Research Advances in Brain Disorders and Therapy
ISSN: 2690-0122
Impact Factor: 1.53

Research Advances in Brain Disorders and Therapy is an open access scientific journal providing a valuable podium for all the academicians, scientists, researchers and students across the globe to encourage, discuss and share the novel discoveries related to neuroscience.

Aim and Scope

Research Advances in Brain Disorders and Therapy is a scholarly peer-reviewed, online journal covering high quality manuscripts which are both relevant and applicable to the broad field of knowledge. This journal encompasses the study related to the diagnosis and treatment of disease or malfunctioning of the brain, muscles, peripheral nerves, spinal cord and autonomic nervous system, as well as the neural blood vessels.

The objective of journal is to maintain and develop science and related research at an international level. To achieve this, it is important to bring into major field of neurology with the novel studies, which can save millions of lives worldwide by means of publications.

All published articles are assigned to Digital Object Identifier (DOI) - Crossref.

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