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Cost of Myopia Treatment for High School Students in Vietnam

Author: Pham Tuong Van*

*Corresponding Author: Pham Tuong Van, Department of Medical Ethics and Social Medicine, Hanoi Medical University, Vietnam

Received Date: 30 November, 2021

Accepted Date: 03 December, 2021

Published Date: 07 December, 2021


Van PT (2021) Cost of Myopia Treatment for High School Students in Vietnam. Arch Pediatr 6: 194. DOI: 10.29011/2575-825X.100094

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The percentage of myopia has on the rise, especially the school students during the quarantine time in Vietnam since 2020. According to statistics in 2016 in urban Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, more than 40% school students had refractive error such as myopia, farsightedness and astigmatism, myopia was the most popular, which estimated 2/3 cases.

The recent reports of hanoi 2 eyes hospital showed that the percentage of schools students, students had myopia (>=50%), exceptional case was 70%. To explain this, studying, working and reading habits in condition of lighting limitation, gaming, television watching, inappropriate using computer….were main cause of increasing refractive error rate. Wearing glasses was “a friend” and popular in urban.

Children at schools were easy to get refractive error and increase degree of eye glasses due to children lack of awareness and self-regulation ‘bad habits’ for eyes. Besides, children were in the age of growth so eyes had regulated eyes, easily adaptive when they wore wrong degree glasses so they needed to monitor, regularly re-checkup 2-3 times per year, to immediately acquired treatment.

Refractive errors usually must get treatment by glasses and surgery. Except laser surgery, Ortho-K was used to slow myopia; degree of eyes is improved in some days and weeks without glasses and full-time day. The cost of glasses in vietnam was $150; but the cost of Ortho-K was $ 1,200. The cost of this surgery was $1,540-1,628 per eye.

MDs recommend the clients, expecially parents had gone to quality clinics for exam and test degree. Besides, patients needed special eye drops and supplements, espeacially children for eye exercises and lazy eyes every 20 minutes in front of electronic devices.


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