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"Letter to the Editor: Premeltons in DNA"

Henry M. Sobell*

Departments of Chemistry and Molecular Biophysics, University of Rochester, New York, USA 

*Corresponding author: Henry M. Sobell, Departments of Chemistry and Molecular Biophysics, University of Rochester, Rochester, New York, 14642, USA. Email:

Received Date: 01 December, 2017; Accepted Date: 05 December, 2017; Published Date: 12 December, 2017

Dear Readers,

I would liketo call attention to my review article entitled, "Premeltons in DNA", which previously appeared in the Journal of Structural and Functional Genomics (2016) 17: 17-31 [see].

This paper begins by reviewing our crystallographic studies of planar intercalators complexed to a series of self-complementary DNA and RNA- like dinucleoside monophosphates done in earlier years.  The results of these studies readily explain the observation of neighbor-exclusion -- that is -- why intercalation is limited to occur between every-other base-pair in DNA at high drug/DNA binding ratios. Neighbor-exclusion is proposed to reflectthe presence of an entirely different DNA conformational state in DNA –this being calledbeta-DNA -- a key metastable and hyperflexible liquid-like phase that acts as a transition-state intermediate in DNA-melting and in the B- to A- structural phase-transition. 

The existence of this DNA formleads to a unifying conceptual theory,which predicts beta-DNA to arise spontaneously within the centers of entities called “premeltons”– serving to nucleate both DNA-melting and the B- to A- structural phase transition -- and further explaining how the intercalation of planar drugs and dyes happens -- how DNA breathing and DNA melting occur –and how the RNA polymerase binds tothe promoter andis able to move frictionlessly along DNA as it synthesizes RNA and finally detaches from DNAto terminate transcription --this carryingthe important prediction that the centers of premeltons define the beginning and ends of genes in both naked DNA and in DNA undergoing the transcription of genesin active chromatin.

I have recently created a YouTube video entitled, “The centers of premeltons signal the beginning and ends of genes” as shown by clicking on the link below:

I am hoping that your readers find this video helpful to understand my theory and to carry out experiments designed to test its validity.


Henry M. Sobell

Emeritus Professor

Departments of Chemistry and Molecular Biophysics

University of Rochester, NY 14642 USA

Citation: Sobell HM (2017) Letter to the Editor: Premeltons in DNA. Adv Biochem Biotechnol 2: 152. DOI: 10.29011/2574-7258.000052
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