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The Truly Marvelous Proof for n=4

Leszek W GuÅ

Lublin, Poland

*Corresponding author: Leszek W Guła, Lublin, Poland. E-Mail:

Received Date: 02 June, 2017; Accepted Date: 08 June, 2017; Published Date: 15 June, 2017

Citation: Gu Å‚ LW (2017) The Truly Marvelous Proof for n=4. Educ Res Appl 2017: J122.

The truly marvelous proof of the Fermat’s Last Theorem for n=4. MSC:  Primary: 11D41; Secondary: 11D45.

Keywords: Diophantine Equations; Diophantine Inequalities; Fermat Equation; Greatest Common Divisor; Newton Binomial Formula


The Fermat’s Last Theorem is the famous theorem. Here we have the truly marvelous proof for n=4.

< >The Truly Marvelous Proof Of The Fermat’s Last Theorem For  n=4

This is the proof.


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