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Hip Pain is Reduced Following Moderate Pressure Massage Therapy

Tiffany Field1,2*, Nicole Sauvageau1, Gladys Gonzalez1, Miguel Diego1

1University of Miami School of Medicine, Florida, USA

2Fielding Graduate University, California, USA

*Corresponding author: Tiffany Field, Professor, University of Miami School of Medicine, Florida, USA. Tel: +1-3052436781; Email:

Received Date: 21 August, 2019; Accepted Date: 06 September, 2019; Published Date: 13 September, 2019


Background: The literature on massage therapy effects on pain suggests that it has been reduced in several joints. However, no studies were found on massage therapy for hip pain.

Methods: Medical school staff and faculty who had hip pain were randomly assigned to a moderate pressure massage therapy or a waitlist control group. Twenty-minute massages were given weekly for a month. Self-reports including the WOMAC (pain, stiffness and function) and the PROMIS (scales on mood, sleep and daily functioning) were given on the first and last days of the treatment period and at a follow-up day one month later. Pain was assessed for external rotation, internal rotation, sitting, standing and bending before and after the first and last day massage sessions.

Results: The massage group experienced an immediate post-massage decrease in pain on all measures. On the last versus the first day of the study, the massage group reported greater decreases in pain on all measures as well as less self-reported sleep disturbances than the waitlist control group. The effects were sustained at the one-month follow-up period.

Discussion: These data highlight the effectiveness of moderate pressure massage therapy for decreasing hip pain and sleep disturbances.


Hip pain; Moderate pressure massage

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