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1 2023-09-29 Case Report Treatment of Canine Spontaneous Pneumothorax by Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine: A Case Report 2023 Full Text PDF
2 2023-09-21 Research Article The Effectiveness of Short Meditation on Attentional Performance: A Quick Classroom Activity 2023 Full Text PDF
3 2023-09-21 Review Article Tai Chi Therapy Research: A Narrative Review 2023 Full Text PDF
4 2023-09-19 Research Article The Untold Benefits of Using Milk as Base for Traditional Indian Carrot “Gajar-Halwa” Pudding 2023 Full Text PDF
5 2023-09-15 Review Article Interventions That Modify Stroke Through Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis 2023 Full Text PDF
6 2023-09-15 Research Article Feasibility and Assessment of Home-Administered Reflexology Treatments on Quality of Life of End-Stage Cancer Patients in A Home Hospice Setting: A Pilot Study 2023 Full Text PDF
7 2023-08-21 Review Article Grounding and Skin Repair: The Power of DC Energy 2023 Full Text PDF
8 2023-07-31 Research Article Bioavailability Study of Maxicuma Capsules Versus Micronized Curcumin Capsules as A Single Oral Dose in Fasted Healthy Adult Human Subjects 2023 Full Text PDF
9 2023-07-26 Short Communication Aromatherapy: Implementation in a French Comprehensive Cancer Center 2023 Full Text PDF
10 2023-07-19 Perspective Lysozyme – An Underexploited Molecule with High Therapeutic Potential but of Little Interest to the Pharmaceutical Industry 2023 Full Text PDF
11 2023-07-17 Research Article A Scent-Sational Approach to Patient and Staff Well-Being 2023 Full Text PDF
12 2023-06-23 Review Article Photobiomodulation of Acupoints on Standardized Therapeutic Protocols: An Example of Successful Integration between Eastern and Western Medicine 2023 Full Text PDF
13 2023-06-14 Research Article Unravelling the Therapeutic Potential of Gambogic Acid: Deciphering Its Molecular Mechanism of Action and Emerging Role as an Anticancer Xanthone 2023 Full Text PDF
14 2023-05-25 Review Article Efficacy and Safety of Mifepristone Combined with Guzhi Fu Ling Capsules in the Treatment of Non-Surgical Patients with Uterine Fibroids: A Meta-Analysis 2023 Full Text PDF
15 2023-05-20 Case Report A Case Report on Alpha-gal Syndrome 2023 Full Text PDF
16 2023-05-18 Research Article The Indian Delicacy Nimbu Achar: Your Lemony Pathway to Brain Health 2023 Full Text PDF
17 2023-05-16 Research Article Honouring Old Age Ritual Celebration in Newar Culture and Medicine Wheel in Anishinaabe Culture: Exploring an Indigenous Cross-Cultural Aging Wellness as an Alternative Medicine and Healing Approach 2023 Full Text PDF
18 2023-05-10 research article Part 2: Cinnamon Extract Decreases Size and Lipid Volume In 3T3-L1 Preadipocytes Grown in Three-Dimensional Agarose Culture 2023 Full Text PDF
19 2023-05-04 short communication Effects of Shakuyakukanzoto on The Exacerbation of Peripheral Neuropathic Pain and The Decreased Grip Strength in Mice Treated with Paclitaxel 2023 Full Text PDF
20 2023-05-02 review article Diagnostic Evaluation of Symptom Qualification using Serial and Parallel Diagnostics 2023 Full Text PDF
21 2023-04-11 research article Effects of Novel All Natural Plant Based Ointment Formulation on Diaper Rash Severity in Infants: A Clinical Trial 2023 Full Text PDF
22 2023-03-29 review article Effectiveness and Safety of Suhuang Zhike Capsule for Acute Exacerbation of Chronic Bronchitis or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis 2023 Full Text PDF
23 2023-02-22 research article Effects and Mechanisms of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Related Active Constituents Treating Gout 2023 Full Text PDF
24 2023-01-05 research article Clinical Efficacy of Pankajakasthuri Orthoherb Tablets in Managing Various Signs and Symptoms Associated with Patients Diagnosed with Osteoarthritis: Open Clinical Trial 2022 Full Text PDF
25 2022-12-20 case report Auricular Acupoint Therapy Plus Acupuncture for Crohn’s Disease: A Case Report 2022 Full Text PDF
26 2022-12-14 review article Perspective of using Indian Polyherbal Medicine in the Treatment of Cancer 2022 Full Text PDF
27 2022-11-17 research article Subtle Energy Perception: Pilot Study with a Buddha Relic 2022 Full Text PDF
28 2022-10-22 review article A Systematic Review of Essential Oils' Antimicrobial and Antibiofilm Activity against Klebsiella pneumoniae 2022 Full Text PDF
29 2022-09-21 case report Long-Term Progression-Free Survival of Stage IV Triple Negative Breast Cancer Patient having Genetic Mutation with Variant of Uncertain Significance and Lung Metastasis: A Case Report Emphasizing Role of Ayurvedic Treatment 2022 Full Text PDF
30 2022-09-12 research article A Comparative Study of 7 Ayurveda Interventions to Control Dyslipidemia Using Meta Data 2022 Full Text PDF
31 2022-09-07 review article A Comprehensive Review on Phytochemical, Pharmacological and Future Prospective of Dietary Medicinal Plant Cinnamomum osmophloeum Kanehira 2022 Full Text PDF
32 2022-08-29 research article Evaluation of Selected Nigerian Medicinal Plants for Phenolic Content, Antimicrobial, and Cytotoxic Activities 2022 Full Text PDF
33 2022-06-06 research article Homeopathic Viscum Album at Potencies D3 and 200CH Presents Cytokine Modulatory Effect Produced by in vitro Culture of Mesenchymal Stem Cells 2022 Full Text PDF
34 2022-03-31 research article Anti-Inflammatory and Antioxidant Activity of an Extract of Luzula sylvatica in a Co-Culture Model of Fibroblasts and Macrophages 2022 Full Text PDF
35 2022-03-03 mini review The Case for Moxibustion for Painful Syndromes: History, principles and rationale 2022 Full Text PDF
36 2022-01-12 research article Evaluation of Chemopreventive Potential and Regulated Toxicity of a Phyto-fabricated Silver Nanoformulation using Bark Extract of Saraca asoca in Acute Myeloid Leukemia Mice in vivo and in vitro 2022 Full Text PDF
37 2021-09-28 Research Article Ethnomedicinal survey in two villages of Cumilla district, Bangladesh 2021 Full Text PDF
38 2021-09-14 Research Article A Pilot Clinical Study to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of ZingiVir-H, Herbo-Mineral Drug in Patients with Viral Fever 2021 Full Text PDF
39 2021-08-24 Short Communication Evaluation of Local Chromotherapy on Carrageenaninduced Acute Inflammatory Pain in Rats 2021 Full Text PDF
40 2020-11-06 research article Veterans with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder are Less Stressed Following Massage Therapy 2020 Full Text PDF
41 2020-02-24 review article Tai Chi Research: A Narrative Review 2020 Full Text PDF
42 2020-01-29 editorial Thermal Therapy for Patients with Heart Disease from the Perspective of Integrative Healthcare 2020 Full Text PDF
43 2020-01-29 image article Trials of Additional Effective Movements for Music Therapy Session for the Elderly 2020 Full Text PDF
44 2019-03-07 short commentary To Make 5 Elements Theory Elderberry Syrup 2018 Full Text PDF
45 2019-03-07 short commentary Asian Local Health Herb: Ai Yu 2018 Full Text PDF
46 2019-03-07 short commentary The Property and Application of Shiitake Mushroom 2018 Full Text PDF
47 2019-03-07 review article New Development of Chinese Medicine by Integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine with Western Medicine 2018 Full Text PDF
48 2019-03-07 research article Clinical Observation on Skin Pruritus Treated by Blood-Letting Puncture and Cupping on Auricular and Shu-Back Acupoints 2019 Full Text PDF
49 2019-03-07 image article Effective Music Therapy Session for Vocalization and Movement of Extremities 2019 Full Text PDF
50 2018-12-21 research article Effects of a Single Dose of Teacrine, Caffeine, or their Combination on Subjective Feelings, As Well as Heart Rate and Blood Pressure in Adults 2018 Full Text PDF
51 2018-10-27 review article Merging Ayurvedic Ashwagandha with Traditional Chinese Medicine Part 1. Foundation in Ashwagandha: Physiological Effects, Clinical Efficacy, and Properties 2018 Full Text PDF
52 2018-07-13 case report Resolution of Chronically Fissured Feet in a Pediatric Patient Using Homeopathic Petroleum Oleum: A Case Report 2018 Full Text PDF
53 2018-07-12 case report Treatment of Pain Associated with Lyme Disease Neuralgia Using Perineural Injection Therapy: A Case Report 2018 Full Text PDF
54 2018-07-03 research article Acupuncture in Cancer Care: Is it a Really Feasible and Attractive Therapeutic Option? A Single-Centre Experience 2018 Full Text PDF
55 2018-04-04 research article Metabolite-Content-Guided Prediction of Medicinal/Edible Properties in Plants for Bioprospecting 2018 Full Text PDF
56 2018-02-15 review article Current Acupuncture Research on Opiate Drug Addiction 2018 Full Text PDF
57 2018-01-10 review article Pain and Massage Therapy: A Narrative Review 2018 Full Text PDF
58 2017-12-14 review article The Importance of Traditional Knowledge, Intellectual Property Rights in Benefit Sharing 2017 Full Text PDF
59 2017-12-14 case report A Case of Unusual Presentation of Transverse and Sigmoid Sinus Thrombosis in Puerperium 2017 Full Text PDF
60 2017-11-17 research article Acupuncture Techniques in the Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis 2017 Full Text PDF
61 2017-11-17 research article Exploration of Anti-nociceptive and Anti-inflammatory Activities of Methanolic Extract of Aralia racemosa L. Root 2017 Full Text PDF
62 2017-11-17 review article Phytochemicalsin Cancer Management 2017 Full Text PDF
63 2017-11-17 case report HolographicKinetics for a Child Suffering from Autism with Extreme Aggressive Behavioral Disorder 2017 Full Text PDF
64 2017-11-17 research article Voluntary Blood Donation Practice and Its Associated Factors among HealthCare Providers, at Axum Town Public Health Facilities, Northern Ethiopia: A Cross Sectional Study 2017 Full Text PDF
65 2017-11-17 editorial Lyme Disease and Most Types of Cancer May be Sexually Transmitted 2017 Full Text PDF
66 2017-11-17 case report From an Initial Diagnosis of Pulmonary Thromboembolic Disease to a Pulmonary Tumor Thrombotic Microangiopathy Consideration 2017 Full Text PDF
67 2017-11-17 review article Spiritist Complementary Therapies-Ways for Future Integration to Medicine 2017 Full Text PDF
68 2017-11-17 opinion An Immune Response to Dietary Antigens; the Sum May Be Greater Than the Parts 2017 Full Text PDF
69 2017-11-17 review article Complex Issues Related to Human Reproduction in Modern Society 2017 Full Text PDF
70 2017-11-17 commentary Glossary of Sanskrit Terms 2017 Full Text PDF
71 2017-11-17 commentary Movement Art Therapy-Eurythmy 2017 Full Text PDF
72 2017-11-17 commentary The Epidemic of Insomnia and the Mystery of Sleep 2017 Full Text PDF
73 2017-11-17 short commentary Is Our Educational System Contributing to Attentional and Learning Difficulties in Our Children? 2017 Full Text PDF
74 2017-11-17 case report Treatment of Pain Associated with Lyme Disease Neuralgia Using Perineural Injection Therapy: A Case Report 2017 Full Text PDF
75 2017-11-17 case report Resolution ofChronically Fissured Feet in a Pediatric Patient Using Homeopathic Petroleum Oleum: A Case Report 2017 Full Text PDF
76 0000-00-00 editorial 1000 Women Die Every Year in Massachusetts Due to Breast Cancer 2017 Full Text PDF