Journal of Oncology Research and Therapy (ISSN: 2574-710X)

case report

A Case Report of Colon Cancer Succeeding Long Survival Without Chemotherapy, Msi-H, Braf Mutated

Maria-Theodora Papadimitriou1, David Symeonidis2*, Alexandros-Nikolaos Liatsos3, Spyridon Xynogalos4

*Corresponding Author: David Symeonidis, Resident of Pathology-Oncology, Metaxa Cancer Institute of Piraeus, Greece.

Received Date: 19 October, 2021

Accepted Date: 30 October, 2021

Published Date: 05 November, 2021


Immunotherapy is now indicated in the first line setting in metastatic colon cancer, while it is generally indicated in MSI-H tumors. A similar BRAFm V600E mutation is a poor prognostic indicator, while there is approved treatment in the 2nd line. The tolerance profile of these treatments may be the same or even better compared to chemotherapy and their use has gained considerable priority. The aim with this report is to highlight the possibility of successfully treating a patient with metastatic colon cancer without chemotherapy in the first two lines, especially when it ought to a frail patient. The patient is monitored in our department from the beginning of her diagnosis until the moment of this publication.

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