Research Article

Feasibility and Assessment of Home-Administered Reflexology Treatments on Quality of Life of End-Stage Cancer Patients in A Home Hospice Setting: A Pilot Study

by Ofer Baranovitch1, Gali Stoffman- Gertler2, Anat Zygelbaum2, Idan Nitzan2, Ella Askelrod2, Rinat Hirsh3, Zorian Radomyslsky4,8, Sarah Sharman Moser5, Nava Siegelmann-Danieli6,7

1Baranovitch Healing Center, 35 Ben-Yehuda st. Tel-Aviv, Israel 6380707.

2Maccabi Tivi Head-quarter (Maccabi Health Services' complementary medicine services executive arm). 2 Koifman st. Tel-Aviv, Israel 6801294.

3Oncology and Palliative Care Nursing, Maccabi Health Services. 27 Hamered street Tel Aviv, Israel 6812509.

4Department of Professional Medicine, director Geriatric service line, Maccabi Health Services. 27 Hamered st. Tel Aviv, Israel 6812509.

5Maccabi Institute for Research and Innovation (Maccabitech), Maccabi Healthcare Services, Tel Aviv, Israel.

6Department of Professional Medicine, director Oncology service line, Maccabi Health Services. 27 Hamered st. Tel Aviv, Israel 6812509.

7Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, 35 Klatchkin, Tel-Aviv Israel 6997801.

8School of Health Sciences, Health Systems Management, Ariel University, Ramat Hagolan 65 Ariel.

*Corresponding author: Nava Siegelmann-Danieli, M.D., Director Oncology Service line, Maccabi health Services, 27 Hamered street P.O. Box 50493, Tel-Aviv, Israel 6812509.

Received Date: 20 August 2023

Accepted Date: 28 August 2023

Published Date: 31 August 2023

Citation: Baranovitch O, Stoffman-Gertler G, Zygelbaum A, Nitzan I, Askelrod E, et al., (2023) Feasibility and Assessment of Home-Administered Reflexology Treatments on Quality of Life of End-Stage Cancer Patients in A Home Hospice Setting: A Pilot Study. Curr Res Cmpl Alt Med 7: 198.


Objective: We evaluated the feasibility of a structured intervention of home reflexology in oncology patients in a community home-hospice setting. Reported here is the pilot study. Methodology: Between January to July 2022, patients referred to home-hospice at Maccabi Health Services (MHS -Israel) were offered to participate in a clinical trial assessing reflexology intervention on their well-being. The program included three consecutive reflexology treatments given at home by expert reflexology practitioners of Maccabi Tivi (MT, the complementary medicine division of MHS). Participants completed the Edmonton Symptom Assessment System (ESAS-r), before and after each treatment.We used paired-samples T-test to assess treatment effect. Results: Of twenty potential patients, thirteen participated: five males and eight females, median age 70 years (range 47-90). Overall, 34 reflexology treatments were completed with significant improvement in participants' pain-level (P = 0.007), tiredness (P = 0.009), appetite (P = 0.004) and depression (P = 0.029). Ten participants completed all three interventions. A consistent positive effect between pre-treatment and post third therapy (with similar trend in all three sessions) was observed with significant improvement in participants' tiredness level (P = 0.015), sleepiness (P = 0.025), nausea (P = 0.036), appetite (P = 0.024), depression (P = 0.003), anxiety (P = 0.002), and over-all wellbeing (P = 0.000). Conclusions: Our pilot study suggests feasibility of home reflexology intervention in a HMO hospice setting, and the potential benefit of short interventions for the wellbeing of end-of-life cancer patients.

Keywords: Reflexology; Home hospice; Palliative care; Oncology; End of Life Care

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Current Research in Complementary & Alternative Medicine

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