"A breast pump with a compression component is the breast pump of the future"

Alekseev N. P and Ilyin V.I

Saint Petersburg State University, Russian Federation

DOI: 10.29011/2577-2236-C1-006

Breastfeeding, due to its nutritional and immunological aspects, is the best source of food for the newborn. In situation where is not possible to breastfeeding her baby, for example, where the mother has returned to work, or is otherwise temporarily separated from her baby, it is necessary for her to express breast milk for storage period of separation. To achieve lactation success before a baby’s suckling can ensure the effective extraction of milk, breast pumps must meet specific mechanical requirements. In particular, breast pumps must effectively stimulate the mechanoreceptors in areola to promote maternal secretion and milk-ejection reflex. Breast pumps must effectively remove milk from the breast. Pumping shouldn’t be painful or cause damage to the nipples and areola.

In Russia there are currently two types of breast pumps that are used in medical practice. The first type applies only vacuum stimuli, while the second type of pumps applies on the areola and the nipple with both vacuum and compression stimuli similar to removal of milk by an infant. When applying vacuum on the areola, it expands the areola and stimulates the stretch cutaneous receptors. On the contrary, compression of the areola stimulates the tactile mechanoreceptors. This simultaneous activation of areolar mechanoreceptors is likely to establish lactation in the most efficient way. Besides, compression of the main milk ducts, which lie under the areola, ensures more successful milk ejection. As the clinical research and breastfeeding practice show, this type of breast pumps promotes more efficient milk ejection compared to the vacuum-type breast pumps.

Alekseev N. P is a professor Departments of General Physiology, Faculty of Biology, Saint Petersburg State University. He has published more than200 research articles, 2 book in physiology lactation field. He has published more than 40 papers in reputed journals.

Ilyin V.I is a PhD Departments of General Physiology, Faculty of Biology, Saint Petersburg State University. He has published 30 research articles and 10 patent in breast pump field.


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