Journal of Community Medicine & Public Health (ISSN: 2577-2228)

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Exercise Improves Psychological and Physical Well-Being during a COVID-19 Lockdown

Tiffany Field1,2*, Samantha Poling2, Shantay Mines2, Debra Bendell2, Connie Veazey2

1Touch Research Institute, University of Miami/Miller School of Medicine, USA

2Fielding Graduate University, California, USA

*Corresponding author: Tiffany Field, Professor, Touch Research Institute, University of Miami School of Medicine, Florida, USA

Received Date: 03 November, 2020; Accepted Date: 09 November, 2020; Published Date: 16 November, 2020


Indoor exercise, outdoor exercise, and outdoor exercise with others have had buffering effects on psychological problems during the COVID-19 lockdown. In this Survey Monkey study conducted during a COVID-19 lockdown (N=260 respondents), the most prevalent forms of indoor exercise were yoga and stretching while the most frequent forms of outdoor exercise were walking and running. Correlation analyses suggested that indoor, outdoor, and outdoor exercise with someone else were positively related to scores on the Health Scale and negatively related to scores on the Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue, Sleep Disturbance, and PTSD scales. In addition, indoor exercise and outdoor exercise with someone else were positively correlated with scores on the Connecting and Working Scales. The results of these data analyses are limited by the self-reported data from a non-representative, cross-sectional sample. Nonetheless, they highlight the positive effects of exercise during a COVID-19 lockdown.


COVID-19; Exercise; Psychological

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