International Journal of Genomics and Data Mining
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1 2019-03-15 mini review Cancer Cells Shed Micro-Vesicles from Actin Stress Fibres - a New Cooperative Mechanism for Metastasis? 2019 Full Text PDF
2 2019-02-11 editorial Draft Genome of Some Important Fruits: Source of Finding New Antioxidant Molecules 2019 Full Text PDF
3 2018-08-09 research article Association of Apolipoprotein C3 -455T>C gene variant with Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Obese Egyptians 2017 Full Text PDF
4 2018-08-09 research article Transcriptomic Data of Utilization Processes for Nitrogen and Phosphorus in Prorocentrum donghaiense 2018 Full Text PDF
5 2018-08-07 editorial Genomics Research in the Last Decade: From Plants to Animals to Microbes 2018 Full Text PDF
6 2018-08-07 review article System Biology and Network-Based Computational Model Approaches in Biomarker Discovery in Reference to Neurological Disorder 2018 Full Text PDF
7 2018-08-06 research article Studies on the Effects of Ultraviolet Irradiation on Pea (Pisum sativum L.) 2018 Full Text PDF
8 2018-08-06 research article Association of Apolipoprotein C3 -455T>C gene variant with Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Obese Egyptians 2018 Full Text PDF
9 2018-08-06 review article Cyanide in Cassava: A Review 2018 Full Text PDF
10 2018-08-06 research article Evidence for Recent Polygenic Selection on Educational Attainment and Intelligence Inferred from GWAS Hits: A Replication of Previous Findings using Recent Data 2018 Full Text PDF
11 2018-08-06 research article Study and Determination of the Best Plant Density and Planting Patterns of Silage Corn (Zea mays L.), H.S.C. 704 Cultivar 2018 Full Text PDF
12 2018-07-20 letter to the editor Brain Stimulation Therapies in Neuropsychiatric and Neurodegenerative Diseases 2018 Full Text PDF
13 2018-05-17 research article Analysis of Genome Sequence Variations Among Three U.S. Rice Varieties Showing Differential Quantitative Disease Resistance to Bacterial Panicle Blight and Sheath Blight 2018 Full Text PDF
14 2018-01-26 research article Biocontrol strategy of Diaphania Pulverulentalis targeting JHEH gene through Molecular cloning and Insilico analysis 2018 Full Text PDF
15 2018-01-22 review article The Benefits of Genetic Addiction Risk Score (GARS™) Testing in Substance Use Disorder (SUD) 2018 Full Text PDF
16 2017-12-11 research article Inference of Protein Multimeric Complex Dynamic Order of Formation: An Active Region Recognition Based Approach 2017 Full Text PDF
17 2017-11-10 case report De Novo Mutation in SCN4AGene Detected in Polish Patient with Paramyotonia Congenita Phenotype 2017 Full Text PDF
18 2017-11-10 review article The Mind Genomics Metaphor -From Measuring the Every-Day to Sequencing the Mind 2017 Full Text PDF
19 2017-11-10 research article Mobile DNA Elements in Shigella flexneriand Emergence of Antibiotic Resistance Crisis 2017 Full Text PDF
20 2017-11-10 research article A New Model for Analysis of Upstream Mechanisms in a Biological Network Based on Genomics Data 2017 Full Text PDF
21 2017-11-10 editorial Genomics for Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Crop Plants 2017 Full Text PDF
22 0000-00-00 research article Assessment of Genetic Mutations in Genes Alpha-Synuclein (SNCA), Parkin (PRKN), Leucine-Rich Repeat Kinase2 (LRRK2 or Dardarin), PTEN-Induced Putative Kinase 1 (PINK1), DJ-1 and ATP13A2 Induced Parkinson's Disease (PD) in Patients Tabriz, IRAN 2017 Full Text PDF
23 0000-00-00 research article The Presence of HLA-DRB1Alleles in Children with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis in Tabriz Year 2016 2017 Full Text PDF
24 0000-00-00 research article Molecular Study of Genomics Mutations in RNF213, ACTA2, GUCY1A3 Genes in Patients Moyamoya Syndrome in Human 2017 Full Text PDF
25 0000-00-00 research article Genetic Analysis in the Diagnosis of Intellectual Disabilities in Adults 2017 Full Text PDF
26 0000-00-00 review article Unraveling Health as a Complex Adaptive System: Data Mining, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning and Biosensors as Synergistic Technologies 2017 Full Text PDF
27 0000-00-00 short commentary Genomic Data Mining Unraveled Potential Biocompass in Fruit Flies Using and Current Status of Magneto Genetics 2017 Full Text PDF
28 0000-00-00 Review Article Genetic Redundancy Eliminates the Dream of Beneficial Mutations 2017 Full Text PDF
29 0000-00-00 review article Flowering Gene and Genomic Region in Fruit Crops: A Tool for Future Breeding 2017 Full Text PDF