"Difficult cases and their clinical solution"

Walid Odeh

Academic Specialized Dental Center, Jordan

DOI: 10.29011/2575-9760-C1-002

I believe that an orthodontist is not only a specialist dentist; he must have knowledge and interesting in art as dentistry is not about teeth treatment but also aesthetic of the face to be a successful orthodontist because science has no end. In some clinical cases in our daily practice we might face bone deficiency to replace missing teeth with dental implants instead of doing second surgery and bone augmentation. We can be more conservative depending on orthodontic means such as extrusion of hopeless teeth in other cases we can use mini implants to adjust complicated orthodontic cases and surgical cases such as skeletal open bite or interocclusal space deficiency. This lecture for Implantologist, Orthodontist & General Practitioner. In this lecture I will talk about clinical cases to show the interrelation between ortho, implant & aesthetic dentistry & aesthetic medicine (Botox & Filler) solving clinical cases with no surgery. It`s for specialist dentist & general practitioner.

Cases in the Lecture
st will cover extrusion of hopeless anterior centrals to correct bone level before replacing them with dental implant instead of bone augmentation.
nd to gain more interocclussal space by intrusion of opposite posterior teeth.
rd case to correct skeletal open bite by using mini implant instead of orthognathic surgery.
th case using mini implant to align tilted teeth to provide space for implant or bridge.
th some cases about gum smile treatment by mini implant & botox beside some cases about aesthetic dentistry.

Walid Odeh has completed his BDS at age 26 years from Nisantas Ozal Yuksek Okulu, Marmara University, Turkey. Beside that he has a master degree in Orthodontics from Baghdad University, 2000. He has a specialty expert in Implant Association/Germany. He is a fellow of ICCDE (International College of Dental Education). He is a member of ICOL (International Congress of Oral Implantologist), AAID (American Academy of Implant Dentistry) (Austrian, Turkish Jordanian & Egyptian Implant Association), European Esthetic Association, WFO (World Federation of Orthodontics), AOS (Arab Orthodontic Society), DGZI (German Implant Association), ADA (American Dental Association) and AAAM (American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine) as he is treating so many cases of TMJ disorder & gummy smile by Botox, beside he participating in many international conferences as a lecturer in many countries like USA, Germany, Jordan, Far East, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong & so many Arab countries. He is the owner of Academic Specialized Dental Center which is a unique one that has a special lecture hall supplied by high quality techniques. It`s large enough to have forty dentists gathering for scientific lecture discussions and the direct transmission by special camera recording videos of operations, implants, orthodontics, cosmetics, endodontics to the lecture hall making sure that those dentists get the best learning by providing them with modern science of dentistry in addition to dental courses from time to time that are held in our center.


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