of energy particle overtime. Some dusts get more magnetized (have repulsive force) and thrown out particle having repulsive force. The key point of this concept is “The whole universe is nothing but repulsive force and its fluctuations”.

2.3 What happens when nature administers the rules? 

This is the second function of nature which explains the function of Mind (Shiva). Nature administers rules of how things should be emerging from controller into space. This means the code of conducts in manifestation of existence. When existence emerges the regulations related to dynamics of all creation, motion, changes, destruction of the universe are applicable.

2.3.1 The function of repulsive force in the universe  

The function of energy particles and their composition has been described. The image describes “The Universe with repulsive force and its Fluctuations”. 

These ejective dusts (while formation of energy particle) are repulsive magnetic wave which forms all powerful links between everything and everywhere. The key point of this concept is “The whole universe is nothing but

repulsive force and its fluctuations”. In the space, these Energy particles are being constantly produced due to the surrounding self compressive force. These Energy particles are forced to come near to each other under their repulsive force. This results that no two energy particles touch each other. However, in due course they form the elements which are the basic structure of life cycle consisting plants, worms, insects, reptiles, birds & animals and human beings.

3. The function of Absolute before manifestation as universe

The Absolute manifests as universe via a domain having the impact of time, space and causation. They (time, space and causation) are interdependent. In Indian concept this domain is known as “Maya”. Here second phase of nature’s work related to dynamic of creation, motion, changes and information related to destruction are coming into picture.

3.1 Formation of elements

The image describes” How elements are formed?”

Over the time the speed of the Energy particle get reduced because of constant compressive force of the space. They come near to the other energy particle. At some point the faster moving particle revolves the slower energy particle. This is the first formation of element (Hydrogen). The physical structure of the atom is bound by the electron orbiting the nucleus. Depending on number of particle in structure, the different elements are formed.

3.2 Formation of Compounds from elements

The compounds are the result by combining different elements and responsible to emerge identified existence.  For example, compounds (no. of elements) are responsible for formation of innate like plant, worm, insects, reptiles, birds, animals and man. The image describes “How compounds are formed?”     

 These elements (more than one) in turn combines with another element to become compound. In Ancient Indian Wisdom (AIW), these compounds are classified into five elements and they are Solid, Liquid, heavy air (Light & Heat), Air and Energy field or Akash. All five elements get decayed and recombine. This comprises our universe, sprinkled with countless galaxies. Milky Way (our galaxy) is one of them. Milky Way galaxy consists of millions of stars; one of the stars is Sun.

4. The truth of the universe

After the Absolute is encircled with Maya (Prakriti or Nature) along with time, space and causation, it manifests as the universe. Here permutation and combination of elements start under the influence of planets of solar system in Milky Galaxy.

4.1 How creation started? 

The question arises where the nature (as a manager) started functioning? How the formative dust (Parmanu) becomes energy particle (molecules or anu) and further they become the element? To understand them clearly, Indian seers have experienced the concept of Hiranya Garva which consists of galaxy and stars (including solar system).

4.1.1 Hiranya Garva (the absolute universe consisting galaxies and Stars)

The manifestation of formative dust (Parmanu) to energy particle (Anu) and further to form stable elements happens in the region of absolute universe (consisting galaxy and stars); which is also known as Hiranya Garva. According to Indian seers, the creation started when Parmatma or absolute space (super conscious mind, or indwelling consciousness or Sakshi Chaitanya) imparted the cosmic vibration in Hiranya Garva (absolute universe); there was a split (division and recombination) in five elements. Later on the elements started recombination of one or two or many and start forming the creation of life in the universe.

4.1.2 Function of elements in life cycle  

When two energy particles highly magnetized come closer to each other; the magnetized energy particle having slower moving speed will be surrounded by magnetized energy particle of faster moving speed without touching each other. This way they form the element and the first element in the space is hydrogen. In AIW five elements have been defined and their recombination or decay brings the changes in life pattern.

4.2 Planets and Origin of life

Life begins with simplest form and take millions of years to evolve and will take the existing form around us. In fact, life may arise anywhere in the universe in such appropriate condition (when planets are imbalanced and providing more free electromagnetic particles).

Life on the earth is affected by the function of nine planets (working under solar system). The galaxy consists of countless stars and solar system is one among them. The image describes “Planets and origin of life” in brief.   

Sun has nine planets orbiting and forms solar system; Earth is one of the planet in Solar system. What we observed in each planet is the combination of elements.

When the elements having inappropriate proportion in each planet, the circulation of free particles generating electromagnetic field and bring the changes in life pattern. That is why in Indian concept, the effect of planets are considered which bring the impact on the life style in terms of physical and mental health. However, the follower of yoga is unaffected (or least affected) by these free particles coming from the planets. This is the concept of most basic life.

4.2.1 How the life pattern started?

The life pattern started from grass or creeper. In the case of grass the presence of touch (air) element is distinct. In case of worm the presence of two elements like touch and taste is experienced.  Likewise, in case of insects, there is further manifestation and the insects consist the presence of three elements like touch, taste and smell. Similarly, the reptiles having four elements of the universe like touch, taste, smell and sight are distinct. In case of birds and animal kingdom, there seems to be presence of five elements like touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing.  However, in human being there is addition of one more and the same is known as mind. Human beings

For human being, these five elements are present and supreme spirit (Parmatma) has given an additional sense like mind as sixth sense where two valuable sheets like Vigyanmaya and Anandmaya Kosha are present. Human life has added value of fully fledged mind (conscious, sub conscious, unconscious and super conscious mind) in addition to the elements present in the animal. This has been awarded to the human being to evolve the energy and space present within every one for realization of the creation. The image describes “Life cycle (Involution)” in brief.

Life begins with one sense (touch) for grass; this provides the perception of Touch or pressure.  Two senses exist in worm (i.e., touch and taste). In case of insects three senses like Touch, taste and smell are present.  Four senses exist for reptiles (i.e., touch, taste, smell &Sight). 

Five senses are present in birds and Animals (i.e., touch, taste, smell, sight and Hearing/ Sound). In addition, six senses have been awarded for man and they are touch, taste, smell, sight, hearing and Mind. Mind is awarded to know the ultimate truth. It (mind) is helping hand for subtle law of nature and life. The gross mind is evolved to know the almighty and absolute space.

4.3 Mystery of universe in human system

Where the mystery of Nature and Universe exists in Human system? The answer could be explored in terms of yogic concept where five basic elements namely Akash or ether, air, fire or heat, water and earth represents the five basic Tanmatra like sound, touch, sight, taste and smell. In addition, there is sixth element termed as mind (consisting Vigyanmaya and Anandmaya Kosha) also exists in human being. They (elements in terms of Tanmatra and mind) are to be evolved to understand the mystery of the Absolute and truth of the universe.

The mystery of nature and universe exists in human mind in the region of Parmatma or spirit or super conscious mind. This is also known as indwelling consciousness or Sakshi Chaitanya. That is why Indian seers have visualized this region and given a slogan like “Aham Brahmasmi” after reaching or uplifting the soul up to that region. When evolution of energy and space within is completed when we reach to the same origin from where the mystery of nature and universe starts. Because of this, in Hinduism it is believed that every human being is the replica of creation of the universe.

The image describes “Five Basic Elements and Tanmatra”. The waves emitting from each element provides different perception and the same has been summarized in the image.

Within every element, the waves emitting from energy particle comes out due to friction with the powerful surrounding compression of the space. This transformed into perceptible phenomena. The perception of each element (Akash, air, light & heat, liquid or water and smell) is analyzed below.

In the intensified fields of Akash (functioning at Vishuddhi Chakra), emitted magnetic wave is perceived as Sound. This is the much purified state of prana (bio energy) and mind. From this (Akash element) the next element responsible for touch emerges and known as air functioning at Anahata Chakra.  In more intensified field of air, the magnetic field is transformed into pressure.

In the denser field of heavy air magnetism undergoes transformation as light and heat. This phenomenon corresponds to function as sight at Manipura Chakra. Next to this chakra there is Swadisthana Chakra where element like water (Jal) exists. In the liquid, the transformation of magnetic wave is perceived as Taste and in solid and further the same becomes Smell at Mooladhara Chakra of human system.

In AIW, the transformation of magnetic wave in sound, Pressure (touch), Light & heat, Taste and smell is known as Tanmatra. They represent the five basic elements of the mystery of absolute functioning in human system. The Evolution of the same will reveal the complete truth of the universe and also the mystery of the Absolute. The process of evolution could be achieved by following the practice of Raj yoga (also known as Astang yoga).

5. Proof or evidence from Indian manuscripts

The proof of the above exploration (“The Mystery of the Absolute, its function before manifestation as universe and the truth of the universe”) can be obtained from Upanishad and also from the vision of Swami Vivekananda who delivered his talk at London in 1896 (Ref. “The Absolute and its Manifestation”; Chapter 6 of Volume II, the complete works of Swami Vivekananda).

5.1 Upanishad endorses the concept

Upanishad describes how supreme reality descends as universe in the form of manifestation of Bindu at different domains (Loka) and the same is the proof of this article. 

The image describes “Evolution of Bindu (Nucleus) as per Upanishad”. In this model Maha Bindu manifests as Shiva and Shakti (described briefly in the image). This explores the mystic function of the Absolute where quantized formative dust becomes energy particle and further the same evolves as elements. The functional aspects have been represented by the reference circle no. 1, 2, 3 and the mystery of the Absolute happens in pure dimension (Adhyatmik Loka).

In the case of “Existence emerges”, the formation of galaxy and planets where time, space and causation play important roles. This explains that the Absolute reflects as universe by passing through nature (Prakriti) who is the manager of creation. The functional aspects of time, space and causation has been shown by the reference circle number 5 in subtle dimension (Daivik Loka).

In the case of emergence of life cycle, the Hiranya Garva plays an important role along with energy (nature or Prakriti) and space (shiva). They have been represented by the reference circle no. 6, 7, 8 and the same happens in Gross dimension (Bhoutik Loka).

5.2 The vision of Swami Vivekananda on   the Absolute and its manifestation

Swami Vivekananda delivered his lecture at London in 1896 where he has given the gist of his talk by describing an image. The same has been briefly explained here.

Swami Ji in his talk at London presented a model where he gave a pictorial view of “How the Absolute manifests in universe”. He explained with the help of model describing that the Absolute manifest (by block a) as universe (by block b) through another block c where time, space and causation have the effect.

The block a consisting Supreme reality or Super Consciousness or Parmatma and its manifestation of Shiva and Shakti. It descends to universe through Nature or Prakriti or Maya where time, space and causation play a great role. Here the formation of stars and galaxies evolve. Among many, the Milky Galaxy and sun exist. In case of universe, Solar System or existence of creation (Jiva) exists along with Stars & galaxies. This means that the universe is Absolute with time, space and causation (which are also known as Maya). If Maya is eliminated the universe becomes Absolute or vice versa. Swami Ji has clearly indicated the concept of Vedanta by this model which also endorses the concept experienced by the Indian seers.

6. Conclusion

Formative dust (Parmanu having compressive force) spins become energy particle (anu having exertive force) further spins become magnetic particle. Highly magnetized particles move around each other. The faster moving magnetized particles roam closer to slower moving energy particle and form elements.

This means that formative dust (Parmanu) can be defined as spirit. Similar way, energy particle (anu) can be defined as energy. Likewise, the energy particles are magnetized and form elements can be defined as space.

7. Appeal

Swami Vivekananda wanted that the best of the East (Yoga and Vedanta) and the best of the West (Science) are brought together for the utility of human beings. The same concept is being explored by Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anushandhana Sansthana (SVYASA), a world class yoga university at Bengaluru, India (Ref. In continuation with this, Spiritual Awareness Program (SAP) Hyderabad, India has made an attempt to have the dialogue between scientist and spiritual masters.

The posting of the subject on “The Mystery of the Absolute, its function before manifestation as universe and the truth of the universe” is an attempt to make a platform where the best of the East and the best of the West can be brought together.  This is a humble attempt and the same has to be discussed and explored further.

The researchers in scientific field (physicist, psychologist, neurologist etc) may kindly correct or comment or endorse the above concept for further dialogue and arrive to a sound conclusion.














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