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"Autism and Epilepsy: Application of Epigenetics as a Biotechnological Tool for Permanently Curing Epilepsy in Autism"

Rajalakshmi Kandaswamy

*Corresponding author: Rajalakshmi Kandaswamy, Expert in Nonverbal Autism, Authentic Autism Solutions (™), Chennai, India, Tel:91-44-24836189;Email:

Received Date: 22 February, 2017; Accepted Date: 17 March, 2017; Published Date: 24 March, 2017

Applied Intentional Epigenetics is transforming the way children who present with epilepsy coexisting with autism are being treated today. This article explores the option of applying Epigenetics as a Biotechnological Tool in curing the limiting symptoms of autism and curing seizure disorders when present along with autism, thus helping the child to be free from both without taking any conventional antiepileptic medications.


First things first - What do I mean by the term "Cure" with respect to Autism and Epilepsy? The answer is as follows:

a)       When I use the term 'Cure' for autism, I mean the disappearance of all the Limiting Symptoms in autism that is Unique and Specific for each child with autism.

b)       When I use the term 'Cure' for epilepsy in the present context where autism and epilepsy are present together in the child/person, I mean the complete absence of seizures in the child with the child on no medication for epilepsy. Meaning, even if the child were on some anti-epileptics, with this cure, the child can be taken OFF those medicines and the seizure symptoms completely disappear permanently (five-year follow-up).

Epigenetics literally means “control above genes”. Applied Intentional Epigenetics is the art and science of applying techniques that bring about epigenetic transformations in a being or system using the power of Intention in any way, shape or form. It brings about these transformations at the level of the genes and the DNA of the being by bringing about Energy Shifts within the patterns encoded in the DNA, among other things. Applied Intentional Epigenetics thus has an underlying Energy Medicine basis to it. Energy Medicine is the art and science of restoring a being/system to its natural state of well-being and wholeness by augmenting the innate ability of the being/system to heal itself on all levels by bringing about shifts in the energy fields in the being/system to resonate with its natural frequency of alignment, balance and harmony. Intent Healing(TM) is healing using the power of Intention, accessing energies prior to consciousness that is free from all limiting conditioning and which brings about the realignment in the energy fields of beings/systems by rewiring the neural network in the brain and gut, reprogramming the DNA and erasing faulty cellular memories. To understand the newly emerging scientific fields of Applied Intentional Epigenetics, Applied Energy Medicine and the Intent Healing(TM) method further, it is recommended to read the articles given under the references section in this article [1-4]. Case reports and evidence of successfully healed cases of autism applying Applied Intentional Epigenetics is available in the reference section [5,6].


The Energy Basis of Epilepsy in Autism

The fundamental understanding of the Real cause for all the symptoms in autism is mandatory in order to understand the underlying basis of the occurrence of seizures in a child with autism. In order to enlighten oneself about the same and/or refresh one’s memory on this foundational aspect of autism, it is recommended that one peruse these relevant articles published in various international journals here: and


Coming from this Energy Basis understanding of autism let us now understand the Real reason for the occurrence of the symptoms of seizures in children with autism. In other words, WHAT triggers these seizures to manifest in children who already have the limiting symptoms of autism?

The answer is - the seizures manifest due to the Energy Disturbances in the energy fields of the autistic child which in turn results in abnormal electrical signals /connections happening in the brain. The energy disturbance is primary and the electrical disturbance in the brain (both brain in the skull and the brain the stomach) is secondary. To know and understand the presence and functioning of these two brains in autism and the connection between the immune system and brain in autism [7-9], it is recommended to peruse these articles here:


The TRIGGER for these energy disturbances in the autistic child is the energy disturbances in the parents’ caregivers’ energy fields and the energy disturbances arising from the physical environment around the autistic child.

Therefore, from this fresh understanding of autism and epilepsy in autism, one can then know that the Solution would be in helping the autistic child to be free from being affected by these kinds of energy disturbances.

The autistic child’s energy fields gets affected by these energy disturbances because these children are born as Energy Sensitive Beings and with poor Energy Boundaries and therefore, with lowered Energetic Immunity[10-12].

To understand the term energetic immunity one can go through these articles here:


What is meant by energy sensitivity is - these children are born with the ability to feel, sense, and tune into the energy fields of people and environments. Since these energies are considered “subtle” by mainstream medicine as of now,this ability is therefore being termed as heightened/increased energy-sensitivity.

In short, these autistic children throw a seizure when what would be considered as “normal” or “tolerable” energetic stress by the so-called Neurotypical people is in fact “Unbearable” and “Intolerable” to their energy systems and organs. In addition to this it may be worthwhile to remind oneself of this fact that our “brains” are communicating all the time with other brains - A form of neurological network operating beyond the illusionary limitations of the individual bodies as proven by the experiments of Dr. Vilayanur Ramachandran, a neuroscientist .He has performed experiments that demonstrate that there is no real distinctiveness of a person’s consciousness from somebody else’s consciousness[13] .This can be understood in further detail with relevance to autism, here:


And so, this combined effect of Energy Sensitivity and “Energetic Neuro-sensitivity” to the electrical disturbances from the neural network of people around them (primary caregivers mainly) results in the autistic child manifesting seizures. While the reader allows these mind-blowing facts to sink in, we can now explore the Biotechnological aspect of autism and epilepsy for a better understanding of the Solution for these two co-existing conditions in some children/people with autism.


How Applied Intentional Epigenetics is being Applied as a Biotechnology Tool in Reversing the Debilitating Symptoms in Autism presenting along with Epilepsy

 Biotechnology and its Relevance in Autism 

Biotechnology, in simple terms is “the use of living systems and organisms to develop or make products, or any technological application that uses biological systems, living organisms, or derivatives thereof, to make or modify products or processes for specific use”

Epigenetics in simple terms means “control above genes “which is brought about by applying factors such as dietary and lifestyle changes and techniques bringing about Energy shifts, among other things, that switch some genes “on” or “off”. The common factor that connects biotechnology and epigenetics in the present context of autism is - INTENT and Intention. And the PRACTICAL Application of this combination that is already showing results in helping these children with autism with epilepsy lead fulfilling lives and thriving in freedom is - Applied Intentional Epigenetics and Applied Energy Medicine. Both these being applied through the methodology of Intent Healing(™). To know more about HOW they are helping autistic children gain complete freedom from the limiting symptoms of autism, one can peruse this article here:

No biotechnological tool has been actually developed or applied to heal all the limiting symptoms of autism including curing Epilepsy in autism, until now. This article presents Intent Healing(TM) (based on the cutting edge sciences of Applied Intentional Epigenetics and Applied energy medicine)as an Epigenetic tool that not only heals all the limiting symptoms of autism, but also cures associated Epilepsy in the autistic being/child, if present. The intention is to share this path-breaking information for the first time in the world so that those reading can gain awareness that there is already a Solution for both Autism and Epilepsy that is working on the ground.

I discovered this in my healing practice when children presenting with autism and epilepsy started recovering completely from ALL the limiting symptoms of autism, including the symptoms of Epilepsy (diagnosed and on medication) and were taken off the medicines once the healing sessions were started. This was done under medical supervision in some cases and voluntarily by the parents in most others. These healing sessions (Remote healing with Intent Healing(™) were done for the parents first and then the autistic child. With a period of five year follow up off medication it has been confirmed that Intent Healing(™) indeed is a Permanent solution for both - The limiting symptoms of autism And Epilepsy in autism.


Human Technological Advances and its Relevance in Biotechnology

For those who may be wondering if this too far-fetched and “out there”. I recommend going through this article here:


This article explains how the Ultimate “Technological Advancement” is the Human mind and the way it is being applied through techniques such as Remote viewing and Remote Sensing to capture criminals such as Saddam Hussein, by no less an organization than the U.S Military. In other words, techniques such as Remote Sensing and Remote Viewing too are Biotechnological devices/tools [14]. Even if one thinks in terms of exploring AI (Artificial Intelligence), the underlying connecting thread is Intent and Intention. And both these need to flow through the Human beings first and then into the AI System/ Milieu. Biotechnology plus Consciousness = AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Coming to the present context of autism and epilepsy, the cutting edge Science of Applied Intentional Epigenetics is being used as a Biotechnological tool, improving the quality of the lives of children with Autism.

All these changes are being brought about at the operational level of the “Junk” DNA, which is in fact the most significant and (hyper) active part of the DNA whose natural state is that of Energy. The work of Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev reveals the specifics of the mechanism. They can therefore be called as “Energetic DNA”.



The point is this - Regardless of whether mainstream medicine is “willing" to acknowledge these mind-blowing discoveries made in various cutting-edge scientific disciplines as described above, what has practical relevance and significance here is that they are being actually applied in a practical manner today in the form of Intent Healing(™) that is showing the results of complete healing of both- limiting symptoms of autism and epilepsy . Children and families struggling with the combined presence of these two conditions in their child/loved one can now breathe a sigh of relief and watch their autistic child Thrive in freedom.

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Citation: Kandaswamy R (2017) Autism and Epilepsy: Application of Epigenetics as a Biotechnological Tool for Permanently Curing Epilepsy in Autism. Adv Biotechnol Biochem 2: 121. DOI: 10.29011/2574-7258.000021

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