Journal of Obesity and Nutritional Disorders
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1 2021-01-27 mini-review Is Bariatric Surgery a Way of Doping for Obese Subjects? Full Text PDF
2 2021-01-25 research article Is it Time to Consider Body Mass Index to be Bad Medical Information (BMI)? Full Text PDF
3 2020-11-17 brief report “My Path to Healing” - My Experiences and Current Support Available for Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder Full Text PDF
4 2020-06-12 research article Very Low Energy Diets at the Canberra Obesity Management Service: A Comparison of Patient Participation and Clinical Outcomes Following a Change in Inter-Disciplinary Service Model Full Text PDF
5 2019-11-08 research article The Association between Sedentary Lifestyle and Adolescent Obesity in Korea Full Text PDF
6 2019-10-25 research article Which Triglycerid-Glucose Indexs can be Applied in the Diagnosis of Insulin Resistance in Vietnamese Metabolic Syndrome Patients with or without Hypertension? Full Text PDF
7 2019-08-15 research article Differentiating Sedentary Time from Light Activity: A Secondary Analysis Exploring Accelerometer Cut Points with Young Obese Children Full Text PDF
8 2019-08-02 research article Adolescent Health Behaviors Predict Adult Success Full Text PDF
9 2019-02-18 research article Decreased Myocardial Type 1 Collagen in Obese Rats is Associated with Increased of Leptin and Metalloproteinase-2 And -9 Activity Full Text PDF
10 2019-02-18 review article Comparison of Health Hazardous Low Grade Chronic Inflammatory Condition in Newly Diagnosed Type 1 with Type 2 Diabetic Patients Full Text PDF
11 2019-02-18 review article Left Gastric Artery Embolization: A New Tool in the Armamentarium to Treat Obesity? A Systematic Review Full Text PDF
12 2019-02-16 review article Intermittent Fasting vs Continuous Caloric Restriction for Weight and Body Composition Changes in Humans Full Text PDF
13 2018-11-02 research article Nutritional and Health Risk of Women of Childbearing Age in Urban Ghana Full Text PDF
14 2018-11-01 perspective Key Points in the Psychotherapeutic Treatment of Obesity Full Text PDF
15 2018-10-26 review article A Comprehensive Analysis of Obesity Part 1. Overview of Obesity Full Text PDF
16 2018-10-16 review article Plant Polyphenols in Obesity and Obesity-Associated Metabolic Disorders: A Narrative Review of Resveratrol and Flavonoids Upon the Molecular Basis of Inflammation Full Text PDF
17 2018-10-16 research article Cardioprotective and Lipid Lowering Effects Tabebuia Impetiginosa ( Lapacho Tea) on Male Rats Fed A High Fat and Fructose Diet Full Text PDF
18 2018-05-16 review article WHO Dietary Recommendations and Prevention of Chronic Respiratory Diseases Full Text PDF
19 2018-04-13 research article Prevalence of Obesity Among Teenagers Girls in Buraidh in Al-Qassim Region Full Text PDF
20 2018-01-23 research article The Use of Fitbit Technology Among Rural Obese Adolescents Full Text PDF
21 2018-01-20 research article Effect of A New SwallowableIntragastric Balloon (Elipse™) on Weight Loss and Metabolic Syndrome Full Text PDF
22 2017-11-14 short commentary Early Assessment and Preventing the Onset of Obesity and Overweight Full Text PDF
23 2017-11-14 review article Metabolic Syndrome-An Update Full Text PDF
24 2017-11-14 case report Nine Years Follow Up of the 1st Adolescent Bariatric Surgery in Spain Full Text PDF
25 2017-11-14 editorial Fighting Obesity: The Benefit of Diet and Exercise for High School Students Full Text PDF
26 2017-11-14 review article Casualties of the Danish Malnutrition Period Full Text PDF
27 2017-09-22 case report Cognitive-Behavioral and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy: Effectiveness in the Case of Bulimia Nervosa and Borderline Personality Disorder Full Text PDF
28 0000-00-00 short communication Obesity Behaviors inside the Body Full Text PDF
29 0000-00-00 Short Communication Metabolism and Our Health Full Text PDF
30 0000-00-00 editorial Can Eating Foods Burn Body Fat? Full Text PDF
31 0000-00-00 review article Do Diet and Obesity Reprogram the Hippocampus Via Epigenetic Mechanisms? Full Text PDF