"The risks of delaying fatherhood"

1Huda Omran, 1Moiz Bakhiet and 2Volker Ehemann

1Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain

2Heidelberg University, Germany

DOI: 10.29011/2577-2236-C1-006

A variety of disorders can predispose to infertility in males; however, a large proportion of infertile males are diagnosed as idiopathic. Many studies have connected the alteration of semen quality with advancing of male age. Others were documented the association of aging process in men with the problem of infertility and even fetal malformations. The present study was an attempt to explore the molecular changes in seminal fluid that might be happened with man aging.

Eighty-four semen samples of male partner of infertile couples attended the infertility clinic at Princess Al-Jawhara Centre -in the Kingdom of Bahrain- were analyzed for semen conventional parameters. Cell cycle for sperm chromatin condensation and aneuploidy rate measurements, apoptotic markers were performed. A colorimetric assay was also done for the assessment of the total antioxidant capacity of seminal plasma.

Around (63.1%) of the patients were in the age group (26-35 years). The age range was 21 to 49 years, with age mean of years (33.35 years±6.35). The mean semen volume declined with advanced age. Additionally, a significant correlation was also noted between sperm motility and patients’ age. Another significant correlation was established between sperm morphology and patients age. Seminal antioxidant capacity was negatively correlated with patients’ age. However, the age of the patients had no effect on the sperm chromatin or the level of apoptotic markers. Men choosing to delay fatherhood may have a lower likelihood of a successful pregnancy free of early loss and gene defects.

Huda Omran is a medical geneticist who works as the research assistant in the Vice Dean for Graduates and research office at the College of Medicine and Medical Sciences, Arabian Gulf University. She did her doctoral research in molecular medicine at Arabian Gulf University. Her main research direction is in the field of fertility and genetic diagnosis. She has published a book and several publications in reputed journals.


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