"A case of sublingual lymphangioma in neonate presented as plunging ranula"

Shilpa Prabhu, Mohammed A. Al-Muharraqi, Amal Faisal, Abdulla Darwish and Veena Nagaraj

BDF Hospital, Bahrain

DOI: 10.29011/2575-9760.C1.006

Lymphangiomas also known as benign lymphatic hamartomas are rare lymphatic malformations. They most commonly present from birth to two years of age, with (90%) presenting at 2-years of age. The most common site of presentation is the head and neck with 75% occurring in the oral cavity. The majority of oral lymphangiomas occur in the dorsal aspect of the tongue. Here we present a case of lymphangioma in a female neonate in the floor of the mouth which had presentation similar to ranula and was operated without any recurrence.

Shilpa Prabhu is a senor resident at BDF Hospital, Bahrain. Her specialization is in Otorhinolaryngology and her advanced skills include management of all Adult and Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology cases.


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