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Malignization of the Lichen Planus: Clinical Case and Review of the Literature

Irene Maya*, Carlos Chaveli, Inés Eguaras, M Concepción Yárnoz, M del Coro Miranda

*Corresponding Author: Irene Maya, Esophagogastric Surgery Unit, Complejo Hospitalario de Navarra, Calle Irunlarrea 3, 31008. Pamplona, Spain

Received Date: 14 July, 2021

Accepted Date: 19 July, 2021

Published Date: 22 July, 2021


The lichen planus is a chronic inflammatory disease usually located in skin and oral mucosa. On rare occasions, it can be located in the esophageal mucosa, with an unknown prevalence and with potential malignization to squamous esophageal carcinoma, a serious pathology with very few cases reported in the literature to date. The standard management and treatment of these patients is still unknown, given the limited clinical experience and the scarcity of the diagnosis. We present a case of a patient with oral lichen planus with years of evolution who developed dysphagia and weight loss, with endoscopic and radiological finding of esophageal stenosis. The biopsies taken were of high-grade dysplasia, thus indicating surgical treatment (3 field-esophagectomy). The final histological diagnosis was squamous carcinoma of the esophagus (pT3N0).

Keywords: Lichen planus; Esophagus; Squamous cell carcinoma; Malignant transformation

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