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"1000 Women Die Every Year in Massachusetts Due to Breast Cancer"

David Satloff1*

1Department of biologic dentist, Holistic dental association, USA

*Corresponding author: David Satloff, Holistic dental association, USA, Tel: +1-5086951078; E-mail:

Received date: 17 May, 2017; Accepted date: 02 June, 2017; Published date: 09 June, 2017


The statistics are overwhelming. Massachusetts residents have nearly a 46% probability of developing some form of cancer over their lifetime according to the National Cancer Institute. The total number of female mortalities from breast cancer from 2014 to 2016 is nearly 3000 women. This is despite the fact that Massachusetts has the largest number of medical doctors and dentists per 100,000 populations in the country. This makes no sense at all.

Further, the cause for most cases of breast cancer has been well elucidated in the peer reviewed literature and confirmed by Bae and Kim.

Nationally the incidence of invasive breast cancer is one in eight women, though the incidence of such cancer is one in 6.5 women in Bristol County where I work. Just for the record men can develop breast cancer also.

I first investigated the cause of invasive breast cancer in 2011 and had my findings published in 2012 by the Holistic Dental Association. The premise of my findings was that unresolved intraoral infections constituted the primary etiological factor even when such infection appeared invisible to the naked eye. The cause for intraoral infections were large pulp impinging restorations, unhealthy pulps, extraction sites (wisdom teeth and orthodontic removals), periodontal infections, tooth decay, and unresolved infections associated with root canal therapy. The reported titres of unresolved infection associated with per apical periodontitis secondary to root canal therapy in multi-rooted teeth has been reported as high as 90%. (Wu, 2006)

The issue with unresolved infection is that there are four different categories of pathogens totaling over 1408 known different pathogens. Dentists typically only assess for bacterial entities and rarely do any type of culturing. Unresolved infections frequently engage viral and yeast components.

The common viral entities are the Herpes family of viruses. HSV1 and HSV2 are the source of the cold sores on the lip. But intraoral Herpes viruses are commonly found in both sulcular fluid and in the pulp infections of unhealthy teeth, and include Herpes types 3,4,5,6, and 7, each with their own remedy. The same is true with yeast with three common variants, each with own remedy. Why do dentists ignore culturing for viruses and for yeast variants??

Traditional culturing involves both expense and a time duration commitment. That is why dentists skip this critical step. Dentists justify skipping this step believing (hoping) that sodium hypo chloride canal flushing is sufficient for detoxification.

Dr. Omura exposed in 2014 that 97% of breast cancer lesions are the proximate result of HPV 16 viral infection, and the other 3% are due to HPV 18. In addition to unresolved infection Omura found the presence of the toxin asbestos present in all breast cancer patients.

PCG Molecular reported in 2015 that 96% of all oral cancers are due to HPV virus.

The highest level of academic scrutiny is a Systematic Review. In March 2016 Bae and Kim published a 22 Study meta analysis on what causes invasive breast cancer finding the presence of HPV 16 virus.

Clinically the presence of HPV virus can be detected in every cell of the body in most infected individuals with simple blood testing or with EMF resonance testing of either the infected handwriting or with EMF resonance at the energy point Yintang. EMF resonance testing involves NON-INVASIVE testing with HPV 16 slides in one hand and energy assessment with the other hand.

Every dentist and physician should be checking for HPV virus presence on every single visit. HPV has been shown to the primary cause for most cases of oral cancer, skin cancer, breast cancer, and cervical cancer. It is time to make such cancers history.

David Satloff has doctoral training in dentistry, law, and medicine (non-degreed). He was the first general dentist to be credentialed in Pain Management in the US from the AAPM, the first dentist academically trained with Certification in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Chengdu University from New England, the sole dentist to achieve Fellowship, Mastership, and regent status in ICCMO in New England, and the first dentist academically trained with Masters in Motor Vehicle Trauma in New England.

Citation: Satloff D (2017) 1000 Women every year in Massachusetts due to Breast Cancer. Res Complement Altern CRCAM-103. DOI:10.29011/2577-2201/100003

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