Reports on Global Health Research
ISSN: 2690-9480
Impact Factor: 3.2


The "Reports on Global Health Research" journal aims to publish high-quality research articles and reports that contribute to the field of global health. The journal serves as a platform for researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to share their findings, insights, and experiences related to global health issues.


The scope of the journal encompasses a broad range of topics within the field of global health, including but not limited to:

  • Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance: Studies on the distribution, determinants, and patterns of diseases and health conditions across different populations and regions.

  • Health Systems and Policies: Research on the organization, delivery, and management of health systems, as well as policy analyses and evaluations of health interventions and programs.

  • Infectious Diseases: Studies on the prevention, control, and treatment of infectious diseases that have global significance, such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, and emerging infectious diseases.

  • Non-communicable Diseases: Research focusing on the prevention, management, and control of non-communicable diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, and mental health disorders.

  • Global Health Equity and Social Determinants of Health: Investigations into the social, economic, and environmental factors that influence health outcomes, health disparities, and the promotion of equity in global health.

  • Maternal and Child Health: Research related to the health and well-being of mothers, infants, and children, including studies on reproductive health, child development, and interventions to improve maternal and child health outcomes.

  • Health Innovations and Technologies: Articles highlighting innovative approaches, technologies, and interventions that address global health challenges, such as telemedicine, mobile health applications, and digital health solutions.

  • Global Health Ethics and Human Rights: Discussions and analyses of ethical considerations, human rights issues, and ethical dilemmas in global health research, practice, and policy.

  • Health Economics and Financing: Research on the economic aspects of global health, including cost-effectiveness analyses, health financing mechanisms, health insurance systems, and evaluations of the economic impact of health interventions and policies.

  • Global Health Governance and Diplomacy: Exploration of the governance structures, policies, and diplomatic efforts that shape global health agendas and collaborations, including studies on international organizations, partnerships, and the role of politics in global health decision-making.

The journal welcomes original research articles, systematic reviews, meta-analyses, policy analyses, case studies, and other types of contributions that advance our understanding of global health issues and promote evidence-based interventions and policies. Manuscripts should demonstrate rigorous research methodology, clear presentation of results, and implications for global health practice and policy.

By providing a platform for researchers and practitioners to share their work, the journal aims to contribute to the global health community's efforts to improve health outcomes, reduce health disparities, and achieve health equity worldwide.