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1 2024-06-14 Commentary Article The Fourth Industrial Revolution and its Implications for Nursing Education Full Text PDF
2 2024-06-13 Research Article Analyzing Linguistic and Culturally Discordant Care from the Perspectives of Nurses and Nurse Practitioners in Ontario, Canada Full Text PDF
3 2024-06-11 Research Article Impact of Stressors on The Mental and Physical Health of Professionals Working in Intensive Care Units During The COVID-19 Pandemic Full Text PDF
4 2024-06-06 Case Study Waste Segregation Practice in Operating Theatres and Endoscopy Suites Survey in Australasian Hospitals: A Perspective from Anaesthesia and Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Nurses Full Text PDF
5 2024-05-30 Research Article Evolving Schooling: A Model for Being Well Full Text PDF
6 2024-05-21 Research Article Empower-PD: Development of A Self- Management Program in Empowering People with Parkinson’s Disease - A Qualitative Study Using A Co-Creation Framework Full Text PDF
7 2024-05-17 Letter to Editor Is the Charismatic Leader in the Secularised Healthcare World a Luxury or a Necessity? Full Text PDF
8 2024-05-06 Case Study Pregnancy and Postpartum Experiences of Women with Impaired Physical Mobility Facing Challenges within Their Surrounding Physical and Social Contexts, Alongside Interventions from Occupational Therapy Full Text PDF
9 2024-05-06 Research Article The Impact of the “Employee Therapy” Model on Hospital Employees Full Text PDF
10 2024-05-03 Research Article Multidimensional Approach to Assessing Pain in Hospice Patients Full Text PDF
11 2024-05-03 Research Article Incentives to Primary Care Full Text PDF
12 2024-05-03 Research Article Stress and Coping Strategies Among Nursing Students at The College of Nursing, ABHA, King Khalid University Full Text PDF
13 2024-05-03 Brief Report Does Adherence to the Annual Health Check (AHC) Improve Weight Management in People with learning Disabilities? Full Text PDF
14 2024-04-30 Research Article The Frequency Of SARS-Cov-2 Infection and The Impact Of COVID-19 Vaccination on The Disease Morbidity in Polish Pediatric Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease Treated with Biologic Therapies Full Text PDF
15 2024-04-29 Case Report Diagnostic Challenge: Urethral Condyloma Masquerading Urethral Caruncle Full Text PDF
16 2024-04-09 Research Article Effectiveness of Stay Strong Treatment of Alcohol- Related Trauma: Results of a Randomised Controlled Trial Full Text PDF
17 2024-04-09 Review Article From Darkness to Light: Accompanying Women Giving Stillbirth in a Public Hospital Full Text PDF
18 2024-04-08 Research Article Pain Management in Cognitively Impaired Older Adults Full Text PDF
19 2024-04-03 Research Article Identifying Barriers to the Utilization of Intravenous Pump-System Safety Software Full Text PDF
20 2024-03-19 Commentary Article Revere the Exclusion Nature of the Human Body Full Text PDF
21 2024-03-14 Review Article Impact of Social Isolation on Dementia Full Text PDF
22 2024-03-14 Review Article The Evaluation of Oxygen Need Full Text PDF
23 2024-03-07 Research Article The Role of Nurses in Pain Management in Post-Bariatric-Surgery Patients at Aster Sanad Hospital Full Text PDF
24 2024-03-02 Research Article Preventing Falls in Community-Dwelling Hispanic Elderly Using an Evidenced-Based Fall Prevention Toolkit Full Text PDF
25 2024-02-29 Research Article Population-based Data for a Digital Cognitive test: Cognitive Healthy Participants Experience Full Text PDF
26 2024-02-19 Review Article Experiences of Non-Voluntary Working from Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic Full Text PDF
27 2024-02-13 Research Article Success Coaching: A Proactive Student Support Strategy Full Text PDF
28 2024-02-07 Research Article Palliative Care Reduces Hospital Readmission Rates for Heart Failure Patients Full Text PDF
29 2024-01-31 Research Article Factors Affecting the Psychiatric Patients’ Wait Time at Erie Shores Health Care: A Qualitative Enquiry Full Text PDF
30 2024-01-29 Case Report Report Gap Analysis about a Thoracic Multifunctional Crash Cart Full Text PDF
31 2024-01-25 Research Article Experience with Registered Nurse First Assistants (RNFA) vs General Practitioner Surgical Assistants (GPSA) in Bilateral Breast Reduction Full Text PDF
32 2024-01-25 Review Article Standardized Patient Simulation in Healthcare Education Full Text PDF
33 2024-01-25 Commentary Integrated Care: The Way Forward for Advanced Nurse Practitioners by Using Strategy Initiatives Full Text PDF
34 2024-01-24 Research Article Development of A Relaxation Effect Evaluation System by Measuring Human Skin Comfort Full Text PDF
35 2024-01-24 Research Article Validation of a Chinese Version of Perceived Implicit Rationing of Nursing Care (CPIRNCA) Scale in Taiwan Full Text PDF
36 2024-01-10 Brief Report Reducing Aspiration Risk with Validated Bedside Swallowing Screening Tools Full Text PDF
37 2023-12-28 Research Article Development of A Tailored Home-Based Exercise Program for Low-Income Cancer Survivors with Multiple Chronic Conditions: A Pilot Study Full Text PDF
38 2023-12-11 Review Article The Effect of Nurse Leader Qualification on Position Outcome: Systematic Review Full Text PDF
39 2023-12-07 Research Article Are There Picky Preschool Eaters in Japan? Full Text PDF
40 2023-11-28 Research Article Fall Prevention Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices among Nurses in Saudi Arabia Full Text PDF
41 2023-11-28 Research Article Impact of An Interventional Bundle on Complications Associated with Peripheral Venous Catheters in Children Admitted to A Cardiology Department Full Text PDF
42 2023-11-20 Short Communication Filling the Barrel: Innovative Marketing Strategies in an MSN Program Full Text PDF
43 2023-11-10 Research Article Respiratory Repercussions Due to Mandibular Advancement in Children and Adolescents with Mandibular Class II Malocclusion: A Retrospective Longitudinal Study Full Text PDF
44 2023-11-02 Research Article COVID-19 Transmission Among Healthcare Workers Full Text PDF
45 2023-10-30 Piot Study Final Year Nursing Students’ Attitudes Toward Violence Against Women: A Pilot Study in Tallinn Health Care College, Estonia Full Text PDF
46 2023-10-04 Research Article Prevalence of Vaginal Candidiasis and Risk Factors: Case of Patients at the Efoulan District Hospital in Yaoundé, Cameroon Full Text PDF
47 2023-09-30 Research Article Pain Management by Non-Pharmacologic Therapies Among to Persons Suffer from Pain: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Full Text PDF
48 2023-09-26 Review Article Advanced Nurse Practice: Present and Future: Where to now? Full Text PDF
49 2023-09-22 Research Article Idealism Versus Realism in Sustainable Global Research Full Text PDF
50 2023-09-22 Research Article SARC-F and SARC-Calf Tools for Nurses to Screen Sarcopenia in Older Adults Full Text PDF
51 2023-09-15 Research Article Impact of CLABSI Bundle on Nursing Knowledge and Practice Full Text PDF
52 2023-09-14 Research Article "Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste:" Lessons for Pre-service and In-service Healthcare Educators Full Text PDF
53 2023-09-14 Case Report Isolated Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Positivity Following Vaccination Against Coronavirus Disease: A Report of Two Cases Full Text PDF
54 2023-09-14 Research Article Biological Sampling for the Diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 Infection Full Text PDF
55 2023-09-07 Research Article Uncovering Novel Biomarkers of Inflammation as Potential Screening Targets of Disease Risk in Healthcare Shift Workers: A Pilot Study Full Text PDF
56 2023-08-31 Research Article A Critical Literature Review Analysing the Evidence Base for the Efficacy of Aspiration Prior to Injection of Dermal Filler as A Safety Measure to Reduce the Risk of Vascular Complications Full Text PDF
57 2023-08-29 Opinion Introduction of Rapid Response Matrix Codes for COVID-19 Vaccine Administration Full Text PDF
58 2023-08-22 Research Article Improving the Competency of Nurse Educators in the Use of Simulation Full Text PDF
59 2023-08-15 Case Report Malaria with Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia: A Case Report Full Text PDF
60 2023-08-03 Research Article Coachable or Uncoachable? A Qualitative Study of A Life Coaching Intervention for Young Adults With Type 1 Diabetes Full Text PDF
61 2023-07-29 Research Article Implementing Technology in Practice: Factors Associated with Clinicians’ Satisfaction with an AI Wound Assessment Solution Full Text PDF
62 2023-07-27 Short Communication “Zero to Hero”: Creating an Innovative Approach to Track Program Outcomes in Graduate Nursing Full Text PDF
63 2023-07-24 Mini Rivew The Relationship between Restless Legs Syndrome And Pre-Eclampsia: A Mini-Review Full Text PDF
64 2023-07-21 Research Article Investigating the Correlation between Post-mortem Interval and RIN Values: A Pilot Study Full Text PDF
65 2023-07-15 Research Article A Randomized Control Trial for a Comprehensive Fall Prevention Model for Self-Supporting Older Adults (PMACTIVAS): A Study Protocol Full Text PDF
66 2023-07-14 Research Article Preparing Baccalaureate Nursing Students to Care for Patients in the Primary Care Setting Full Text PDF
67 2023-07-12 Research Article Improving Nursing Student’s Confidence with Dosage Calculation After Implantation of a Comprehensive Teaching Strategy Full Text PDF
68 2023-07-10 Review Article Scientific Review of the Knowledge Gap in the Efficacy of Antiviral Therapy to a Low-Risk Kidney Transplant Population Cohort Full Text PDF
69 2023-07-05 Research Article An In Vitro Evaluation and Comparison of Commercially Available Needleless Connectors with and Without Anti-Reflux Technology Full Text PDF
70 2023-07-05 Opinion Collective Responsibility for Indigenous Health: A Philosophical Inquiry Full Text PDF
71 2023-07-03 Review Article The Clinical and Economic Burdens of Infiltration and Extravasation with Peripheral Intravenous Catheters: A Contemporary Narrative Review Full Text PDF
72 2023-07-03 Commentary Development of Visiting Professor Role to Nursing Home Group: Providing Sustainable Education for Older Person Care Full Text PDF
73 2023-06-28 Research Article Stress and Adaptation among Families with HIV/AIDS Persons: A Study in Phuket province, Thailand Full Text PDF
74 2023-06-22 Research Article Impact of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Psychosis on Quality of Life in Schizophrenia - Recent Findings Full Text PDF
75 2023-06-17 Research Article Effectiveness of a CPR Training Program Using Medium and Low Fidelity Simulators in Primary School Students for the Acquisition of Learning Skills Full Text PDF
76 2023-06-15 Research Article Leadership-Followership Relationship through the Pandemic for our First Lines of Defense: Healthcare Workers and Military Personnel Full Text PDF
77 2023-06-14 Research Article Investigating Knowledge Level, Attitude, Perceptions and other Factors Influencing Exclusive Breastfeeding Practices Full Text PDF
78 2023-05-29 Research Article Physical and Mental Health, Stress, and Resilience among Healthcare Workers during the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic using a Regional Teaching Hospital as an Example Full Text PDF
79 2023-05-25 Pilot Study Multi-center Qualitative Observational Evaluation of Ultrasound Probe Protection using a Sterile Transparent Barrier and Securement Dressing to Standardize UGPIV Catheter Insertions Full Text PDF
80 2023-05-25 Review Article Nurses on the Front-Line of Diabetes Prevention Full Text PDF
81 2023-05-25 Research Article Simulation and its Effects on Knowledge Retention and Critical Thinking Skills Full Text PDF
82 2023-05-15 Research Article End-of-life Care by Nurses in the Emergency Department in Japan: Application of Swanson’s Middle Range Theory of Caring Full Text PDF
83 2023-05-06 review article Prognostic Significance of MicroRNAs in Medulloblastoma: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Full Text PDF
84 2023-03-30 research article A Global Look at C-section Births: Rates and Association with Maternal Mortality Full Text PDF
85 2023-03-28 research article The Impact of Two Hourly Purposive Rounds (2HNR) on Nurses’ Perception and Satisfaction: A Cross-Sectional Study Full Text PDF
86 2023-03-24 research article Validation and Reliability of the Comprehensive Difficult IV Access Scoring Tool Full Text PDF
87 2023-03-07 research article Engaging Emerging Voices: Training Minority Young Adults as Change Agents in the Battle against COVID-19 Full Text PDF
88 2023-03-07 review article Identification of the Core Symptom Clusters among Head and Neck Cancer Patients at Different Treatment Stages: A Systematic Review Full Text PDF
89 2023-02-23 research article Validation of β- Patient Self-Sufficiency Assessment Scale - the Results of a Pilot Study Full Text PDF
90 2023-02-16 research article Co-Designing Health Care Solutions with Patient Representatives and Clinicians in a Large Acute Hospital Setting: Process and Engagement Full Text PDF
91 2023-02-06 research article Assessment of Digital Capabilities among Nursing Students in UAE: A Quantitative Study Full Text PDF
92 2023-02-01 research article What Possibilities, Problems and Barriers Do Patients, Suffering from Severe Mental Illness or Alcohol Use Disorder, Perceive Towards Lifestyle Changes or Treatment Seeking to Prevent Cardiovascular Health Problems Full Text PDF
93 2023-01-28 research article Situation Analysis for Delivering Integrated Comprehensive Reproductive Health Services in Emergencies for Three Districts - Yemen: A Protocol Paper for a Mixed-Method Study Full Text PDF
94 2023-01-28 review article Impact of Covid-19 Quarantines and Lockdown on Physical Activity and Lifestyle in Arab Countries: A Systematic Review Full Text PDF
95 2023-01-27 research article Effectiveness of Personal Protective Equipment in Preventing Coronavirus Infection and Emerging Infectious Diseases among Central Service Technicians in Thailand Full Text PDF
96 2023-01-27 review article The DNP EBP Project: The Importance of Project Valuation Full Text PDF
97 2023-01-23 research article Effectiveness of Music Therapy on Pain, Anxiety, Depression and Quality of Life among Patients with Cancer - a Systematic Review of Randomized Controlled Trials Full Text PDF
98 2023-01-19 perspective article Transanal Irrigation for the Management of Functional Bowel Disorders: An Observational Study Full Text PDF
99 2023-01-18 mini review Addressing Health Inequities through Simulation Training and Education in Rural and Tribal Communities Full Text PDF
100 2023-01-14 research article Validation of the Japanese Version of the Spiritual Care Competence Questionnaire Full Text PDF
101 2023-01-10 research article Psychological Reflection of Cultural Diversity: Older Muslim and Jewish Women Diagnosed with Cancer or Caring for a Spouse with Cancer Full Text PDF
102 2023-01-10 research article Lived Experiences of Lassa Fever Survivors in Southsouth Nigeria Full Text PDF
103 2022-12-30 research article High Prevalence and High Risk of Death for Sepsis Associated Brain Dysfunction in ICU: A Cohort Study from Quick Diagnostic Tests Full Text PDF
104 2022-12-23 research article Evaluating Students’ Experience at the COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics Full Text PDF
105 2022-12-20 research article Mothers’ Decisional Conflict and Information Needs Regarding Breastfeeding Continuation or Termination: a Cross-Sectional Questionnaire Survey Full Text PDF
106 2022-12-16 commentary Nursing Undergraduate Students in Biomedical Research: a Promising Pathway for Increasing Nursing Scientists and Promoting Evidence-Based Practice Full Text PDF
107 2022-12-08 research article The Effects of Different Treatment Modes with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: A MetaAnalysis of Randomized Controlled Trials Full Text PDF
108 2022-12-08 research article Nursing Students' Anxiety about Distance Education during COVID19: A Quasi-Experimental Non-Equivalent Group Pre/Post-Survey Full Text PDF
109 2022-12-07 research article Community Virtual Ward (CVW+cRR) Proofof-Concept Examining the Feasibility and Functionality of Partnership-Based Alternate Care Pathway for COPD Patients- Empowering Patients to Become Partners in their Disease Management Full Text PDF
110 2022-12-06 review article Nurses and Midwives Working at Advanced and Clinical Specialist Levels are Embracing their Strategic Management Roles in Delivering Innovative Healthcare Full Text PDF
111 2022-12-05 research article Managing Quality Improvement and Risks in the Hospital Emergency Department: A Systematic Literature Review Full Text PDF
112 2022-11-24 research article Prinsepia Utilis Royle Oil Extract Improve Skin Barrier on Reconstructed Skin Model Full Text PDF
113 2022-11-18 research article Social Determinants of Health that Influence the Uptake of the PMTCT Program Full Text PDF
114 2022-11-17 mini review Addictive Behavior and Experiences among the Young Saudi: A Mini-Review Full Text PDF
115 2022-11-14 mini review COVID-19 Vaccination in Saudi Arabia: A Mini Literature Review Full Text PDF
116 2022-11-10 research article Effect of New Treatment Strategies of COVID-19 Intensive Care Unit Patients in the Second Wave and its Impact on Mortality Full Text PDF
117 2022-11-01 research article Nursing-Guided Pre-Procedural Preparation In Patients Undergoing Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement Full Text PDF
118 2022-10-28 research article Communication about Disease-Related Malnutrition in the Perspective of Health Professionals in General Practice and Patients Full Text PDF
119 2022-10-20 research article Do Nursing Staff Accept no Artificial Nutrition and Hydration for Terminal Patients? Full Text PDF
120 2022-10-17 research article Assessing the Risk of Burnout in Three Belgian Hospitals Full Text PDF
121 2022-10-15 review article Integrative Review: Complications of Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters (PICC) and Midline Catheters with Economic Analysis of Potential Impact of Hydrophilic Catheter Material Full Text PDF
122 2022-10-14 opinion Transforming the Palliative Care Experience with Virtual Reality Full Text PDF
123 2022-10-12 research article Self-Medication among Pregnant Women Attending Manhyia Government Hospital Full Text PDF
124 2022-10-11 review article The Experiences of Presentation, Diagnosis, Treatment and Care for School-Based Education Workers with Mesothelioma: A Scoping Review Full Text PDF
125 2022-10-03 brief report Working Together in Moments that Matter Open Dialogue at Work in Times of Trouble Full Text PDF
126 2022-10-03 research article Patients’ Experiences with Nutritional Care during Hospitalization and Proposals for Improvement Full Text PDF
127 2022-09-21 research article Relationship between Body Weight, BMI and Bone Mineral Density in Patients from the Point of View of the Nurse Working in a Densitometric Clinic Full Text PDF
128 2022-09-16 research article Nurse Practitioners’ Perception on Research Utilization and Possible Barriers; A Saudi Arabian Experiential Perspective during Covid-19 Pandemic Full Text PDF
129 2022-09-12 review article How can Activity Trackers be Useful? A Scoping Literature Review Full Text PDF
130 2022-09-09 research article COVID-19 Incidence and Mortality in Long-Term Care Facilities in Tennessee Full Text PDF
131 2022-09-08 short communication Self-Care Data Sharing to Improve Patient-Provider Communication and Patient Outcomes Full Text PDF
132 2022-08-30 research article Physical Activity and its Association with Fatigue in Men with Prostate Cancer Full Text PDF
133 2022-08-25 research article Interdisciplinary Approach and the Value of a Scoring System for Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy in Predicting Newborn Neurodevelopmental Outcome Full Text PDF
134 2022-08-20 research article Falls Risk Prevention Bundle to Reduce Falls in an Inpatient Psychiatric Unit Full Text PDF
135 2022-08-18 research article Comparison of Urinary Incontinence in Older White and Black Women: A Pilot Study Full Text PDF
136 2022-08-09 short communication Co-creation Initiatives in Healthcare in Small Communities Full Text PDF
137 2022-08-06 letter to editor Consensus on the Prevention of Peristomal Skin Disorders Full Text PDF
138 2022-08-02 opinion article The Importance of Implementing Role of Professional Nurse Advocator (PNA) and Use of A-EQUIP Model in Clinical Area Post COVID-19 Pandemic Full Text PDF
139 2022-07-29 research article Resilience of Nurse Managers in Botswana Hospitals Full Text PDF
140 2022-07-26 research article Evaluation of the Clinical Outcome of Arthroscopic Posterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction with Peroneus Longus Tendon Full Text PDF
141 2022-07-21 research article Moderated Mediation Analysis of Work-Related Fatigue, Job Dissatisfaction and Burnout on Workplace Violence in Hospital Nurses Full Text PDF
142 2022-07-20 research article The Buffering Effect of Social Support on the Mental Health of the Armenian Immigrant Population in the United States Full Text PDF
143 2022-07-12 research article Bringing Chiropractic to Durri; an Evaluation of Quality of Life and Well-being in a Rural Community before and after Chiropractic Treatment Full Text PDF
144 2022-07-08 research article Awareness of Covid-19 and Government Involvement in School Healthcare Promotion in Demonstration Elementary and Secondary Schools Full Text PDF
145 2022-07-05 research article Health Promotion and Eye Vision Health for Nurses Full Text PDF
146 2022-07-05 research article SARS-CoV2 Infection among Nursing Students Prospective Study Full Text PDF
147 2022-06-23 research article Rapid Implementation of Telehealth Video Visits in Cancer Care - The Perspectives of Patients and Healthcare Professionals Full Text PDF
148 2022-06-22 review article Does the Efficiency Frontier of Large US Hospitals provide a Strategy for Future Success? Full Text PDF
149 2022-06-10 review article Patient-Caregiver Dyad: A Systematic Review Informing a Concept Analysis Full Text PDF
150 2022-06-10 research article Antimicrobial and Tolerability Profile of a Sprayable Hypochlorous Acid Oxidizing (AOS) Solution for Wound Care Full Text PDF
151 2022-06-09 research article Treatment of Skin Lesions Induced by Cetuximab Therapy with an Acid-Oxidizing Solution Containing Hypochlorous Acid Full Text PDF
152 2022-06-06 research article Disparity of Suicide Knowledge Needs between Different Nursing Specialties and Ability in Suicidal Handling Training Full Text PDF
153 2022-06-04 research article The World of Night Shift: Nurses Experiences of Working in the Dark Full Text PDF
154 2022-05-27 research article Strategies to Enhance Financial Performance in Hospitals Full Text PDF
155 2022-05-16 opinion Covid-19 Vaccination: Understanding the Vaccine Aversion Tendencies among the Filipinos Full Text PDF
156 2022-05-16 research article A Quality Assurance Study of Respiratory Rate Measurements on Obese Patients with a Novel Monitoring Technology Full Text PDF
157 2022-05-06 opinion Breastfeeding Promotion by Breastfeeding Promotion Group, Kerala University of Health Sciences, Kerala, India Full Text PDF
158 2022-05-03 research article Impact of Mobility Interventions on Dialysis Catheter Dysfunction in Critically Ill Patients Requiring Renal Replacement Therapy: A Prospective Observational Study Full Text PDF
159 2022-04-08 research article Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Implementation of Health Information Technologies (HIT): A Study in Maternity Hospital of Lubango-Angola Full Text PDF
160 2022-03-29 research article Addressing Physical, Functional, and Physiological Outcomes in Older Adults using an Integrated mHealth Intervention “Active for Life”: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial Full Text PDF
161 2022-03-28 research article The Stakeholders’ Acceptability, Appropriateness, Feasibility and Sustainability of the Social Health Insurance Package Full Text PDF
162 2022-03-23 research article The Impacts of Integrated Health Hydroponic Planting on Green Space Exposure, Happiness, Anxiety and Stress among Secondary School Students: A Feasibility Quasi-Experiment Full Text PDF
163 2022-03-21 research article Evaluating YouTube Social Media Platform to Teach IV Skills in an Undergraduate Nursing Program in Attempt to Lower Student Anxiety Full Text PDF
164 2022-03-04 review article Management of Multi-Organ Failure: Nursing Role Full Text PDF
165 2022-03-03 research article Non-Culprit Revascularization Timing in (N)STE-ACS: A Patient Preference Report Full Text PDF
166 2022-02-26 research article Validation of a Brief ICF Core Set for COPD from the Perspective of Multidisciplinary Experts: A Delphi Study Full Text PDF
167 2022-02-23 review article Theoretical Explanations on the Persistence of Ethno-Medical Pregnancy Nutrition Interventions and Recommendations for Possible Biomedical Interventions Full Text PDF
168 2022-02-16 research article Greek Nurses’ Clinical Decision-Making during the Covid-19 Pandemic Full Text PDF
169 2022-02-15 research article Prognostic Factors of Severely Ill Children with Klebsiella pneumoniae Carbapenemase Blood Stream Full Text PDF
170 2022-02-12 research article Chinese Migrant Nurses under COVID 19: A Scoping Review Full Text PDF
171 2022-01-31 research article Understanding Nonattendance among Women Invited to a Cardiovascular Preventive Initiative - A Supplementary Analysis of Nonattendees’ Perspectives Full Text PDF
172 2022-01-13 review article Overview of Wound Care Interventions for Hospital and Community Care Nurses: A Systematic Scoping Review Full Text PDF
173 2021-12-27 review article Overview of Pain Interventions for Hospital and Community Care Nurses: A Systematic Scoping Review Full Text PDF
174 2021-12-17 review article The Ethical Organizational Culture of University Hospitals in Finland Full Text PDF
175 2021-12-17 research article Curriculum Evaluation: Measuring the Students’ Achievement of a Program Level Learning Outcomes in the Baccalaureate Degree of Nursing Full Text PDF
176 2021-12-16 perspective Postpartum Depression: A Meta-Synthesis of Primary Qualitative Research by Cheryl T. Beck Full Text PDF
177 2021-12-06 review article Neutropenia Incidence: A Retrospective Analysis of Clinical Data of Cancer Patients Receiving Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy to Assess the Impact on Treatment Pathways Full Text PDF
178 2021-12-01 research article Lessons Learned as a Contact Tracer at a State University in Central Pennsylvania: Mitigating the Spread of COVID-19 Virus on a University Campus Full Text PDF
179 2021-10-08 Research Article Effect of Brain-Stimulating Games and Physical Activity on Cognitive Functions in Dementia in Calabar, Nigeria Full Text PDF
180 2021-10-08 Brief Report Social isolation and Social Media Consumption among Graduate students during COVID-19: An Examination using Social Comparison Theory Full Text PDF
181 2021-09-22 Review Article Male Social Representations regarding Family Planning Full Text PDF
182 2021-09-21 Research Article Academic Staff Perspective of the Perceived Impact of Patient and Public Involvement in Nursing and Social Work Education Full Text PDF
183 2021-09-15 Research Article Emergency Nurses in the Frontline during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Qualitative Study Full Text PDF
184 2021-09-01 Research Article Stress Perception and Quality of Life among Resettled Refugees during COVID-19 Pandemic: Pilot Study Full Text PDF
185 2021-08-20 Case Report Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioners in the Role of Coordinating Practitioners: A Survey Study Full Text PDF
186 2021-08-06 research article Management Challenges in the Implementation of Child Protection System of Chile Full Text PDF
187 2021-07-29 research article Nurse Educator Compassion Fatigue and Intent to Stay Full Text PDF
188 2021-07-27 research article Adaptation of Diabetes Self-Management Program Full Text PDF
189 2021-07-26 case report To Evaluate the Effectiveness of Physical Health Assessment Programmes for Mental Health Nurses and the Impact on Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes in Providing for the Physical Health Needs of Patients with Bipolar Disorder Full Text PDF
190 2021-07-26 research article Discharge Against Medical Advice: A One Year Retrospective Study in District General Hospital Full Text PDF
191 2021-07-12 research article Reflection as a Factor Promoting Learning Interprofessional Collaboration in a Large-group Simulation in Social and Health Care Full Text PDF
192 2021-06-05 research article Nurse Educators Dedicated to Teaching: Personal Characteristics Identified as Influencing Long Term Retention Full Text PDF
193 2021-05-31 research article A Qualitative Study of a Family Carer Training Programme for Carers of People Living with Advanced Dementia Full Text PDF
194 2021-05-05 research article Comparison of NCLEX-RN Pass Rates between Accelerated and Traditional Prelicensure BSN Programs Full Text PDF
195 2021-05-01 Review Article Rape Myth Acceptance, Gender Inequality and Male Sexual Entitlement: A Commentary on the Implications for Victims of Sexual Violence in Irish Society Full Text PDF
196 2021-04-01 review article Transforming Nursing Education: Inclusion of Marginalized Groups Full Text PDF
197 2021-03-27 research article Assessing the Burden of Family Caregivers of People with Dementia Living in the Community of a Greek Island Full Text PDF
198 2021-03-22 research article Investigating the Moral Development and Academic and Clinical Integrity in Nursing Students Using the Defining Issues Test and Hilbert’s Unethical Behavior Survey Full Text PDF
199 2021-03-17 research article The Challenges Surrounding the Collections of Medical Copayment Full Text PDF
200 2021-03-17 research article Correlational Study Measuring Private Sector College of Nursing Empowerment and Nurse Faculty Job Satisfaction Full Text PDF
201 2021-02-24 research article Decreasing Falls Amongst Elderly Full Text PDF
202 2021-02-24 research article Perioperative Nursing Simulation and its Influence on Student Nurses’ Career Interest Full Text PDF
203 2021-02-22 review article Learner Centered Teaching: Seniors Mentor Junior Nursing Students in Skills Lab Full Text PDF
204 2021-02-18 review article Students’ Perceptions of Psychiatric Mental Health Clinical Rotation using Guided Reflective Journaling Full Text PDF
205 2021-02-15 research article Examining Nursing Fatigue Levels and Antecedents: An Integrative Literature Review Full Text PDF
206 2021-02-05 research article Cross-Disciplinary Narratives on COVID-19: Local Perspectives from Global Health Science Graduate Students Full Text PDF
207 2021-02-03 research article Real-Time Analyses of Sucking Waveforms to Drive Oral Feeding Practice and Improve Patient Care Outcomes Full Text PDF
208 2021-01-27 research article Behavioral Health Hospitalizations in Central California: Are Demographics and Clinical Characteristics Accurate Predictors of Readmission Rates? Full Text PDF
209 2021-01-25 brief report Environmental Injustice: Air Pollution and Asthma in Children Full Text PDF
210 2021-01-25 short communication Dilution Formulas in Nurses’ Practice Full Text PDF
211 2021-01-22 brief report Meaningful Mental Health Simulation in Nursing: Human Scenarios Full Text PDF
212 2021-01-15 research article Stress and Coping Strategies of the Nursing Students in the University of Tabuk, Saudi Arabia Full Text PDF
213 2020-12-29 research article The Concept of Burnout in the Nursing Profession Full Text PDF
214 2020-12-08 research article Assess the Premenstrual Physiological Symptoms, Academic Performance among Female Medical Student in Hafr Al Batin, University Full Text PDF
215 2020-12-01 review article Family Nurse Practitioner Students’ Knowledge and Experience of Health Literacy Strategies Full Text PDF
216 2020-11-30 research article Accreditation Readiness and Satisfaction with Performance Management Training among Public Health Employees Full Text PDF
217 2020-11-27 research article Addressing Compassion Fatigue of a Family Caregiver of Adolescents in a Mental Health Setting Full Text PDF
218 2020-11-23 review article Evaluating Nursing Students’ Perceptions with Simulation Northeastern College in the U.S. Through Learning Environment Processes Full Text PDF
219 2020-11-23 research article Forensic Nursing: Nurses’ Role in the Medical and Legal Care for Men and Women Facing Intimate Partner Abuse Full Text PDF
220 2020-10-28 review article Bullying: Female Executives in Health Care Full Text PDF
221 2020-10-23 letter to editor The Double-Trunk-Mask: A Simple System to Save Oxygen Supplies Full Text PDF
222 2020-10-19 review article Understanding Histrionic Personality Disorder: A Guide for APRNs Full Text PDF
223 2020-10-17 review article The Active Role Women Take in Infertility Full Text PDF
224 2020-10-17 review article Start with a Handshake and End with a Hug: Implementing “A Caring Mentorship Model” to Improve New Graduate Job Satisfaction Full Text PDF
225 2020-10-08 review article The Effectiveness of Simulation Training on Nursing Students’ Neonatal Resuscitation Skills: A Systematic Review Full Text PDF
226 2020-09-29 review article Taking the PULSE on Student Satisfaction in an Online Graduate Full Text PDF
227 2020-09-24 research article Nurses’ Burnout and Resilience in Relation to Organizational Factors Full Text PDF
228 2020-09-16 review article Cleft Lip and Palate Newborn Care and Feeding: A Primer for Bedside Nursing Providers Full Text PDF
229 2020-09-03 research article Health Literacy and Health Behavior among Young Adult Children of Type II Diabetic Patients in the Urban District of Lilongwe, Malawi Full Text PDF
230 2020-08-28 review article The Impact of an Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Educational Program on the Nursing Managers’ Professional Knowledge/Skills, Attitude, and Practice: Quasi-Experimental Study Full Text PDF
231 2020-08-20 research article A Collaborative Intervention to Combat the Misuse of Prescription Drugs in Adolescents in Appalachia Full Text PDF
232 2020-08-20 research article Emotional Intelligence and Nursing Student Success: A Quantitative Study Full Text PDF
233 2020-06-08 brief report Blood Product Management: Operating Room Emerges Most Wasteful Full Text PDF
234 2020-06-01 research article Nurse Practitioner Occupational Burnout: A Focus on the Variables and Themes Full Text PDF
235 2020-06-01 review article Nurse Practitioner Students’ Perceptions of Reflection in the Clinical Setting Full Text PDF
236 2020-05-26 research article The Effect of Music Therapy on Sleep Quality of Hospitalized Older Adults in Telemetry Units Full Text PDF
237 2020-05-08 review article The New GOALS (Graduate Orientation and Leadership Series) Full Text PDF
238 2020-04-10 brief report Pathopharmacological Issues Related to Obesity Full Text PDF
239 2020-02-28 review article Replacing Nursing Care Plans with Oral Presentations for Competency-Based Learning in Community Health Full Text PDF
240 2020-02-20 review article Does the Timing of High-Fidelity Simulation Impact Student Self-Confidence and Clinical Competence? A Comparative Study: Before Clinical versus During Clinical Full Text PDF
241 2020-02-05 review article Charcot Foot Screening Algorithm in Type 2 Diabetic Patients Full Text PDF
242 2020-01-08 research article The Effects of an Enhanced Education Protocol on Nursing Students within an Integrative Primary Health Care Centre Full Text PDF
243 2020-01-04 review article Mindfulness to Decrease Social Anxiety in Children and Adolescents Full Text PDF
244 2020-01-03 case study The Zebra of Sjogren’s Syndrome: A Case Study Full Text PDF
245 2020-01-03 review article Retention Matters: A Qualitative Understanding of Nursing Students’ Motivations Full Text PDF
246 2019-12-19 research article Socioeconomics of Negative Health Access Experiences among Black Transgender People Full Text PDF
247 2019-12-18 research article Using Constructivism and Student-Centered Learning Approaches in Nursing Education Full Text PDF
248 2019-12-11 research article An Integrative Review of Medication Calculation Assessment Strategies for Student Nurses Full Text PDF
249 2019-12-03 research article Exploring Experiences of Older Australians Transitioning to a Residential Aged Care Facility in Western Australia Full Text PDF
250 2019-11-28 research article Employee Satisfaction with Onsite Clinic and Collaborative Care Pharmacy Full Text PDF
251 2019-11-27 review article The Transformational Expedition of Cultural Competence in Nursing Full Text PDF
252 2019-11-27 short commentary Regarding Preventive Measures: Does the Fate of the Diabetic Feet Rest upon More Nurse Advocates and Community Involvement? Full Text PDF
253 2019-11-01 research article Fine Particulate Air Pollution and Ischaemic Heart Disease in Chinese Cities: A Narrative Review Full Text PDF
254 2019-10-29 research article Effects of a Structured Mentorship Program Handbook on Student Knowledge within a Nurse Anesthesia Program Full Text PDF
255 2019-10-25 review article Violence in Health Institutions in Turkey (Medical, Social and Legal Aspects of Events) Full Text PDF
256 2019-10-24 research article Creating a Culture of Care in Nursing Education Full Text PDF
257 2019-10-22 research article Caring for a Child with Angelman Syndrome in Hong Kong: A Qualitative Study Full Text PDF
258 2019-10-15 brief report Preventing Heart Disease in Women through Physical Activity, can we do Better? Full Text PDF
259 2019-10-11 brief report An Exploration of Spirituality in Meeting the Spiritual Needs of Nursing Students Full Text PDF
260 2019-10-04 review article Brain Death Determination: An Integrative Review of the Literature Full Text PDF
261 2019-09-27 research article Prevention Care Management Unit: Telephone Care Management to Improve Appointment Compliance along the South-Texas Mexico Border Full Text PDF
262 2019-09-27 research article Educating Nurses and Non-Nurse Professionals using Technology versus Traditional Methods Full Text PDF
263 2019-09-20 research article Cardiac Patients Experiences Regarding Health Care Decisions Full Text PDF
264 2019-09-20 brief report Nicotine Dependence: Identification and Recommendations Full Text PDF
265 2019-09-05 research article Advanced Nursing Education: Family Nurse Practitioner Students Improve Health Outcomes for the Medically Underserved at Nurse-Managed Student-Run Free Clinics Full Text PDF
266 2019-08-26 breif report Teaching End of Life Care: A Pilot Study Full Text PDF
267 2019-08-26 research article Effects of a Structured Mentorship Program Handbook on Student Knowledge within a Nurse Anesthesia Program Full Text PDF
268 2019-08-23 research article The Effect of Implementing an Adapted Standardized Vision Screening Process on an Underserved Spanish Speaking Population of Children Full Text PDF
269 2019-08-23 research article Effect of Nested and Swaddled Prone Positioning on Sleep and Physiological Parameters of Low Birth Weight Neonates Full Text PDF
270 2019-08-23 opinion article Health Care Versus Illness Care: How Nurses Can Change It? Full Text PDF
271 2019-08-21 research article The Effects of a Clinical Ladder Program on Professional Development and Job Satisfaction of Acute Care Nurses Full Text PDF
272 2019-08-20 breif report Epidemiology of Herpes Zoster Full Text PDF
273 2019-08-02 breif report Teaching Our Future Nurses: Professors Sharing Personal Stories Full Text PDF
274 2019-08-02 research article Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) and Methamphetamine Use: A Review of Finnegan’s as an Assessment Tool in The Women and Newborn Drug and Alcohol Service Full Text PDF
275 2019-08-02 breif report Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy Full Text PDF
276 2019-07-16 opinion article Classroom Skits Could Be a Beneficial Addition to Assist Students Learning Psychiatric Diagnoses Full Text PDF
277 2019-07-11 research article Sociodemographics and Medical Mistrust in a Population-Based Sample of Michigan Residents Full Text PDF
278 2019-06-06 research article Perceptions of Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Communication: A Comparative Study Full Text PDF
279 2019-05-21 research article Homeless Families Return to Mainstream Society Full Text PDF
280 2019-05-20 research article Electronic Cigarettes among Healthcare Students at an Urban Southeastern University in US: Prevalence, Awareness and Beliefs Full Text PDF
281 2019-05-15 research article Enhancing the Teaching Experiences of Adjunct Nursing Faculty in an Associate Degree Nursing Program through a Focused Online Mentoring Intervention Full Text PDF
282 2019-05-15 research article Objective Structured Clinical Examination as a Clinical Assessment Method: Nursing Students’ Attitude and Evaluation of the Experience from Different Academic Levels Full Text PDF
283 2019-05-15 research article Exploring Undergraduate Nursing Students’ Perceptions About Using Portfolios in Nursing Education Full Text PDF
284 2019-05-04 research article Findings of the Global Health Professions Student Survey (GHPSS) of Baccalaureate Nursing Programs in Arkansas Full Text PDF
285 2019-05-02 research article Qualitative Study of Interprofessional Communication through Immersive Virtual Reality 360 Video among Healthcare Students Full Text PDF
286 2019-05-01 opinion article A Brief Overview: How to Use Qualitative Research When Identifying Health Care in Disadvantage Families a Step by Step Approach Full Text PDF
287 2019-04-22 research article Using Pedagogical Symbols in A Map in Supervision Full Text PDF
288 2019-04-22 research article A Case-Control Study on the Effects of Youcha On Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Gongcheng County, China Full Text PDF
289 2019-04-17 perspective A Pedagogical Model for Teaching and learning in Nursing Full Text PDF
290 2019-03-19 research article Research Question: What is the Lived Experience of being a Father to an Infant in the NICU? Full Text PDF
291 2019-03-19 perspective article Analysing UK Equal Opportunity Policy and Legislation. Has it Influenced the Progression of BME Nurses? Full Text PDF
292 2019-03-19 research article Coping Strategies of Prelicensure Registered Nursing Students Experiencing Student-to-Student Incivility Full Text PDF
293 2019-03-19 mini review Culturally Competent Preceptorship Full Text PDF
294 2019-03-19 research article Nurse Educators’ Perceptions of Using High-Fidelity Simulation in Teaching Full Text PDF
295 2019-03-19 research article Use of Standardized Processes to Achieve Optimal Pre-Surgical Skin Aspesis Full Text PDF
296 2019-03-19 review article Development and Validation of Nurse Emotional Labor Scale (NELS) Full Text PDF
297 2019-03-19 research article Comparison of Cardiometabolic Risk and Associated Outcomes Among Elderly African Americans with a Nurse Practitioner Patient Navigator Full Text PDF
298 2019-03-19 research article Prevalence of Self-Medication During Pregnancy in an Outpatient Clinic of a University Hospital Full Text PDF
299 2019-03-19 review article The Intersection of Postpartum Depression and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Full Text PDF
300 2019-03-19 research rticle Integrative Approach to Asthma Education in a School Based Health Center: A Pilot Test Full Text PDF
301 2019-03-19 proposal APRN Legislative Change in Pennsylvania: DNP Project Proposal Full Text PDF
302 2019-03-19 case report Identification of Pediatric Schistosomiasis in Bokhol, Senegal: A Case Report to Aid Nurse Practitioners in Practice Full Text PDF
303 2019-03-18 review article Safety Net Hospitals as Vulnerable Populations Full Text PDF
304 2019-03-18 breif report Global Health Issues: Human Trafficking Explored Full Text PDF
305 2019-03-18 breif report Vulnerable Population of Substance Abusers Full Text PDF
306 2019-03-18 review article A Motivational Profile of Nurses Pursuing Doctoral Education Full Text PDF
307 2019-03-16 review article Bridging The Gap: From Bedside Practice to Clinical Teaching Full Text PDF
308 2019-03-15 research article Evaluating Triage Practices in Emergency Department Fast Tracks Full Text PDF
309 2019-02-28 research article Improving Specialty Care to the Medically Underserved Full Text PDF
310 2019-01-30 research article Effects of Innovations and Challenges in Nursing Education on Learning Outcomes: A Case Study of Oyo State College of Nursing and Midwifery, Eleyele, Ibadan Full Text PDF
311 2019-01-24 research article Evaluation of Multidisciplinary Tobacco Cessation Services Full Text PDF
312 2019-01-10 research article Identifying Interventions to Reduce Anxiety and Promote the Successful Transitioning of our Next Generation of Nurse Practitioners Full Text PDF
313 2019-01-09 research article An Investigation of Burnout Experienced in Nurses Within the Hospital Setting Full Text PDF
314 2019-01-07 dissertation The Effect of an Electronic Chart Alert on Providers’ Rate of Obesity Diagnosis Full Text PDF
315 2018-12-22 case report Stroke Rehabilitation for a Patient with Substance Use and Psychiatric Disorders: A Case Report Full Text PDF
316 2018-12-15 brief report Use of the Family Adjustment and Adaptation Response Model to Understand the Impact of Stress in Children Full Text PDF
317 2018-11-22 research article Feasibility and Effectiveness of Smartphone Text-delivered Nutrition Education in the College Setting: A Mixed-methods Pilot Study Full Text PDF
318 2018-11-16 mini review Glaucoma Review Full Text PDF
319 2018-11-02 dissertation Direct Practice Improvement Project Proposal Improving Patient Satisfaction Scores by Reducing Mental Health Stigmas of Health Care Professionals Full Text PDF
320 2018-11-01 brief report Reflective Practice: Implementation Across Curriculums Full Text PDF
321 2018-10-30 brief report Nursing Science: The Prevailing Paradigms throughout the Centuries Full Text PDF
322 2018-10-25 research article The Prevalence of Overweight and Obesity in California Full Text PDF
323 2018-10-24 brief report Cultural Competence: Transcultural Self-Efficacy in Nursing and Pre-Med Students Full Text PDF
324 2018-10-22 research article Integration of Palliative Care Content within a Public Health Nursing Course Full Text PDF
325 2018-10-16 short communication Application of Quality Improvement to Improve Patient Outcomes: Obesity Prevention Full Text PDF
326 2018-09-28 research article Impact of Study Sessions for First Semester Nursing Students Full Text PDF
327 2018-09-14 review article Literature Review- Simulation Education: Improving Patient Safety and Healthcare Professionals Critical Thinking Skills and Confidence Levels When Providing Care Full Text PDF
328 2018-09-14 mini review Evaluation of Motivational Interview in Nursing: A Literature Review Full Text PDF
329 2018-08-14 research article Nurse Educators’ Lived Experiences with Student Incivility Full Text PDF
330 2018-08-08 research article Evaluation of Two Screening Methods for Cardiometabolic Syndrome among Hispanic Adults from NHANES 2011 - 2012 Full Text PDF
331 2018-08-08 research article Reception by Brazilian Nurses to Relatives of Adult Patients hospitalized in Intensive Care Units Full Text PDF
332 2018-07-23 research article Patient and Organisation-Related Factors Associated with the Duration of Ward Rounds for Gastroenterological Patients Full Text PDF
333 2018-07-20 review article Improving Care for One in Five Women: Evaluating and Managing Dyspareunia Full Text PDF
334 2018-07-04 research article Cultivating Perceived Self Efficacy Through a Flipped Classroom Approach to Teaching and Learning Full Text PDF
335 2018-06-29 research article The Development of the Life-Worldly Communication Scale (LWCS) for Elderly Persons in Geriatric Facilities Full Text PDF
336 2018-06-18 research article Ethical Problems Experienced by ICU Nurses Caring for Patients with DNR Orders Full Text PDF
337 2018-05-23 research article Lessons Learned and Current Challenges in Online Teaching and Learning Among Academic Nurse Educators: A Descriptive Qualitative Study Full Text PDF
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