Journal of Orthodontics and Craniofacial Research
S.No Date Article Type Title Year HTML PDF
1 2020-10-16 review article Air-Polishing in Subgingival Root Debridement during Supportive Periodontal Care: A Review 2020 Full Text PDF
2 2020-09-08 review article Clinical Trial Designs for the Testing of OTC Products for Dentine Hypersensitivity-A Systematic Review 2020 Full Text PDF
3 2020-08-28 case report Histo-Pathological Assessment of Zinc Oxide Eugenol Canal Sealer on Periodontal Tissues: Three Case Reports 2020 Full Text PDF
4 2020-08-25 case report Reestablishment of Biological Distance in a Gummy Smile: Case Report 2020 Full Text PDF
5 2020-07-30 research article The Effect of Bioactive Glasses in Air Abrasion Procedures 2020 Full Text PDF
6 2020-06-03 research article New Concept and a New Perspective in the use of One Piece Dental Implants 2020 Full Text PDF
7 2020-01-03 Research Article Lingual Bracket Height with Relation to Torque on Posterior Teeth. What Prescription do we Need for Adult Cases? 2019 Full Text PDF
8 2019-11-20 case report Lock and Key Obturator- Inception to Conclusion 2019 Full Text PDF
9 2019-11-16 review article Palatally Displaced Canines: Diagnosis and Interceptive Treatment 2019 Full Text PDF
10 2019-05-03 case report Uni-lateral Molar Distalization with Palatal Miniscrew Anchorage 2019 Full Text PDF
11 2019-03-27 review article Reasons of Impacted Third Molar Extractions: A Retrospective Review 2019 Full Text PDF
12 2019-03-25 research article Perception of final year dental students about the specialty of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: A cross-sectional survey 2019 Full Text PDF