International Journal of Bioprocessing and Biotechniques
S.No Date Article Type Title Year HTML PDF
1 2019-12-06 review article Overview of Anaerobic Digestion and Power and Gas to Grid Plant CAPEX and OPEX Costs 2019 Full Text PDF
2 2019-03-23 book review Book Review 'Activity Book: Biotech Biology Exchange Ecosystems' (Indonesian Version) 2018 Full Text PDF
3 2018-07-10 research article Efficient Lentiviral Transduction of Different Human and Mouse Cells 2018 Full Text PDF
4 2018-06-22 research article Investigations on Optical and Physical Properties of Sm2O3, Dy2O3 and Eu2O3 Doped Zinc Strontium Bismuth Borate Glasses 2018 Full Text PDF
5 2018-02-21 review article Biohydrogen Production - Sources and Methods: A Review 2018 Full Text PDF