International Journal of Pollution Research
S.No Date Article Type Title Year HTML PDF
1 2020-02-25 mini review Living with Environmental Stress 2020 Full Text PDF
2 2020-02-25 research article The Influence of Climate Factors on the Length of the Crown and Spatial Distribution of Oak Trees (Quercus Frainetto Ten) to the Total Annual Increment in Culture 2020 Full Text PDF
3 2020-02-22 review article Relation of London Dumping Convention and Global Warming. If Developed Countries Stop NP and NOx Elimination, CO2 Assimilation Increase and Global Warming Will Stop 2020 Full Text PDF
4 2019-10-31 research article An Assessment of Ground Level Criteria Pollutant Concentrations in Port Harcourt City, Nigeria 2019 Full Text PDF
5 2019-10-31 research article Photo-Catalytic Degradation of Phenol Red Dye from Contaminated Water Over Nanosize Tio2, N-Doped-Tio2, Tio2/WO3 and N-Doped Tio2/WO3 2019 Full Text PDF
6 2019-09-30 short communication Ganga Cleaning Forever with Minimal Money/Time 2019 Full Text PDF
7 2019-09-26 research article Optimization of Design and Operational Parameters of Horizontal Biomass Gasifier at Continuous Biomass Feeding Mode 2019 Full Text PDF
8 2019-04-03 review article Seismo Electric Bio Availability Fractal Dimension for Characterizing Shajara Reservoirs of the Permo-Carboniferous Shajara Formation, Saudi Arabia 2018 Full Text PDF
9 2019-04-02 review article Occupational Exposures to Carcinogens in an Industry: Identifying and Communicating Chemical Risk 2019 Full Text PDF
10 2019-04-02 research article Phenol Removal from Aqueous Solutions Using Low-Cost Neem Seeds Activated Carbon as an Adsorbent 2018 Full Text PDF
11 2018-09-17 review article Potential Explosion Risk Discovered from Creation of Extremely Low Auto-Ignition Components by Neutralization of Alkaline Mercaptan Waste with HCl in the Presence of Methanol over Activated Carbon 2018 Full Text PDF