"Prevalence of abnormal findings in a cohort of patients referred for cervical spine MRI examination by doctors of chiropractic and potential neurological consequences associated with vertebral subluxation"

Christopher Kent

Sherman College of Chiropractic, USA

DOI: 10.29011/2577-1442-C1-003

Three hundred and twenty-five cervical spine MR reports were reviewed for spinal abnormalities. Two hundred ninety-seven of 325 reports (91%) presented spinal abnormalities (spinal morpho-structural alterations), while 28 of 325 had no abnormalities noted. One hundred seventy-five reports indicated alterations of spinal curvatures. One hundred ten (30%) of 325 had disc degeneration with 54 of the 110 (17%) exhibiting osteophytosis, 21 (6%) posterior ridging, and 2 (1%) arthrosis of Joints of Lushcka. Degenerative findings in the cervical reports is detailed in Table 3. Degenerative disc disease was indicated at spinal segments from C2 through C7 with the highest prevalence at C4/C5 (69), C5/C6 (87), and C6/C7 (65). Two hundred twentyeight disc lesions were present with many reports indicating multiple lesions at different segments. One hundred one of 325 reports (31%) indicated disc bulges, 15 of 325 (5%) were specifically central disc bulges. Sixty-four (20%) indicated central herniations, 44 (14%) paracentral herniations, and 4 (1%) disc herniations were found without directionality indicated.

Vertebral subluxations are changes in the position or motion of a vertebra, which result in interference with nerve function. Such changes may result in altered somatic and autonomic nervous system activity. Mechanical and degenerative changes associated with vertebral subluxation may result in a variety of neurological consequences. This presentation discusses causes and staging of spinal degenerative disease, and a review of putative neurological consequences.

Christopher Kent is a chiropractor and an attorney. He is a Professor and Director of Evidence-Informed Curriculum and Practice at Sherman College of Chiropractic. He is President of the Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation. His research interests include advanced spinal imaging and objective neurological assessments associated with vertebral subluxation. He has 55 publications including 35 peer-reviewed journal papers, 6 book chapters, and 14 peer-reviewed conference abstracts.