Current Research in Complementary & Alternative Medicine (ISSN: 2577-2201)

Article / short commentary

"Asian Local Health Herb: Ai Yu"

Erica Kuo*

Registered Herbalist, Master Gardener, Founder of Rosemary Garden Herbal Care, Taiwan

*Corresponding author: Erica Kuo, Registered Herbalist, Master Gardener, Founder of Rosemary Garden Herbal Care, Taiwan. Tel: +886228314313; Email:

Received Date: 13 March 2018; Accepted Date: 16 March, 2018; Published Date: 26 March, 2018

1.       How to Make Natural Jello?

Fig Jelly or Jelly (愛玉Ai yu) (Figure 1), a jelly made from the gel of a special variety of fig seed and only grow in high mountain. Its fruit sharp like passion fruit. Ai yu is a common cooling dessert in Asia during summer time. It tastes like pudding.

2.       You May Make by Yourself Step by Step by Following

•              Prepare two spoons of dry fig seeds, 3000ml drinking water and chesses cloth.

•              Put the seed into the chesses clothe, then squeeze and massage the chesses cloth for couples of minutes. Sticky juice will be released from the seed.

•              Place the pot in refrigerator overnight. The water turns in jelly.

•              You may mix the fig jelly with juice or honey, lemon wedge to make refreshing.

3.       Significance

Fig Jelly contains water-soluble fiber with low Calories. If you are on diet or blood sugar control, you have to try the soft and delicious natural jello. It also can relief constipation and lower blood sugar. Because the jelly is a natural source, when you make the jello, just make the amount you will enjoy in a couple of hours. Otherwise, it will dissolve  and turn into water. Even the jello became water you still can drink it up.

Figure 1: Fig Jelly or Jelly (愛玉Ai yu).

Citation: Kuo E (2018) Asian Local Health Herb: Ai Yu. Curr Res Complement Altern Med: CRCAM-128. DOI:10.29011/2577-2201/100028