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Article / book review

"Book Review 'Activity Book: Biotech Biology Exchange Ecosystems' (Indonesian Version)"

Uqbah Iqbal

Department of Life Planner, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Corresponding author: Uqbah Iqbal, Department of Life Planner, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Email:

Received Date: 24 October, 2018; Accepted Date: 25 October, 2018; Published Date: 28 November, 2018

Book Review

Written by Faszly Rahim, Izfa Riza Hazmi, Salmah Yaakop and Maimon Abdullah, this book is a companion book for the basics of the same title, and is part of a learning package for schoolchildren and young readers, using our country's golden plants, palm trees as the main subject. The publication of this work has been funded through financial funds namely UKM-YSD Climate Change Survey Research Grant, ZF-2014-001 grant code and ZF-2013-011 Oil Palm Ecological Restoration and Agro-ecosystem Services Inventory. Various interesting activities in this book have been processed to facilitate readers appreciate the main concepts in both of these coupled books is our hope that with such a presentation it is possible that the reader's interest is more interested in digging the contents and more appreciating the various aspects of the biology and palm oil industry.

This activity book is a coupling to the Palm Ecosystem Biodiversity Book (Basic Book). The main objective of this Activity Book is that the outcome of reading and understanding of Basic Books can be understood and evaluated as a result of learning on various aspects of the biological and socio-economic aspects of palm trees and its products and the diversity of tropical flora and fauna in the palm system.

Then this Activity Book cannot be used independently. This book has been compiled with various forms of creative activity in the process of learning a student with the task of filling in vacant places, putting keywords for pictures or illustrations, matching terms and solving crossword puzzle with four mascot accompaniments as a child learning partner. Additionally, creative painting and coloring activities, art refining, easy experiments and simulations that explain are also included in this Activity Book. Some activities require high basic thinking skills that can challenge the curious instincts and minds of readers to help appreciate the Basic Book.

The highlight of this book is that it also includes the original invention of the "Palma Emas Harapan Malaysia, Palmas Lasales Song by Dr. Fuzz and Palma Gold Squares Awards Board. It is hoped that the Activity Book along with the Basic Book will be a prototype and trigger kit for the creation of other educational products that are more creative, attractive and valuable for the present and future generation, to further enhance understanding of our beloved Malaysian gold crop.

Citation: Iqbal U (2018) Book Review 'Activity Book: Biotech Biology Exchange Ecosystems' (Indonesian Version). Int J Bioprocess Biotech. IJBBT-105. DOI: 10.29011/IJBBT-105.100005