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"Lyme Disease and Most Types of Cancer May be Sexually Transmitted"

David Satloff *

Department of Holistic Dental Association, USA

*Corresponding author: David Satloff, Department of Holistic Dental Association, USA. Tel: +15086951078; Email:

Received Date: 11 August, 2017; Accepted Date: 12 August, 2017; Published Date: 22 August, 2017



While the media focuses on deer tics as the responsible vector for the transmission of Lyme disease, the actual culprit is not so clear. First of all, virtually any insect can potentially transmit the spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi. Secondly, there are always five major components to the disease transmission which need to be addressed, including the spirochete, four common accompanying parasites, co infections like bacteria, virus, and yeast pathogens, mold, and bio-toxins. Thirdly, any pet that goes outdoors will potentially acquire Lyme and transmit such with licking. Lyme is predictably passed to one’s significant other. This means in simple English that Lyme disease is a STD.

The real problem is that Lyme disease does not present itself serologically which means that Lyme is not detectable most of the time with blood testing analysis. Both Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt the country’s top Lyme expert and Dr. Edlow, Harvard’s top Lyme expert both agree that typical blood testing will lead to misdiagnosis and confusion.

Stage 1: Lyme generally affects the larger joints of the body. The three most commonly affected joints are the knees, hips and lower back. The fourth most common joint is the Temporomandibular Joint. I have found many patients presenting with toothache pain when in fact the lateral pterygoid muscle is in a protective spasm causing the perception of tooth pain. The fifth most common joint is the Achilles and or the instep of the heel. The sixth most common joint is the shoulder joint followed by the cervical spine.

Stage 2: Lyme evolves into neuromuscular disease or into a movement disorder. Neuromuscular disease includes, MS, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, or fibromyalgia. Movement disorders include seizures and tics.

The National Cancer Institute informed in 2016 that the statistical probability of developing some form of cancer over one’s lifetime in Massachusetts approaches 46%. Most cancers are HPV mediated viral lesions, far outpacing radiation, chemical, and heavy metal toxins.

As a baseball fan, I admired the spunk in former Red Sox baseball second baseman and current TV analyst Jerry Remy. Jerry was a former smoker and he developed lung cancer. Not once, not twice, but now five times. Each time he was informed that after chemotherapy and surgical intervention that he was cleared of the cancer. But each time there was a reoccurrence of the disease. How can this be??

Rule One: Pathogens whether they are Lyme spirochetes or HPV cancer mediated viruses settle in anatomic areas of trauma or burden which are areas of low electromagnetic resistance

Rule Two: In order to successfully detoxify pathogens that sexually transmitted both partners need to be simultaneously detoxified to achieve success.

Rule Three: Both Dr. Klinghardt and his mentor Dr. Omura engage energy resonance testing to assess for Lyme disease and to assess for HPV mediated cancer. Energy resonance testing is scientific when utilized with proteomic biomarkers because such testing in both quantifiable and repeatable. But the real benefit of this testing is that disease can be diagnosed and detoxified prior to any symptoms or any negative sequelae.

Rule Four: There is no standard treatment for Lyme disease because the accompanying parasites and the co infections will typically vary even among the significant others, which is why energy resonance testing is so critical. Dr. Omura advocates the use of one specialized imported omega 3 fish oil to detoxify HPV mediated cancer.

If Jerry Remy expects to live cancer free he needs to be medically cleared of HPV mediated virus and then he and his significant other need to be detoxified of the transmission virus simultaneously.

Lyme disease is in epidemic proportions. President Trump and his spouse test positive for Lyme. Hilleary and Bill Clinton test positive for Lyme. Mitt Romney and his spouse test positive for Lyme. Lyme is not innocuous. In 1980 the prevalence of Autism affected one in every 10,000 live births. The 2017 prevalence of Autism is now one in every 40 live births. Every individual with Autism tests positive for Lyme and so do their parents. Luckily the transmission of the Lyme to the fetus is not as predictable as transmission to one’s significant other.

Sexually transmitted diseases have always been a health concern. The transmission of Lyme spirochete and Human Papilloma virus constitute additional health risk factors.


Citation: Satloff D (2017) Lyme Disease and Most Types of Cancer May be Sexually Transmitted. Curr Res Complement Altern Med: CRCAM-108. DOI:10.29011/2577-2201/100008

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