Advances in Food Processing and Technology
ISSN: 2639-3387
Impact Factor: 1.89

Advances in Food Processing and Technology (ISSN 2639-3387) is a cross-disciplinary scholarly, scientific open access publication, covers the significant Trends in modern food processing, Drawbacks, and its Hygiene, food preservation, etc,. The Food Processing Technology Journal provides a unique platform that helps to collect and disseminate state-of-the-art research among various disciplines related to the fields. Journal accepts papers around the world, that would be useful for upcoming research.

Aim and Scope:

Advances in Food Processing and Technology Journal aim to encourage researchers/eminent scholars/students to take the research to the international level. In order to achieve this, it is important to bring into light disseminate outstanding research and development results to the world instantaneously the latest advances in this domain. We provide a platform to publish their experimental and theoretical results in as much detail as possible and collect precise data in the fields of food processing and its technology.

The journal covers high quality manuscripts that are both relevant and applicable to the broaden the field.