Current Research in Complementary & Alternative Medicine (ISSN: 2577-2201)

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Effective Music Therapy Session for Vocalization and Movement of Extremities

Hiroshi Bando1*, Akiyo Yoshioka1, Yu Nishikiori1, Yasutake Hirai 2, Yoshihiro Kusaka3, Michihiro Yuu3

1Division of Integrative Medicine Japan (IMJ), Tokushima University, Tokushima, Japan

2Tokyo University of the Arts, Taitō, Japan

3Eto Hospital, Tokushima, Japan

*Corresponding author:Hiroshi Bando, Division of Integrative Medicine Japan (IMJ), Tokushima University, Nakashowa 1-61, Tokushima 770-0943, Japan. Tel: +81-9031872485; Fax: +81-886031030;Email:

Received Date:18January, 2019; Accepted Date:25 January, 2019; Published Date: 31 January, 2019

1.                  Introduction

Music Therapy (MT) is one of the most acceptable treatment among the Integrative Medicine (IM). MT was initiated in western countries and developed in medical, social and psychological fields[1]. Japanese MT has been developed by Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara, who was a supreme physician until 105 years old. He has spread the philosophy of Hinohara-ism including medicine, health, religion, culture and music. The author, one of the disciple of Dr. Hinohara, has become a chairman of 20thJapan Bio Music Association in 1999 and 9th Japanese Music Therapy Association (JPCA) in 2009, and developed MT for various application of medical practice [2].

2.                  Keywords: Hinohara-Ism; Integrative Medicine Japan; Music Therapy; Neurophysiological Stimulus; Pronunciation of Pa-Ta-Ka-Ra; Rehabilitation; Swallowing Function; Vocalization

3.                  Abbreviations

MT         :               Music Therapy

IMJ         :               Integrative Medicine Japan

IM          :               Integrative Medicine

JPCA      :               Japanese Music Therapy Association

MT session has been performedin various situations, such as hospital, nursing home, educational and welfare facilities. Authors have continued MT sessions for older people, patients and handicapped subjects for long. Recently, we had an opportunity of Christmas MT concert, then we report it.

Practitioners included four adult staffs including two registered music therapists, pianist, hornist and 19 children choir. The participants were 50 older patients and families, 30 medical staffs. The session was performed in the large entrance lobby of Eto Hospital, Tokushima, Japan.

4.                  The activitiesfor 45 minutes have four portions as follows

v    Mini lecture of Christmas history: It is seasonal period for everyone to feel the peace of mind with gratitude. Presentation of Christmas in detail is pleasant and meaningful.

v    Singing together: Songs included Choeur des Chasseurs de Lützow de C. M. de Weber Op.90 (Weber: Der Freischutz - Huntsmen's Chorus)(Figure 1). Furthermore, old Japanese songs, recent famous folk songs and Christmas songs were presented.

v    Practice of speech and vocalization: Older people suffers from aspiration pneumonia. To maintain swallowing function, the pronunciation of pa-ta-ka-ra for the movement of mouth and tongue was trained(Figure 2). It is one of the rehabilitation for neurophysiological stimulus.

v    By accompanying the music, participants continued clapping hands and stepping feet. Consequently, current activities seemed to give beneficial effects for body and mind with happy feeling. 

Figure 1: Singing of the children for classical music, folk songs and Christmas songs.

Figure 2: Activity of practice for vocalization and movement of extremities.