Sports Injuries & Medicine
ISSN: 2576-9596
Impact Factor: 3.02
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1 2024-01-29 Research Article Distal Radius Morphometry in the Saudi Population Full Text PDF
2 2023-11-20 Mini Rivew Evaluation, Diagnosis and Management of Persisting Pain Post Sportsman’s Groin Repair Full Text PDF
3 2023-06-29 Case Study Cricket Scotland Women’s Twenty-20 International Cricket Council World Cup Qualifier: A Pilot Prospective Cohort Injury Study Full Text PDF
4 2023-06-22 Review Article Variations of The Bilateral Barbell Squat: A Brief Review Full Text PDF
5 2023-05-08 research article Psychometric Properties of a Greek Version of Athlete Burnout Questionnaire Full Text PDF
6 2022-11-29 research article Location, Location, Location: Understanding the Impact of Shot Placements in Badminton Men’s Double at 2022 World Championship Full Text PDF
7 2022-11-03 research article Impact of Acute Exercise on Baseline Concussion Measures Full Text PDF
8 2022-10-29 research article Reconstruction of the PCL Posterior Cruciate Ligament by Single Posterolateral Access to the Knee Reproduced Surgical Technique Full Text PDF
9 2022-10-17 mini review Physiological Principles of Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing Full Text PDF
10 2022-08-24 research article Wrist Support Does Not Prevent Wrist Injury or Pain but May be Therapeutic for Existing Wrist Pain in Female Gymnasts Full Text PDF
11 2022-08-02 research article A Novel Framework for Analysis of Lower Limb Movements: Integration of Augmented Reality and Sensor-based Systems Full Text PDF
12 2022-07-28 research article The Association between High School Coach’s Leadership Behaviors and Athletes’ Self-Efficacy and Grit Full Text PDF
13 2022-07-08 research article School Injuries in Children with Mild Intellectual Disabilities Full Text PDF
14 2022-06-27 research article Randomized Controlled Trial of a 12-Week Digital Wellbeing Program in Improving Workers Healthy Habits Full Text PDF
15 2022-05-27 case report Myocardial Complications and Decline in Leftventricular Function after Whole BodyElectro-Myo-Stimulation (WB-EMS) Full Text PDF
16 2022-05-19 research article Female Football Specific Energy Availability Questionnaire and Menstrual Cycle Hormone Monitoring Full Text PDF
17 2022-03-30 research article The Effects of PNF Stretching on Range of Motion, Strength, Balance and Postural Adaptations in Older Women with Osteoarthritis Full Text PDF
18 2022-02-09 review article Stature and Its Estimation Utilizing Length of Hand Measurements of Both Gender Adolescents from Western region of Kosovo Full Text PDF
19 2021-12-20 research article A Combination of Tisseel Fibrin Glue and Orthokine ACS improves Knee Meniscus Injury Treatment and helps Avoid Surgery 4-year follow-up Archive Study Full Text PDF
20 2021-12-14 review article Shoulder Dislocations: A Dedicated Search Strategy for Important Radiographic Signs Full Text PDF
21 2021-05-20 case report The Quantification, Autoregulation and Reliability of the Stomp as an Osteogenic Exercise Full Text PDF
22 2021-04-20 case report The Health of Community-Residing Elderly Study: Effectiveness of Health in Movement, an Adapted Physical Activity Program, in Improving Psychophysical Performance in Community-Residing Older Adults Full Text PDF
23 2020-08-06 review article New Review Regarding the Role of Hip Arthroscopy Full Text PDF
24 2020-07-17 research article Gastrocnemius and Soleus Muscle Contributions to Ankle Plantar Flexion Torque as a Function of Ankle and Knee Angle Full Text PDF
25 2020-03-19 research article Best Practice use of Wearable Accelerometers in Gait Biomechanics Full Text PDF
26 2019-12-07 research article Relationship between Anthropometric Characteristics and VO2 Max among Young Male Taekwondo Players Residing in BKSP, Dhaka Full Text PDF
27 2019-11-06 review article Cannabidiol (CBD) in the Management of Sports-Related Traumatic Brain Injury: Research and Efficacy Full Text PDF
28 2019-08-24 research article Plication of The Medial Patellofemoral Ligament for The Treatment of Chronic Patella Dislocations and Refractory Patellofemoral Syndrome. A Retrospective Case Series and Review Full Text PDF
29 2019-08-14 research article The Effect of Mortality of Diabetes Tuberculosis Patients Using Meta-Analysis Full Text PDF
30 2019-07-30 Research Article Injury Rate in Beach Handball – Comparison Between Two Tournaments of the European Beach Tour (EBT) Full Text PDF
31 2019-07-05 research article Long-Term Effects of ACL Transection on the Gastrocnemius Muscle in Rats Full Text PDF
32 2019-04-16 review article Positive Effects of Training for Expectant Mothers- Physical Activity for The Prevention of Pregnancy Related Diseases Full Text PDF
33 2019-03-08 research article The Survey of the Relationship Between Moderate-Intensity Sport Activities and the Level of Sleep Subjective Quality in Non-Athlete Male Students Using Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index Full Text PDF
34 2019-03-08 review article The Meniscus and Meniscal Scaffolds for Partial Meniscal Replacements Full Text PDF
35 2019-03-08 research article The Incidence of Injuries in Development Short Track Speed Skaters Part 1: On Ice Full Text PDF
36 2019-03-08 research article Injuries in Young Professional Soccer Players: Epidemiological and Prevention Topics Full Text PDF
37 2019-03-08 research article Construction of A Case Management Practice Model for Subjective Experience and Needs of Perioperative Patients with Lung Cancer Full Text PDF
38 2019-01-09 research article Short-and Long-Term Effects of Sclerotherapy on Chronic Tendinosis with Neovascularizationamong Sportsmen and Athletes Full Text PDF
39 2018-10-17 research article Lower-Limb Coordination Responses to Knee Bracing in Females with Anterior Knee Pain Full Text PDF
40 2018-09-14 review article Proposed Autograft Superiority to Allograft Use in Return to Sport Rates Following Revision ACL Reconstruction: A Literature Review Full Text PDF
41 2018-07-13 short communication Real-World Observations from a First Season of the Rugby Union “Activate Programme” for Injury Risk Reduction in a U19 Men’s Team in North Carolina, USA Full Text PDF
42 2018-05-30 Research Article Comparison of Electronic and Self-Reported Pedometer Step Counts in a Dog Walking Study Full Text PDF
43 2018-05-28 research article Brain Motion, Deformation, and Potential Injury During Soccer Heading Full Text PDF
44 2018-02-26 research article Computer Based Oculomotor Training Improves Reading Abilities in Dyslexic Children: Results from A Pilot Study Full Text PDF
45 2018-02-22 case report The Effects of Manual Therapy and PRIMFIT Unstable Surface Balance Training on Walking Gait Cycle Post an Acute Grade 3 Inversion Ankle Sprain: A Case Study Full Text PDF
46 2018-02-14 research article Does Age Have Different Influence Between Mountain and City Marathons? -An Analysis from Switzerland Full Text PDF
47 2017-12-06 research article Monthly Variability in Anterior Knee Laxity and Estradiol Concentration in 18 to 26-Year-Old, Healthy Women witha Regular Menstrual Cycle Full Text PDF
48 2017-11-18 short communication Metastable Strength Performance-A Complementary View to Training and Assessment Full Text PDF
49 2017-11-18 short communication Football Concussions and A 1905 “Crazy” Episode: an Early Doctor-Treated Medical Event at Harvard Full Text PDF
50 2017-11-18 research article Effect of Structured Patient Education in Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain with Fear Avoidance Beliefs Full Text PDF
51 2017-11-18 research article Vitamin D Knowledge Awareness and Behaviours Associated with Sunlight in the Elite Minor Hockey Community in Calgary, Alberta Full Text PDF
52 2017-11-18 case report Subchondral Cyst Causing ACI Graft Failure Treated with Tissue Autologous Engineered Chondral Plug Full Text PDF
53 2017-11-18 case study Eccentric Loading Rehabilitation of Patient with Severe Post-Operative Muscle Atrophy Full Text PDF
54 2017-11-18 research article Selective Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy (SED™) and Thermal Annuloplasty for Discogenic Back Pain, Disc Herniations and Sciatica in High Performance Athletes and Physically Active Patients Full Text PDF
55 2017-11-18 case report Subscapularis Tears in Our Younger Athletes Full Text PDF
56 2017-11-18 research article Monthly Variability in Anterior Knee Laxity and Estradiol Concentration in 18 to 26-Year-Old, Healthy Women with a Regular Menstrual Cycle Full Text PDF
57 2017-11-18 review article Physical Therapy Treatment for Chronic Achilles Tendinopathy Full Text PDF
58 2017-11-18 research article Comparing Performance Category Criteria for U.S. Navy Alternate Physical Readiness Tests Full Text PDF
59 2017-11-18 editorial Meniscal Suture- From Past to Future Full Text PDF
60 2017-11-18 research article All Inside Meniscal Repair: Three Years Follow up Full Text PDF
61 2017-11-18 Abstract Decolonizing Microbiology Full Text PDF
62 2017-11-18 research article Use of The SWAY Balance Application for The Apple IPhone as an Objective Assessment for Sports-Related Concussion Balance Testing in High School and College Athletes Full Text PDF
63 0000-00-00 research article Core Stabilization: Key in Chronic Low Back Pain Full Text PDF
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