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COVID 19 and Values of Life

N Haripriya*, E Chandramouli, P Balaji

Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Rajah Muthiah Medical College, Annamalai University, India

*Corresponding author: N Haripriya, Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Rajah Muthiah Medical College, Annamalai University, India

Received Date: 26 July, 2021 Accepted Date: 06 August, 2021 Published Date: 10 August, 2021

Citation: Haripriya N, Chandramouli E, Balaji P (2021) COVID 19 and Values of Life. Yoga Phys Ther Rehabil 6: 1083. DOI:


Covid-19 the disease takes its origin by November 2019 devastates the life of many people globally, isolates everyone from employment, education, earning and from family member droplet infection, end in emergency and depleting one’s health. Amidst in grief everyone has to follow precautionary measures like social distancing, self-quarantine, wearing masks frequently washing hands, contribute oneself towards discipline leads the way of happiness and longevity of life. Work off by quarantine is like being in prison and spends life in loneliness as stressful exposure to all. Contribute yourself to self-discipline leads the way to happiness peace and longevity of life. Moral values yoga prayers Meditation Pranayama positive thoughts and quality time, all these combined therapies work remarkably well in people tested positive for Covid-19. Certain ways to realize the value of life by the code of discipline followed by our ancestors. Great time has been created to look back or alarm ourselves to take a concern over our health. Contribute yourself towards self-discipline leads the way to happiness peace and longevity of life.


Corona; Outrageous; Quarantine; Social distancing; Masks; Self-discipline; Meditation; Yoga


COVID-19 simply called as corona virus disease in 2019 spreads globally. Corona virus knocked the life of everyone irrespective of age, sex, race, religion, education etc. COVID-19 is a highly contagious disease which starts with fever, cold, sneeze and progress to severe respiratory infections if left untreated progress to respiratory failure. The spread of disease from human to human has become chronic and disrupt the life of people and economy lost its shape everywhere. The professional of medical, paramedical service is highly remarkable to save people lives. Amidst in grief everyone has to follow precautionary measures like social distancing, self-quarantine, wearing masks, frequently washing hands, involving in official work by staying at home to ensure safety. Roads have been seen vacant or unusual with low traffic in countries affected by corona virus because of curfew announced by government. The world stumbled upon by the decline of economy and unexplored facts, which collapse the system of life. Work off by quarantine is like being in prison and spend life in loneliness leads to stressful exposure.

C: Call or wake up pandemic globally

O: Outraging or outbreak with lockdown

V: Virus called corona leads the world

I: Isolates everyone from employment, education, earning and from family members.

D: Develops asymptomatic, droplet infection, end in emergency and depleting one’s health


Transformation of life as generations gone or technology expands, moving from righteousness or courteousness taint the moral values obviously. The righteousness is doing everything as per nature or lead life with obedience to the amendments framed in mythology. Selfless activity towards family members and courteousness towards society heightens one’s life and it is a doorway to make life satisfactory. Prayers, meditation, obedience to self and deal with people heeded the amendments of divine which replaces the peace during crisis.


Coordinating work life with personal life in balancing ideas, perspective and transparency in things implementation of ideas makes oneself to lead a life with stress free. Yoga is a wonderful practice to oneself to take a beautiful breeze in that enters the lung to expand as well as strikes the mind and body to remain healthy. As yoga gives the pleasant feel of too many butterflies flying inside or oneself flies in space with feel of lightness. Yoga is not a practice to keep oneself alert, it is to discover oneself and awaken oneself towards unwanted thoughts or unwanted ones. Yoga poses are designed to combat anxiety tension, cold flu and congestion and walking accompanied with yoga must be a routine way to feel light and find relaxed. Self-hypnotic will heighten oneself to remain focus on work and better coping talents. During pandemic these practices will also develop self-esteem, feel responsible and emerge as a strong personality.

Positive Outlook

Ensure happiness in life to keep away from stress by quarantine as living in the midst of COVID19 may spoils one’s wellness. Positive thought of a person may lead him to clear obstacles in his life to make priorities. Positive emotions help human to broaden their perception and to merge with innovative thoughts and ideas. Coordinate the personal life with happiness, peace and take the responsibility to make the things organized in life and get out of fear and de clutter the negatives, confusions about COVID to lead a healthy life. Recite the positive statements in mind everyday will sustain longevity of one’s life. For example,

I am leading a happier life.

My Mind always dwells in peace and happiness.

My mind is like a beautiful diary possess good statements and

I can cope up everything in life with great determination.

Quality time

As the world is moving hectic and every one bounds to that to be outstanding in various fields. Not a single day of week been left for space to relax. Sharing views with family members making dining together will have an impact in the productivity of positive thoughts and actions in one’s life. Lockdown and work from home make the people to spend elaborative quality time to realize the value of life and family members. Person who respects the family members and leading a disciplined life will be protected with an aura of great peace. A peaceful man will have a positive outlook and strength to fight against fatal disease or coordinate the thoughts emerging inside to lead a stress-free life.


A systemic life help human to find happiness peace and harmony in life. Make every day with a spirit and faith to achieve righteous codes to elevate oneself to tremendous way to lead healthier life. Leading life with certain principles or moral values realize the value of relationship, understanding concepts in a prompt way, makes our life to arrive something meaningful. As the epic says true life makes oneself to travel in a path ultimately to find immense satisfaction and inner peace. A period of isolation by covid 19 makes us to lead the simple living, lead the life with basic amenities, socializing to the limited level, are the ways to righteous life. This is one way to keep oneself away to pace with technology and spending time with relations makes oneself to understand the true value.


A beautiful breeze enters the body maintains clarity within oneself turns dynamic and remains physically and mentally well. Inhale the future and exhale the past is the simple phrase which keep oneself away from frustration about the present ones. While breathe in visualize the positives of life and breathe out letting out confusions, fear or negatives which restricts oneself to cope up with the routine. The life force can be activated or regulated beyond limitations to attain a higher state of awareness [1] and obstacles cleared thereby allows energy to enter in to the body. Focus involved in manipulating breath make just to slip oneself in to effortless meditation [2]. As sustained subtle flow of inhalation brings enormous changes and longevity of life guaranteed.


Determining the value of others and better understanding of beliefs and thoughts. Celebrate the life or celebrate the moment with happiest attitude will give way for inner peace and discover the scenarios around that is tragic waves of covid 19 crashing against people all around the world. Suspension of thoughts for a while during meditation spotted oneself to inner silence According to Buddhist philosophy the liberated or enlightened practice, longer needlessly follows desires or clings experience instead maintains calm mind and sense of harmony.


Serene of universe have been disturbed and uncertainty about covid 19 arrive everyone in a frustrated situation. May all combined therapies work remarkably well against covid 19 and both physical and mental discipline is required in the hours of covid-19 to give shape to human s life in all aspects and recovers from material world. Holistic way of living gains acceptance universally by its unique features to lead the life of longevity [3]. This is the time which wakes up everyone to hold ethical codes and realize the value of life in a shorter period of time.

Protocol Based on Reviews

Benefits of yoga in respiratory diseases [4] Anulomaviloma, Kabalapathi Bhramari increasing vital capacity Fev1/Fvc ratio expiratory reserve volume, breath holding time and many other parameters. Yoga could aid pulmonary rehabilitation in patients with LAM 5 [5]. Suggestive practices are prayer and Omkar meditation with Asana mentioned Naukasana, Matsyasana, Bhujangasana, Shalabasana, Dhanurasana and Shavasana. Breathing exercise like Kabalaphati, Yogic Shavasan, Pranayama Nadishuddi, Bhastrika were totally 60 minutes treatment of 12 weeks programme.

Yoga Exercise increases Chest wall expansion and lung volumes in young healthy Thais [6]. Five hatha yoga poses for 20 minutes/session and 3 sessions/week for 6 weeks no alteration in tidal volumes and alterations recorded by Fev1 25-75 percentage and Fvc by Spirometer.

Yoga life, is a Holistic approach to health yoga could help to prevent covid-19 Corona virus. Bhramari pranayama, Kapalbhati pranayama, Anuloma, Viloma pranayama, Bhastrika pranayama and Asanas like Pranamasana raised arm pose, Hastauttanasana, Hand to foot pose-Hasta padasana,Equestrian pose-Ashwa Sanchalasana Stick pose-Dandasana Salute with eight parts or points-Ashtanga namaskara Cobra pose-Bhujangasana Mountain pose-Parvatasana are viable more.

Mindful practices 20 minutes with deep breathing or complete yogic breathing with home remedies like Gargle warm water salt with neti pot, Internal time keeping for cycles of sleep and alertness drinking Tulsi tea, supplement of Ayurvedic herb Ashwaganda, and turmeric natural microbial substance or self-massage with Organic oils such as sesame olive and coconut as a preventive measure of Covid-19 [6].

Based on the reviews of article facts has been certain that, Accompany the practice of certain holistic approaches meditation yoga and pranayama proved to be beneficial for counteracting challenges of lung infection [7]. The mindfulness with pranayama focused mainly to get rid of apprehension to maintain the cognition and attention at better level [2]. Effects of yoga poses stated that the nervous system has been stimulated and air flow facilitated to the respiratory system thereby rehabilitating the respiratory system [8]. Similarly proved yoga training could improve functional capacity or could be utilized as an adjunct pulmonary rehabilitation for patients with symptoms like dyspnea, hypoxia. Humming of Bhramari Pranayama has benefited like a cleanser in respiratory infection and proved as a reliable practice for respiratory infection [9].

Proposed hypothesis is based on the principal of physiology of Nitric oxide, Carbon dioxide and pH of body. A command received and visualizing it in a relaxed phase and feels release of good and hormones lower the level of cortisol subsequently leads to immune response, physiological healing and wellness. The authors content comprising information which is too significant during crisis, plant extract of hydroxyl group(-OH) that through the process of esterification may the virus can be deactivated. Suggested herbs are Ginger, Liquorice, cinnamon garlic to cope up with crisis. The coronavirus houses are RNA based protein that contains amino (NH2) and carboxyl(-COOH) and also composed of nucleocapsid protein(N-protein) Spike protein(S-protein), herbs mentioned above have the properties to enhance immune power also [10].

Curbing the intense depression through movement-based yoga makes the participants active at least 50% of the time of crisis (Research from University, South Australia May 2020) [11]. Ankit Tiwari who coordinated the above said research study coded, A person who possesses strong immunity has the potential to fight against Covid-19 infection. And also added staying connected to family members and friends would be perspective of maintaining healthy life style. Yoga could help keep anxiety and mental health in check, strengthens musculoskeletal system and eliminates toxins from the body [12]. 10 Creative ways to keep teaching during the coronavirus pandemic includes effective practices for leading life mentioned as disciplined life which is nothing but yoga [13].

How to be happy: 25 habits to add your routine reviewed by Timothy, being happy could promote a life of longevity and happiness and added physical activity boost the immune system and combat stress [13]. The recommendation is made for 30-minute mind exercise for stress reduction by shifting headspace over positive thoughts associated with mudra-based Hypnosis inspired meditation technique [14]. 10 ways suggested by Gino Caputo will contribute to one’s health and for the betterment of life in future in Covid Pandemic like Take care of yourself, Stay in your lane, Explore the viability of digital tools, Create a schedule for your online communications and other commitments [12]. The Future of yoga the change we need to look into aftermath of post Covid era which takes a toll on multiple issues faced by yoga industry in day-to-day life like diversity equity job security and teaching [15]. Yoga practices and meditation shall invoke loving and kindness among human beings, it is better to utilize the synergy of yoga teachers and organizations involved in rendering service towards the Covid patients [12,16,17]. Even now there is a scarcity in existence of Yoga Trainers during pandemic and yoga practice through online is apparently to reduce stress, induces sleep and brings positive impact on one’s health [18].


Time and work take toll on health and a strict occupying of work is one way of fascinating but fails to lead the life with satisfaction. Life has been blessed with relationship, beliefs, amendment moral values but everything has been separated from human’s life led to miserable circumstance everywhere in world obviously. Attain great level of consciousness towards health or holistic way of living, cultivate peace through moral codes, sheer dedication towards work, positive outlook, yoga, meditation, pranayama will heighten the values of life and connect with supremacy to cross the tragic waves of Covid-19 and future complications may overcome by multiple practices mentioned through this article. May the upcoming generation lead the life in an organized manner by physical and mental exercises to cope up with infectious diseases.


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