Journal of Oncology Research and Therapy (ISSN: 2574-710X)

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Community Hospital Multidisciplinary Breast Conference Data Analysis - A Pathologist’s Perspective

Alexandre A Vdovenko*

*Corresponding Author: Alexandre A Vdovenko, Hartford Pathology Associates, PC Hospital of Central Connecticut, USA.

Received Date: 06 October, 2021

Accepted Date: 14 October, 2021

Published Date: 22 October, 2021


Multidisciplinary breast cancer treatment in a specialized setting has become a standard of care. Breast Cancer conference is a central component of this treatment configuration. Twelve-year experience of a teaching community hospital multidiscipline Breast Cancer Center in the American North-East is analyzed on the Breast Conference material from a Pathologist’s perspective. 2185 patients were presented including 1589 patients with primary invasive breast carcinomas, 414 with ductal carcinoma in situ, 18 with other breast malignancies and 164 with other breast lesions. Study confirmed that Breast Conference lists that are composed of all new breast cancer cases are representative of the general population under care and are a valid source for breast cancer analysis. Obtained breast cancer data were in general agreement with the published national and international data. An increasing trend in detection of multiple breast invasive carcinomas was registered. No trends in average age, tumor size or lymph node distant metastases status at presentation were found. Relative overall survival was 94.8% at five and 90.4% at ten years. There was no difference in overall survival between the two subsequent 5-year periods of the Breast Cancer Center operation. Age, tumor size and especially distant metastases at presentation were found to be significant mortality risks. Lymph node metastases may not be significant mortality risk at the present state of care. Conclusion is made that further improvement in breast cancer treatment results requires more efforts aiming at early detection.

Keywords: Multidisciplinary; Breast; Cancer; Conference; Data analysis; Survival

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