International Journal of Geriatrics and Gerontology
ISSN: 2577-0748
Impact Factor: 3.35
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1 2024-06-29 Research Article Aging Impairs the Capacity of Cardiac Functional Recovery Following Endotoxemia: Modification of Myocardial Klotho Level for Remedy Full Text PDF
2 2024-06-26 Research Article Range of Lower Limb Joint Mobility and Risk of falls in the Elderly Full Text PDF
3 2024-04-24 Case Report Is Gonarthrosis always the Cause of Knee Pain in the Elderly? Full Text PDF
4 2024-04-24 Research Article Group Compassion-Focused Therapy for Psychological Distress in Parkinson’s – An Exploratory Case Series in Clinical Practice Full Text PDF
5 2024-03-13 Research Article The Relation between Walking Capacity and Quality of Life after Stroke: A Study of Consecutive Patients in a Swedish County Hospital Full Text PDF
6 2024-03-05 Review Article The Construct of Alzheimer’s Disease Matured for Retirement Full Text PDF
7 2024-02-29 Research Article Understanding the Lived Experience of Frailty in the Chronic Kidney Disease Context Using Social Cognitive Theory: An Exploratory Qualitative Study Full Text PDF
8 2024-02-27 Research Article Virtual Zen Garden for Residents in Long-Term Care Home: A Feasibility Study Full Text PDF
9 2024-01-30 Research Article Prevalence and Associated Factors of Frailty in a Cohort of Older People with Opioid use Disorder Receiving Opioid Agonist Therapy Full Text PDF
10 2024-01-09 Research Article Geriatric Space Travel© Full Text PDF
11 2023-12-19 Review Article Dementia Appraisal: Overview of Good Clinical Practices, Barriers, and Gaps for Integrated Care Full Text PDF
12 2023-12-12 Review Article The Silent Struggles: A Comprehensive Review of Hormonal Effects on Swallowing Difficulty in Aging Women Full Text PDF
13 2023-12-07 Research Article Differences in Clients Who Develop Home-Based or Community-Based Goals in a Transition Care Program: A Retrospective Cohort Study Full Text PDF
14 2023-12-01 Research Article The Healing Power of Green Spaces: Combating Loneliness, Loss, and Isolation Full Text PDF
15 2023-11-27 Research Article A Case Study in Implementing Integrated Care for Older People in Ireland; Getting from Complex Challenge to Complex Adaptation Full Text PDF
16 2023-09-27 Review Article Assessment and Treatment of Pain in Dementia Patients Full Text PDF
17 2023-09-19 Review Article NADH in the Prevention and Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease: Mechanisms and Research Progress Full Text PDF
18 2023-09-14 Short Communication Triumphing in the Art of Aging: Key Determinants Full Text PDF
19 2023-09-12 Review Article On the Etiology and Characteristic of Pain in the Elderly Suffering from Dementia Full Text PDF
20 2023-09-07 Short Communication Fostering Interdisciplinary Research and Empowerment Strategies for Older People with Chronic Conditions. The EMPOWERED Project Full Text PDF
21 2023-05-27 Research Article Emotion Evaluation from Young Adults to Old Seniors using Films Emotionally Labelled Full Text PDF
22 2023-05-27 Research Article Sway Spectral Analysis in the Instrumented Romberg Test: Is there a Correlation between the Most Evident Harmonics of Closed Eyes Sway and Musculoskeletal Dysfunction Foci? A Medical Hypothesis Based on Clinical Experience Full Text PDF
23 2023-05-23 Research Article A Cox’s Proportional Model to Assess Survival Prognostic Factors in Patients Over 85 Years of Age Undergoing Heart Surgery Full Text PDF
24 2023-05-11 letter to editor Can Movement Therapy Reduce Stress and Anxiety in Geriatric Patients? Full Text PDF
25 2023-05-01 research article Managing Cognitive Dysfunction in Geriatric Populations: A Multidisciplinary Approach Full Text PDF
26 2023-05-01 research article Nutritional Interventions for the Prevention and Management of Sarcopenia in Elderly Population: A Comprehensive Review Full Text PDF
27 2023-05-01 research article The Impact of Age-Related Sensory Impairments (Hearing, Vision, and Taste) On Cognitive Function, Social Interaction, and Quality of Life in Older Adults Full Text PDF
28 2023-03-27 research article NIH-AARP: Association of Caregiving with Lifestyle Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors Full Text PDF
29 2023-03-06 review article Sleep Problems in Aging (Ageing) Adults: A Narrative Review Full Text PDF
30 2023-02-06 research article Non-Invasive Colorectal Cancer Mutation Profiling by Targeted Sequencing of Tumour- Derived DNA in the Tongue Coating of Cancer Patients Full Text PDF
31 2023-01-31 research article Variations in the Treatment of Coronary Syndromes in Nonagenarians Full Text PDF
32 2023-01-26 review article Late Life Depression: A Narrative Review Full Text PDF
33 2023-01-11 research article Smart Phone App eMediCallTM Usability and Its Impact on the Clinical Communication among Nursing Home Healthcare Providers and Nurses Full Text PDF
34 2022-12-05 short communication Palliative Project Vorarlberg: Report on a Multidisciplinary Development Full Text PDF
35 2022-11-17 research article Lifestyle Changes and Perception of Elderly: A Study of the Old Age Homes in Pune City, India Full Text PDF
36 2022-09-15 review article Developing a Shared Language to Describe the Age-Friendly Ecosystem: Technical Meeting Report Full Text PDF
37 2022-08-18 research article Drug Interaction in Institutionalized Elderly People Full Text PDF
38 2022-06-15 review article Mindfulness and its Application for Older Adults with Chronically Painful Osteoarthritis Full Text PDF
39 2022-02-16 research article Experiences of Healthcare Providers in Care Delivery to Older Persons Full Text PDF
40 2022-01-31 research article The Usefulness of Rowland Universal Dementia Assessment Scale in Oman: A Cross Sectional Study Full Text PDF
41 2021-12-29 mini review Multiple System Atrophy: An Update Review Full Text PDF
42 2021-03-02 research article Synthetic Cannabinoid Receptor Agonists Abuse in Older Adults Full Text PDF
43 2021-02-08 research article The 12-Month Administration of Tofogliflozin for Glycemic Control with Monitoring Electrolytes, Renal and Cardiac Function in Japanese Elderly Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Full Text PDF
44 2020-12-21 research article Prevalence of Elder Abuse in an Urban Slum in North India: A Cross-Sectional Study Full Text PDF
45 2020-12-08 research article Perioperative Complications, Urinary Retention and Aspiration Pneumonia in Patients with Femoral Neck and Trochanter Fractures Under the Multidisciplinary Program: A Study at Bone Femoral Neck and Trochanter Fracture Center, Toyama Municipal Hospital Full Text PDF
46 2019-10-23 research article Potential Interactions Involving Inappropriate Medications according to the 2015 Updated Beers Criteria Full Text PDF
47 2019-10-18 case report Unexplained Chronic Skin Lesions in an Older Male! Consider The Iatrogenic Factor: Hydralazine Induced Cutaneous Lupus! Full Text PDF
48 2019-10-09 case report Elevated Vitamin D Levels and Hypercalcaemia on Maintenance Dose of Calcium and Vitamin D Full Text PDF
49 2019-09-26 review article Effects of Functional Training on Body Composition, Physical Fitness, Cognitive Status and Cardiovascular Health in the Older People Full Text PDF
50 2019-08-12 research article Vitamin D Deficiency: Risk Factor for Osteoporosis in A Country Right Under the Path of the Sun Full Text PDF
51 2018-06-12 research article From Intervention Trial to Full-scale Implementation Research: Positive Tendencies for Frailty and Self-rated Health in Frail Older People Full Text PDF
52 2018-06-02 research article Third Age Universities in Portugal and Brazil: Characterization, Motivation and Health Impact Full Text PDF
53 2018-05-05 original article Current State of Geriatric Dentistry: The State of Oral Health and the Quality of Dental Care of Seniors in Nursing and Retirement Homes Full Text PDF
54 2018-05-05 research article Psychogeriatric Problems Seen in the Primary Care Arm of a Tertiary Hospital in Calabar, South-South Nigeria Full Text PDF
55 2018-04-23 research article Effects of Ramadan Fasting on the Prevalence of Pathologic Findings Diagnosed by Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy in Geriatric Patients Full Text PDF
56 2018-03-07 review article Sarcopenia in Elderly Full Text PDF
57 2018-01-20 original-article Effect of ExtremityStimulation viaVibroacoustic Therapy on Elderly Nursing Home Residents with Depression and Attentional Disturbance: A Pilot Study Full Text PDF
58 2018-01-08 research article Psychogeriatric Problems Seen in the Primary Care Arm of a Tertiary Hospital in Calabar, South-South Nigeria Full Text PDF
59 2018-01-04 original article Current State of Geriatric Dentistry: The State of Oral Health and the Quality of Dental Care of Seniors in Nursing and Retirement Homes Full Text PDF
60 2017-12-29 research article Enzymatic Remodeling of Connective Tissue as a Novel Approach to Rejuvenation in Mammals Full Text PDF
61 2017-12-06 review article SMART Technology: Redefining Geriatric Health Care Full Text PDF
62 2017-12-06 research article Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Cognitive Impairment: A Prospective Study Full Text PDF
63 2017-12-06 research article Association Between Quality of Life Perception and Five Years Mortality in Community Living Older People Full Text PDF
64 2017-12-06 review article Role of Interleukin-15 in Sarcopenia:Future New Target Therapy Full Text PDF
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