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1 2019-03-20 research article Development of Lactobacillus kimchicus DCY51T Mediated Gold Nanoparticles for Delivery of Ginsenoside Compound K with Photoluminescence and Internal Reflection Scattering Towards Cancer Cell Lines 2018 Full Text PDF
2 2019-03-20 research article ssDNA@DAPI/Layered Double Hydroxide Biocompatible Composite Ultrathin Film, Its Assembly and Fluorescence Probe for Telomere Detection 2018 Full Text PDF
3 2019-03-20 research article Performance Improvement of Hydrogen Sensors in Support of Greening the Future of Energy 2018 Full Text PDF
4 2019-03-20 review article Simulation Evaluation of a Label-free Silicon-on-Insulator “Lab on a Chip” Optical Biosensor 2018 Full Text PDF
5 2019-03-19 research article Electrochemical Studies on the Kinetic Behaviour of Some Immobilized Enzymes 2018 Full Text PDF
6 2019-03-19 research article An Expert System for Assistance in Human Intestinal Parasitosis Diagnosis 2018 Full Text PDF
7 2019-03-18 research article An Electrochemical Aptasensor Based on Azophloxine-Graphene/Gold Nanoparticles Composite for Sensitive Detection of ATP 2018 Full Text PDF
8 2019-03-18 research article Highly-Efficient Number-Crunching-Performance SoC Macros for Smart Biosensors 2018 Full Text PDF
9 2019-03-18 review article Breath Analysis for Detecting Diseases on Respiratory, Metabolic and Digestive System 2018 Full Text PDF
10 2019-03-18 research article Image Quality Evaluation for Video Iris Recognition in the Visible Spectrum 2018 Full Text PDF
11 2019-02-20 review article Detection Methods and Tools of Administered Anti-Epileptic Drugs - A Review 2019 Full Text PDF
12 2018-10-27 research article Cell Manipulation and Detection Enhancement Enabled by a Microelectromagnet Integrated with a Digital Microfluidic Device 2018 Full Text PDF
13 2018-09-25 research article Developmental Electrophysiology of Cultured Neuronal Networks at Early Stage 2018 Full Text PDF
14 2018-06-18 research article An Electrochemical DNA Sensor for Ultrasensitive Detection of Aspirin Resistance Gene Based on Signal Amplification Strategy of Ru(NH3)63+/MPA/Cys Redox Cycling 2018 Full Text PDF
15 2018-06-08 review article Electronic Biomaterials Towards Flexible Sensors: A Review 2018 Full Text PDF
16 2018-04-28 research article Detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Antigen in Cough Samples in Northern Ethiopia 2018 Full Text PDF
17 2018-04-07 research article Developmental Electrophysiology of Cultured Neuronal Networks at Early Stages 2018 Full Text PDF
18 2018-03-03 review article A New Compact and Tunable CMOS Temperature Sensor 2018 Full Text PDF
19 2018-03-01 review article Biosensor-Bearing Wound Dressings for Continuous Monitoring of Hard-to-Heal Wounds: Now and Next 2018 Full Text PDF
20 2018-02-14 research article A 0.7V-Supply, 214nW-Power, 2.23μVrms-Noise Subthreshold Symmetrical Low Noise Amplifier for 16-Channel Analog Front End 2018 Full Text PDF
21 2018-01-12 research article Fabrication and Raman Analysis of Aligned Electrospun PVDF Nanofibers 2018 Full Text PDF
22 2017-11-13 review article Smartphone-Enabled Biotelemetric System for A Smart Contact Lens 2017 Full Text PDF
23 2017-11-13 editorial Biosensors: Applications in Disease Diagnostics 2017 Full Text PDF
24 2017-11-13 editorial How to Write an Effective Research Paper 2017 Full Text PDF
25 2017-11-13 short commentary Looking atCell Signaling: Years of Valuable Insights withGenetically Encoded Fluorescent Probes What Comes Next? 2017 Full Text PDF
26 2017-11-13 research article Detection of Cancer through Nano Amperometric Biosensor by Viscosity 2017 Full Text PDF
27 2017-11-13 research article Development an Immune Colloidal Gold Filtration Assay for Detecting Antibody of S. agalactiae in Tilapia 2017 Full Text PDF