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Yoga, Dharma, Yugas and Our Planet in the Universe

Isabelle Bacquenois

Sannyasi Yoga pushpa,Yunus Emre Farm, Bucak Burdur, Turkey

*Corresponding author: Isabelle Bacquenois, Sannyasi Yogapushpa,YunusEmre Farm, Bucak Burdur, Turkey. Tel: +905315120928; E-Mail:

Received Date: 09May 2017; Accepted Date: 17 May 2017; Published Date: 27 May 2017

Citation: Bacquenois I (2017) Yoga, Dharma, Yugas and Our Planet in The Universe. Yoga Practice Phys Ther 2017:YPPT-128.

This article is about this chaotic period that we go through where sometimes things get so fast and hard that we feel like being shake in a washing machine spinning at 8000 rpm!Nonetheless, according to the teachings of the ancient sages, that’s the way it goes. This era is known and has been actually predicted by all ancient civilizations, Mayas, Incas, Indians and many others.

So, we are actually leaving the well-known -Kali Yuga the furthest from Alcyone, whose qualities are: heaviness of energy, gross matter, basic preoccupations centered only on ego, slow inertia, tamasic energy. Sadh Guru says about this era that “We have to scream to each other, but even though we shout we don’t understand each other”. Heavy and blind age and as a consequence, violent: we are ignorant, we don’t know who we are, what is our true nature, so we move blindly into the “Survival of The Fittest”: war, oppression, power, conquest, competitiveness etc.

Now we reach the end of Dwapara Yuga and within about 65 years we shall reach Tréta Yuga and then, in about 3888 years, we shall reach Satya Yuga, the age of Wisdom and Consciousness.

So, what does it mean for us?  Our solar system is getting each day closer to the big Sun Alcyone thus moves into a higher vibration field:  Ether-called “Akash”in Sanskrit-is found at higher density, higher vibration.

  • Akash is the essence of the big elements which compose creation.
  • Akash is that which pervades everything.
  • Akash is the emptiness: that contains “the whole”.
  • Akash is the element of pure consciousness.
  • Akash is awareness.
  • Akash is consciousness.

As a consequence, our solar system is totally influenced by this high rate of Akash which rises everyday more and more. By the bye this has been detected by scientists in the world who monitor since years what they call the “Schumann resonance”: it represents the pulsation/ vibration’s frequency of our planet!Although this frequency was quite stable during years (around 7.83 Hz) it suddenly jumped to values like 12 and even 18 Hz recently. And we are definitely strongly affected by such changes.

In this article more explanations about Schumann’s resonance (infrench)

What are the consequences of an increase of Akash?

Consciousness’s level rise, we become conscious of being conscious. Consciousness awaken.

And I am sure you can feel such changes too, all around you, be it through internet, in your networks, amongst your friends, colleagues, families, people become more caring, aware, willing to protect the world, willing to change things for better, willing to heal the planet.

Actually, we start to re-discover what we really are:one. We are slowly moving to the experience of oneness.

Yet. Everywhere violence keeps exploding earth trembles, bombs, terror,earthquakes, fires, crimes, floods.It seems endless and hopeless. Painful.

But here we have to remember that pain is part of any transformation process. Same as giving birth to baby: Mothers know that very well.

And indeed, our world is now giving birth to a new world. I am not kidding. This is not a joke! All sages of the ancient times Mayas, Incas, Rishis of India predicted these dates in their calendars.

“The 21st century leads to the -Bhakti age, era of Universal Love.”

Now what is the link with Yoga? and Dharma?

By the bye, what is Dharma?

In short, Dharma is sort of Cohesion energy of the universe.

  • The energy thanks to which the Universe gets its job done.
  • This is a fundamental concept in yoga philosophy.

Thanks to Dharma we reach there. We can say that Dharma is a set of “Laws of the Universe” thanks to which the planets turn, our civilizations, human beings, plants, animal live, grow, and die according to evolving cycles and specific laws, one of the most well-known being the “law of karma, law of cause and effect.”

Yet there is Dharma and Adharma (opposite of Dharma): and what we experience nowadays and since many centuries is much closer to Adharma than to Dharma: our thoughts and deeds are essentially powered by our egos which are not refined. Our present societies (maybe just a few make exception) are generally based upon “adharmic” principles centered on egos; hence there cannot be sustainability in time.

We can observe this state of affairs now:everywhere crisis, debts, countries trying to solve unsolvable problems, folk escaping their countries or rising up against authority, and violence, violence, violence. Our systems are “adharmic” because they are a product of our unrefined egos, egos which are not tuned with the Universe. Hence only chaos may result.

However, there is no reason to panic, nor to feel guilty of anything, to my opinion. This era is part of the evolution cycles of mankind. Coming from Kali Yuga-ego era, we are moving towards Satya Yuga-awareness era.

So, the changes are painful, no doubt. It is very hard to admit that we have been (and still are) so cruel, selfish, narrow-minded, stubborn, ferocious, violent. And it is even harder to see so many innocent people suffer for nothing. But here again, it is part of the changes, part of the mankind’s transformation.

We need to accept to be caterpillar so as to become butterfly. And take a step back, become mindful, and act according to our hearts.

And that is where Yoga can really help:not only individually but also at the level of mankind, yoga may help to move through these painful times in a healthy and caring way.

And help every being to evolve spiritually.


Well although yoga may appear at first an individual practice, the influences of yoga may be felt at a much broader range.

  • Yoga, “Yugin Sanskrit means “union.” Yoga re-unites us to our true nature, the soul.
  • Yoga reopens the way to our soul.
  • Yoga re-establishes balance and peace between ego and soul. This is huge!
  • Thus, the yoga practitioner having found inner peace will emit peaceful and healthy vibrations all aroundwhich every creature may receive at subtle levels.

Yoga helps us to realizethat:

“We are not a body inhabited by a soul,we are the Soul who lives in the body.Our True nature is the Soul, not the body.

This is fundamental. And if we have the chance of experiencing this Union with the Soul, then a deep, profound and true inner ecology takes place, inner and outer actually. All our thoughts and deeds become driven by the soul: egos are refined and work in alignment with the souls. Our lives become Dharmic, aligned with the Universe’s dharma.

Yoga has the power of generating peace in the world.

That is why it is so essential, in these very difficult times that we live, to connect ourselves to our Soul, to our true nature, by doing yoga, or other spiritual practices.Not only to move safely through this age, but also to help others to move;Furthermore, we can see how strongly we thirst after this connection: Did you notice how enormous became the 21st June International Yoga day celebrations all over the planet?

We thirst after wisdom; we thirst after ethics, we thirst after love and compassion.

Yoga is an answer. It is not the only answer but it is the one I choose.And that is also why in the YunusEmre farm and during every yoga class in Antalya we chant mantras for all mankind, for all souls. Mantras are food for our souls.


Imagine a radio which would not be tuned: only buzzing interferences. This is our mind, our untuned mind: ceaseless uncontrollable and unnecessary chatting.

Not let us tune the frequencies.Ah! here comes Classic Radio, pure melody or may be Trans Music, clear notes…

Sound has become pure; The radio is tuned.

  • Mantras do the same: they tune our mind to the Universe.
  • Mantras raise Akash’s level (ether) thus Consciousness’s level.
  • Mantras re-establish our link with the Universe.
  • Mantras feed our souls and show the way to Light.

Soon we shall reach the next Yuga. Sadh Guru says that: 

“In this yuga, we won’t need neither words, nor gaze, nor even thoughts to communicate, we shall be in total union at the consciousness level, beyond time and space.”

Let us be ready!

Hari Om Tat Sat



Yet. Everywhere violence keeps exploding earth trembles, bombs, terror,earthquakes, fires, crimes, floods.It seems endless and hopeless. Painful.

We thirst after wisdom; we thirst after ethics, we thirst after love and compassion.


Soon we shall reach the next Yuga. Sadh Guru says that: 


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EN -Sadh Guru: The Great cycles or Yugas (english video):

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