Current Trends in Medical & Surgical Urology

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About the Journal

Current Trends in Medical & Surgical Urology is an open access, peer-reviewed journal focussing on current advancements in the field of Urology including; Surgery for Urology, Urinary Tract Infections, Genitourinary Disorders, Urologic Oncology, and Urogynecology.

The journal provides a unique platform for scientists to encourage research publication to research scholars, academicians, professionals and students engaged in their respective field.

Aim and Scope

The aim of the journal is to maintain and develop science and related research in all aspects of the prevention, diagnosis and management of urological disorders, as well as related molecular genetics, pathophysiology, and epidemiology.

The journal publishes original research and review articles in the areas of andrology, endo-urology, epidemiology, erectile dysfunction, female urology, gender reassignment surgery, incontinence, infectious diseases, infertility, neuro-urology, paediatric urology, urologic laparoscopy and robotics, urologic oncology, urologic reconstruction, urologic transplant, urologic trauma, as well as relevant basic science issues.

All published articles are permanently archived and available at Gavin Publishers website in HTML and PDF formats.

All published articles are assigned to Digital Object Identifier (DOI) - Crossref.

Highlighted Topics

  • Pediatric Urology
  • Uro-oncolog
  • Andrology
  • Functional urology
  • Endourology
  • Transplantation
  • Reconstructive surgery
  • Urologic pathology
  • Urologic radiology
  • Basic science
  • General urology
  • Endourology
  • Genitourinary Disorders
  • Laparoscopy
  • Pelvic Medicine
  • Prostatic Hyperplasia
  • Reconstructive Surgery
  • Reconstructive Urology
  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Urogynecology
  • Urologic Oncology
  • Andrology
  • Endo-urology
  • Epidemiology
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Female urology
  • Gender reassignment surgery
  • Incontinence
  • Infectious diseases
  • Infertilit
  • Neuro-urology
  • Pediatric urology
  • Urologic laparoscopy and robotics
  • Urologic oncology
  • Urologic reconstruction
  • Urologic transplant
  • Urologic trauma