"Integrated prenatal care solution enabled prevention of excessive gestational weight gain in Chinese population"

Hua Qiao, Wang Xiaochun, Li Guanghui, Fan Ling, Zhang Dongtao, Huang Nan, Jin Yafang, and Claire Ching, Li Lin

Philips Research, China

DOI: 10.29011/2577-2236-C1-006

Excessive gestational weight gain (eGWG) is defined as inappropriately large weight gain during pregnancy assessed according to the guidelines of the Institute of Medicine (IOM). eGWG increases the risk of fetal macrosomia, maternal overweight and postpartum weight retention. The prevention of eGWG during pregnancy potentially improves maternal and neonatal outcomes.

In China, health care providers (HCPs) lack of an efficient tool that can support them well control GWG of individuals in clinics. Also, gaps exist for HCPs in accessing personal lifestyle data, and providing actionable advice. Therefore, we developed the first integrated prenatal care solution to assist HCPs manage GWG in a more efficient way.

A randomized controlled study was initiated and 366 pregnant women were respectively enrolled in control group (N=184) and intervention group (N=182). The control group experienced standard prenatal care and one f2f nutrition counselling, while the intervention group was additionally provided with the integrated prenatal care solution through the entire pregnancy. The integrated prenatal care solution includes Apps enabled on-line service (incl. Doctor Portal & Pregnancy Portal) and off-line service. (incl. 7 times f2f weight management counselling).The present report mainly focuses on the weight management effectiveness in the 2nd trimester.

Preliminary results indicated the effectiveness of the integrated prenatal care solution considerably depend on the participants’ engagement level. Especially for the participants with pre-pregnancy BMI ? 25 kg/m2, in intervention group, an obvious decreasing trend of GWG was observed in those who were actively engaged to the integrated solution.

Hua Qiao is a Senior Scientist and Project Leader in Philips Research, China. She did her research at Delft University of Technology. After graduation, she worked in Philips Research for over 7 years with 15 patents filed.


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