Nanomedicine and Nanoscience Research
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1 2019-08-27 mini review To Basic Trends of Analytic Electrochemistry in Biology and Nanomedicine 2018 Full Text PDF
2 2019-08-27 review article Different Aspects of Chemical and Biochemical Methods for Chitin Production a Short Review 2018 Full Text PDF
3 2019-08-27 research article Precision Medicine: Carbon Nanotubes as Potential Treatment for Human Brain Disorders-Based Mitochondrial Dysfunctions with a First Principles DFT-Study 2018 Full Text PDF
4 2019-02-14 short communication Effects of Anti-Solvent Flow Rate in the Microfluidic Preparation of Nanoparticle for Biomedicine Application 2018 Full Text PDF
5 2019-02-14 research article Development of a Novel Tyrosinase Amperometric Biosensor Based on Tin Nanoparticles for the Detection of Bisphenol A (4.4-Isopropylidenediphenol) in Water 2018 Full Text PDF
6 2019-02-14 research article Structural and Electrical Behaviours of ZnO Nanoparticle-V2O5-Mn2O3 Varistor before and after Thermal Annealing in Different Atmospheres 2018 Full Text PDF
7 2019-02-14 research article Molecular Junction based on ZigZag Silicene Planar NanoRibbon (ZZSiPNR): Density Functional Theory (DFT) and Extended Huckel Theory / Non-Equilibrium Green Function (EHT/NEGF) 2018 Full Text PDF
8 2019-02-14 research article Water-Based Route to Controllably Synthesize of Near-Infrared Fluorescent Ag2S Quantum Dots 2017 Full Text PDF
9 2019-02-11 research article New Generation of Photosensitizers: The Conjugate of Folic Acid with Nanoparticles and Chlorine E6 2019 Full Text PDF
10 2019-01-26 perspective Will Nanocarbon Onion-Like Fullerenes (NOLFs) Play a Decisive Role in the Future of Molecular Medicine? Part 1. Foundation in Fullerenes: Theoretical Application of NOLFs in the Quantum Cell 2018 Full Text PDF
11 2018-11-21 research article Optimizing Nanoparticle Design for Gene Therapy: Protection of Oligonucleotides from Degradation Without Impeding Release of Cargo 2018 Full Text PDF
12 2018-11-12 mini review A Short Review on Nano Spray Drying of Pharmaceuticals 2018 Full Text PDF
13 2018-09-27 research article Two Glycoconjugates of Dopamine, IPX-750 and IPX-760, Attenuate α-Synuclein Oligomerization 2018 Full Text PDF
14 2018-09-27 research article Doxorubicin Stimulates the Activity of the Na/I Symporter in Breast Cancer Cells 2018 Full Text PDF
15 2018-09-17 review article Is a Cumulative Exposure to a Background Aerosol of Nanoparticles Part of the Causal Mechanism of Aerotoxic Syndrome? 2018 Full Text PDF
16 2018-07-19 research article Characterization, Optical Properties and Electron (Exciton)-Phonon Interaction in Bulk In2Se3 Crystals and InSe Nanocrystals in In2Se3 Confinement 2018 Full Text PDF
17 2018-07-09 research article Nanorobotic Manipulation of Thin-film Graphite Sheet for 3D Cubic Structures 2018 Full Text PDF
18 2018-03-14 short communication Have We Finally Turned the Corner in Rapidly Diagnosing Tuberculosis Infection and Disease? 2018 Full Text PDF
19 2018-02-23 review article Biomaterials for Ocular Implants Following Radical Surgical Interventions 2018 Full Text PDF
20 2018-01-04 brief report Metallodendrimers as a Catalyst: An Overview 2017 Full Text PDF
21 2017-11-14 research article Steam Reforming of Toluene on Ni/Phyllosilicate: Enhanced Catalytic Activity and Stability 2017 Full Text PDF
22 2017-11-14 research article Making and Evaluation of Nanopore Hydroxysodalite Zeolite Membranes for Pervaporation Applications 2017 Full Text PDF
23 2017-11-14 research article Innovative Approach to Sustain the Release of the Drug from Conventional Dosage Form Nifedipine Sustained Release Tablet 2017 Full Text PDF
24 2017-11-14 research article SOA Based All-Optical N-Bit-Binary Data Multiplier Design 2017 Full Text PDF
25 2017-11-14 opinion Potential Applications of Nanoparticles on the Growth and Physio-chemical Attributes of Plants 2017 Full Text PDF
26 2017-11-14 review article Renewable Energy Technologies, Sustainable Development and Environment 2017 Full Text PDF
27 2017-11-14 research article Affinity of Bacterial Produced Poly (γ-Hydroxybutyrate) Nanoparticles to GHB Sites in Rat Brain 2017 Full Text PDF
28 2017-11-14 research article Land Cover Pollution from Mining and Metallurgical Enterprises and Biotechnological Method of Remediation Using Biochar 2017 Full Text PDF
29 2017-11-14 research article Nanostructure Evolution as Cause of the RPV Steel Non-Monotonic Radiation Embrittlement 2017 Full Text PDF
30 2017-11-14 research article Oscillations in Kinetics of the Reactor Pressure Vessel Steel Damage Disclosure as an Indication of Smart Nanostructure Presence 2017 Full Text PDF
31 2017-11-14 review article Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles as Theranostic Platform for Smart Drug Delivery: A Review 2017 Full Text PDF
32 2017-11-14 short commentary Time for ELSI to Take its Proper Place from Lab to Market 2017 Full Text PDF
33 2017-11-14 review article Playing God: Eradicating Malaria and Mosquitoes in the Developing World with Gene Drives and CRISPR/Cas9 2017 Full Text PDF
34 2017-11-14 mini review A Review on Nano-Silica Based Concrete 2017 Full Text PDF
35 2017-11-14 short commentary Accessing Drug Delivery Mechanism by Coarse-Grained Simulation 2017 Full Text PDF
36 0000-00-00 short commentary Human body via art 2017 Full Text PDF
37 0000-00-00 short commentary 3D Printing for Customized Bone Implants 2017 Full Text PDF
38 0000-00-00 short commentary Solid Lipid Nanoparticles (SLN) for Oral Drug Delivery: An Overview 2017 Full Text PDF
39 0000-00-00 review article Magnetospheric Chorus Emissions Recorded at Low Latitude 2017 Full Text PDF
40 0000-00-00 review article Three-Dimensional Nanostructured Cadmium Selenide Multi-pods directly Grown on Substrate by Microwave-Assisted Chemical Synthesis and their Application as Photo-switches for Label-free DNA Sensing 2016 Full Text PDF
41 0000-00-00 research article Preparation of Chitosan Nano-Particles by Method of Chemical Hydrolysis 2017 Full Text PDF