International Journal of Textile Science & Engineering
ISSN: 2690-0106
Impact Factor: 1.61
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1 2020-04-14 research article Influence of Process Parameters on Exhaustion, Fixation and Color Strength in Dyeing of Cellulose Fiber with Reactive Dye Full Text PDF
2 2019-04-05 research article Modeling and Optimization of Textile Dye Decolourization Using Laccase-Producing, Alkali-Halotolerant Bacteria Full Text PDF
3 2019-04-05 research article Organic Colouration and Antimicrobial Finishing of Organic Cotton Fabric by Exploiting Distillated Organic Extraction of Organic Tectona grandis and Azardirachta indica with Organic Mordanting Compare to Conventional Inorganic Mordants Full Text PDF
4 2019-04-02 review article Impact of Interfacings and Lining on Breaking Strength, Elongation and Duration of the Test for Knitted Wool Full Text PDF
5 2019-01-11 research article Review of Antimicrobial Textile Finishes Full Text PDF
6 2018-08-16 research article The In Vitro Effectiveness and Toxicity of a Quaternary Ammonium Compound as an Antimicrobial Finish on Denim Full Text PDF
7 2018-07-03 research article Stretch and Recovery of Jersey and Interlock Knits Full Text PDF
8 2018-06-12 research article Advances in Textile Printing Full Text PDF
9 2017-11-17 research article Development of Film Using Biopolymer and Herbal Extract for Biomedical Application Full Text PDF
10 2017-11-17 research article A Study on Plasma Treated Flame Retardant Finish on Cotton Linen Blended Fabric Full Text PDF
11 2017-11-17 mini review Alumina Production and the Textile Industry Full Text PDF
12 2017-11-17 short communication Industry 4.0: Understanding Needs and Challenges of Technical Textiles Industry Full Text PDF
13 2017-11-17 research article Fiber Transfer and Compensation for Carding Unit of Sliver Knitting Machine Full Text PDF