"Intussuscepted appendix imitating the caecal polyp – A description of two cases"

Wiktor Krawczyk, Jakub Kropieniewicz and Zbigniew Lorenc

Medical University of Silesia, Poland

DOI: 10.29011/2575-9760.C1.006

Intussusception of appendix is a rare disease and it gives non-characteristic symptoms. It may present acute inflammation, chronic pain in the right abdomen to completely asymptomatic cases. Preoperative diagnosis is rare. The paper presents two cases of patients who were diagnosed with intussusception only after surgery. Both patients underwent a resection procedure with laparoscopic access. The most frequent symptoms, causes, diagnostics and treatment of intussusception of appendix were discussed.

Wiktor Krawczyk is the Resident Doctor in Clinical Ward of Colorectal and Trauma Surgery in Sosnowiec, Medical University of Silesia. His PhD research is about reflux after gastrectomy. He has published 12 research articles in polish and foreign medical journals and was an active participant in surgical conferences in Japan, India, China, Germany, Austria, Italy and Poland.


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