Journal of Vaccines, Immunology and Immunopathology
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1 2024-02-15 Short Commentary The Lübeck Gene-Free Vaccination Against Covid-19 Cannot be Legally Challenged! Current Situation and Summary Full Text PDF
2 2024-02-02 Research Article The Effect of the Anti-Covid-19 Vaccine Abdala Dose Level and Dosing Interval in Rats and Cynomolgus Monkeys Full Text PDF
3 2024-01-12 Mini Rivew A Review on Safety and Potency Testing Of Capripoxvirus Vaccines Full Text PDF
4 2023-12-04 Short Commentary Adult Respiratory Pathogens Vaccination: A Neglected Public Health Intervention in Africa Full Text PDF
5 2023-10-27 Review Article Review of Cell Therapy Approaches to Autism: A Review of Clinical Trial Full Text PDF
6 2023-10-03 Review Article A Comprehensive Review of 16 Existing Reviews that Investigate the Influence of Stress on the Onset and Exacerbation of Autoimmune Diseases Full Text PDF
7 2023-09-20 Letter Commemorating 123 years of Allergy Immunotherapy Full Text PDF
8 2023-09-19 Research Article The Association Between Anxiety and Autoimmune Diseases: A Systematic Review and MetaAnalysis of 16 Studies Full Text PDF
9 2023-07-27 Opinion Structure-Based Reverse Vaccinology Did not Succeed in Developing an Effective Vaccine Against HIV-1 Because the Binding of Viral Epitopes with Antibodies Did Not Induce a Protective Immunogenicity in the Epitopes Full Text PDF
10 2023-07-06 Research Article Safety of SARS-CoV-2 Vaccines in Patients with Autoimmune Diseases Full Text PDF
11 2023-07-05 Research Article Immune-Modulatory Effect of a Poly-Herbal Blend in Individuals Frequently Susceptible to Cold and Flu: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study Full Text PDF
12 2023-07-04 Research Article Lower Incidences and Deaths Due to COVID-19 in Countries with high Deaths Due to Tuberculosis and Flu: a 2021-2022 Update Full Text PDF
13 2023-06-30 Research Article Investigation of the Association between rs2296283 and rs7337610 Polymorphisms of FLT-1 Gene with Behcet’s Disease in the Population of Tehran-Iran Full Text PDF
14 2023-05-25 Research Article Expansion of Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocytes (TILs) with Substantial Stemness Properties from Vulvar Cancer Full Text PDF
15 2023-05-25 Research Article Study of Donkey Milk as A Possible Alternative for Patients Allergic to Cow’s Milk Full Text PDF
16 2023-05-15 Research Article Prevention of Symptomatic Covid-19 Infection by Personal Dendritic Cell Vaccine Full Text PDF
17 2023-03-20 case report New-onset Nephrotic Syndrome with Minimal Change Disease Following Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine: A Case Report and Literature Review Full Text PDF
18 2023-01-28 short communication Job Triptych: Typical Cutaneous Expression of An Immunodeficiency Disease Full Text PDF
19 2023-01-24 case report Follicular Lymphoma Secondary to Common Variable Immune Deficiency- A Mini Review Full Text PDF
20 2022-12-24 case report Case Report: An Unreported Homozygous Variant within Lipopolysaccharide Responsive Beige-Like Anchor (LRBA) Gene in a Child Exhibiting with Infantile Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Full Text PDF
21 2022-11-25 research article Effect of Measles Immunity on the Prognosis of Acute COVID-19 Infection Full Text PDF
22 2022-11-25 short commentary Essential Amino Acids as Immunonutrition in Critical Illness: Time for Trials? Full Text PDF
23 2022-07-04 short commentry LubecaVax: The Safe way out of the Anti-Corona Vaccination Chaos Full Text PDF
24 2022-07-04 shortcommentry Gene-Based Anti-Corona Vaccines are Dangerous: The “Pseudo-COVID Syndrome” Full Text PDF
25 2022-07-04 short commentry „LubecaVax“: The Individual Anti-Corona Vaccine from Lübeck. Primum Nihil Nocere! Version 2022-06-01 Full Text PDF
26 2022-06-03 research article Near Infrared Spectroscopy - A Real-Time Method to Measure Aluminum Content and Protein Concentration in Adsorbed Vaccines Full Text PDF
27 2022-04-09 short communication Cell Immune Response in Mice Skin Stimulated with Different Adjuvants by Intradermal Route Full Text PDF
28 2022-01-22 review article Is it Time to Reconsider and Re-Stratergise B Lymphocyte Based Immunotherapy? Full Text PDF
29 2022-01-06 opinion Seven Deadly Sins of the Immune System Full Text PDF
30 2021-08-20 review article Effectiveness of Post-Exposure Prophylaxis in Preventing Severe SARS-Cov2 Disease (PEP-VAX) Full Text PDF
31 2021-06-11 review article Role of Gut Microbiota in Autoimmune Diseases: A Review Full Text PDF
32 2021-04-26 research article Prevalence and Associated Factors of Hepatitis B Birth Dose Vaccination in Vietnam: Where Should we Start? Full Text PDF
33 2021-04-14 review article Saint James: Reflections on a Long Road of Treatments from Rheumatoid Arthritis to COVID-19 Full Text PDF
34 2021-03-03 review article Mass of Saint Gregory: Lymphocyte Transformation Tests as a Diagnostic Tool in Clinical Immunology Full Text PDF
35 2021-02-27 research article Polymorphisms of Selected Antigen-Coding Genes of Theileria parva Isolates from Cattle in Southwestern Uganda Full Text PDF
36 2021-01-30 review article Fc Receptors on CD4+ T cells: A Role in Cytokine Storm and Antibody Dependent Enhancement Full Text PDF
37 2020-12-15 opinion article Fall of the Rebel Angels: How SARS-Cov-2 Landed on Earth Full Text PDF
38 2020-04-09 review article Vaccines and Vaccinology in Latin America Conference Report Full Text PDF
39 2020-04-06 Short Commentary The Temptation of St. Anthony: Fighting against an Invisible Enemy in Times of Corona Full Text PDF
40 2020-03-05 research article Tubulin vaccinated Ankole cattle develop less severe lesions than the non-vaccinated cattle when experimentally infected with Trypanosoma brucei brucei Full Text PDF
41 2020-03-05 research article Isoforskolin Inhibits Lipopolysaccharide Activation of the TLR4/MyD-88/NF-κB Pathway in Small Airway Epithelial Cells Full Text PDF
42 2020-02-27 review article The Arrest of Christ: Autotransplantation from Miracle to Medical Procedure Full Text PDF
43 2019-11-25 editorial Childhood Flu Vaccination: An Opportunity to Reduce the Burden of Disease due to Influenza Epidemics Full Text PDF
44 2019-08-30 review article Rv3615c-Specific CD4+ T Cells Express IL-21 To Help B Cells Produce Immunoglobulins in Tuberculosis Pleurisy Full Text PDF
45 2019-08-09 review article The Path of Life: On the Role of Microbiota in Mucosal Immunity Full Text PDF
46 2019-08-03 short communication Approaches Towards a Malaria Vaccine Full Text PDF
47 2019-07-26 research article The High Refined Carbohydrate Diet Promotes Renal Injury in Mice Exposed to Cigarette Smoke Full Text PDF
48 2019-05-06 review article Mucosal-Associated Invariant T Cells in Tuberculosis Pleurisy Full Text PDF
49 2019-02-28 review article Autoimmune Hepatitis: Aetiopathogenesis and Immunotherapies Full Text PDF
50 2019-02-28 image article Christ Child with a Walking Frame: Support of the Immune System by Vaccination Full Text PDF
51 2019-01-08 short communication Approaches Towards a Malaria Vaccine Full Text PDF
52 2018-09-25 research article Analysis of the Impact of Vaccination as Control Strategy of Dengue Transmission Dynamics Considering a Multi-Strain Model Full Text PDF
53 2018-09-24 opinion Mankind Beset by Devils: On the Function of Sneezing and Coughing as a Form of Defense Against Infections Full Text PDF
54 2018-07-26 short commentary Control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease When Vaccines are Not Available Full Text PDF
55 2018-07-26 review article Assessment of the Diagnostic Ability of the DIVA Real-Time PCR in a Duplex Configuration to Differentiate Between the Turkey Meningoencephalitis Vaccine and Wild-Type Viruses Full Text PDF
56 2018-07-26 case report Case Report of a Man with HSV-1 Infection: Pulmonary and Encephalic Disease Full Text PDF
57 2018-07-25 short commentary Terrestrial Paradise: Multiplex Immunoassay for Specific Pneumococcal Polysaccharide Antibodies Full Text PDF
58 2018-05-28 review article An Intersection Between the Immune System and Cellular Signaling Pathways - The Impact of Anti-HER2 Monoclonal Antibodies on Individualized Approaches to Patients with Breast Cancer Full Text PDF
59 2018-05-28 case report An Infant with Generalized Erythematous Cutaneous Lesions, Lymphadenopathy, Persistent Vomiting and Failure to Thrive: A Case Report Full Text PDF
60 2018-05-28 short commentary Acute Flaccid Paralysis as Expressed in Art Full Text PDF
61 2018-03-05 research article Some Virological Studies on Rift Valley Fever Virus in Camels Full Text PDF
62 2018-02-17 research article Motivators to Participate in aNon-HIV Experimental Study among HIV-Infected Individuals in Nairobi, Kenya: A ConsecutiveSample of an Ebola Vaccine Clinical Trial Full Text PDF
63 2018-02-17 research article Factors Associated with the Timeliness of Rotavirus Vaccine in Children Attending a Paediatric Casualty in a Public Hospital, Nairobi County, Kenya Full Text PDF
64 2018-02-17 short commentary Upregulated Expression of miR-301a Stimulates Inflammation in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Recent update Full Text PDF
65 2018-02-17 short communication Dengue Vaccine- A Ray of Hope Full Text PDF
66 2018-02-17 case report The Crowning with Thorns: How an Intact Skin Forms the First Line of Defense Against Infections Full Text PDF
67 2017-12-19 research article Therapeutic Vaccination with Recombinant Idiotype and RNAdjuvant®Cures Mice with Pre-Established A20 Lymphoma Full Text PDF
68 2017-12-11 case report A Case of Infantile Bronchial Asthma That Completely Healed After Repeated Intradermal Injections with A Non-Specific Antigen Preparation Full Text PDF
69 2017-11-07 research article Tumor-Derived Extracellular VesiclesSuppressthe Antigen-specific Immune Responsevia Toll-like Receptor 4 Full Text PDF
70 2017-11-07 research article Failing Sulphadoxine-Pyrimethamine May Increases the Risk of Fetal In-UteroSensitization and Neonatal Malaria: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Full Text PDF
71 2017-11-07 case report Primary (De Novo) EGFR T790M Mutation and High PD-L1 Expression in A Smoker with Metastatic Lung Adenocarcinoma: A Case Report and Literature Review Full Text PDF
72 2017-11-07 case report Two Cases of Complete Recoveries from Autoimmune and / or Allergic Diseases Full Text PDF
73 2017-11-07 editorial Remyelination in Multiple Sclerosis: A Focus on Anti-LINGO-1 (Opicinumab) Full Text PDF
74 2017-10-20 research article Development and Clinical Application of Liquid chip Luminex Assay in theDetection of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor and K-Ras Mutation Full Text PDF
75 2017-09-22 research article Prediction of an Epitope-Based Vaccine Against Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) an in silico Approach Full Text PDF
76 0000-00-00 research article Seroprevalence of Hepatitis B Virus in Iraqi Population Full Text PDF
77 0000-00-00 editorial The Future of Utilizing in Vivo Interbacterial Interactions to Develop Novel Anti-Bacteria Therapeutics and Vaccines Full Text PDF
78 0000-00-00 editorial Targeting CD33 with Antibody-Drug Conjugates: Challenges and New Hopes Full Text PDF
79 0000-00-00 short commentary A Case of Atopic Dermatitis That Healed Virtually Completely After A Number of Intradermal Injections with A Non-Specific Antigen Solution Full Text PDF
80 0000-00-00 editorial Association of Human Cytomegalovirus and Epstein-Barr virus with Breast Cancer Full Text PDF
81 0000-00-00 research article Vitamin D and Tuberculosis in Children: A Review Vitamin D and Tuberculosis Full Text PDF
82 0000-00-00 review article Use of a Mycobacterium Adjuvant to Enhance the Antibody Response to Vaccination against Staphylococcus aureus Mastitis in Dairy Heifers Full Text PDF