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"Lazy and Modern Lives will Increase Fractures in Middle Aged Population"

Javier M. Cabrera*

LMS, FICS, Ramón y Cajal, Marbella, Spain

*Corresponding author: Javier Cabrera, Ramón y Cajal 12, 2º-529601 Marbella, Spain. Tel: 34 952 823 135; E-Mail:

Received Date: 01 May, 2017; Accepted Date: 01 May, 2017; Published Date:07 May, 2017

The National Center for Health Statistics of the CDC has offered a FRAX- based estimation, of probabilities in the next 10 years for middle aged people in the USA, will suffer from osteoporosis and fractures of neck of femur.

It is well known that lack of exercises, obesity, eating the wrong diet, avoiding physical activity due to use of the cars for short distances, diseases like diabetes and othres diminishes the strength of the bones, developing osteoporosis, risking fracture of the neck of the femur. With the appearance of robotics many manual activities will be diminished making our lives less and less active. This will be an opportunity to have more time for exercise and other activities. Unfortunately, a lot of the population will lean towards lesiure and avoid movement to the detriment of their bones health and will suffer from osteoporosis. People traveling into space for weeks or months also will be at risk.                                                   

With the above and other factors, the medical world has to be ready to treat new pandemias or the increase of osteoporosis that will appear in future. The treatment of fractured of neck of femur today are solved with osteosynthesis, where metallic elements (pins and screws) are inserted to fix the bone fragments of the neck of the femur together. Obviously, this solution in future will be challenged and force us to use more modern methods directed to avoid post traumatic complications, such as osteoarthritis of the hip widely reported worldwide. This problem is not related to surgery, as with the original trauma in many cases, the head of the femur crushes into the acetabulum producing lesions in the articular cartilage, so that with wear and tear the joint develops into osteoarthritis. Nobody likes to suffer an accident and the consequent surgery. The prospect of being exposed in future to more invasive and expensive surgery due to arthritis (hip prosthesis), in many cases in already healed fractured neck of femur, obliged us to find more modern methods to avoid this problem.

With modern X ray devices, it is possible to detect incipient lesions in the articular cartilage of the hip joint in patients with ostoesynthesis for fractured neck of femurs. These lesions will destroy the hip joint (osteoarthritis) and will need a more biological solution to avoid Total hip prosthesis surgery.  In patent GB2344290 "A device for replacing or repairing a joint ". the idea behind this method is to perform an osteosynthesis of the fractured neck of the fremur by introducing a patented double screw device. If in future the operated hip develops arthritis, in minimal invasive surgery with a small incision in the scar of the previous osteosynthesis, and the help of X ray visual devices, we can reach the external entrance of the outer member of the device which is hollow and be able to perforate the head of the femur and introduce arthroscopic devices into the hip joint. In this way; we can resurface with biomaterials, stem cell therapies, etc. the incipient lesions in the articular cartilage, preventing the destruction of the joint (osteoarthritis) and the need for Total hip prosthesis surgery. Just like dentists do with caries.

With the increasing number of fractured neck of femurs in middle aged people, the appearance of osteoarthritis will increase and we need to find new and modern ways to prevent this disease which is draining the resources of national health authorities.

Citation: Cabrera JM (2017) Lazy and Modern Lives Will Increase Fractures in Middle Aged Population. J Orthop Res Ther 2017: 136. DOI: 10.29011/2575-8241.000136

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