"Facial esthetic enhancement for hemifacial palsy patients: Case report"

Meisan Ali Bukhari

Jeddah Specialty Dental Center-MOH, KSA

DOI: 10.29011/2574-7754-C1-003

The first item of beauty is the face, and it is the first page of knowing a person. Impairment facial esthetic of a 50 years old partially edentulous male, by asymmetry due to weakness of the facial muscles caused by permanent facial paralysis lead to psychological problems and isolation of patients. Camouflage prosthetic treatment for this patient using removable appliance improved his esthetic by improving fullness and support of the face on the effected side. Therefore, enhanced his self-esteem.

Meisan Ali Bukhari has completed her Bachelor of Dental Medicine and Surgery in 2000 from King Abdul-Aziz University and Post-graduate study of Saudi Board of Prosthodontics from Saudi Commission for Health Specialties. She is the Head of Dental Laboratory of Jeddah Specialty Dental Center-MOH and the Head Supervisor of training program for intern doctors in Prosthodontics Department. She is a certified Professional Trainer by MOE, S.A from 2014. She has participated as a speaker and organized many training courses.


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